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NowNow uses activator gestures to invoke Google Now – Siri alternative


A friend of mine jailbroke his iPhone 4 for the first time yesterday. Being the curious person he is, he started watching YouTube videos about jailbreak tweaks to see what he wanted to install. Not surprisingly, he came across a video detailing a Siri port. He asked me if it would work, and having heard plenty of horror stories about instability and security issues, I advised him to steer clear of any Siri ports. Instead, I started looking for Siri alternatives for him and came across NowNow. NowNow is a very simple jailbreak tweak that lets you assign an Activator …

ExtendSiri adds some useful buttons to the Siri interface [Cydia Tweak]


Since the iPhone4S was jailbroken, there has been no shortage of Siri tweaks including SiriSports, MyAssistant and Hands-Free Control among others. Today, I discovered a new Tweak for Siri called ExtendSiri which adds 4 buttons to the Siri interface. The tweak is very simple, all you have to do is install it and the buttons will be added to your interface. The buttons can perform the following operations: Listen, Refresh, Clear and Dismiss. These actions can already be performed by default but this tweak makes it easier and allows you to clear a conversation without closing out of Siri …

Nuance announces biometric device unlocking with Dragon ID


Today, Nuance, the company behind the Dragon speech recognition software, announced a new biometric technology that will allow mobile device users to unlock their device with their voice. Now you might be wondering "what good is a passcode if you have to say it out loud?" Well, Dragon ID also uses your "voiceprint" to determine who you are. The technology is so accurate and secure that it is already used by banks and government institutions. Even Danny Ocean would have a hard time getting in.

With Dragon ID, your voice is your password. Simply set a password or passphrase …

Voice Assistant is a hidden gem in the dictation app world

voice assistant


I was recently given the opportunity to test a great dictation application called Voice Assistant by QuanticApps. I have used my fair share of voice recognition apps, including Siri of course. Since I had never heard of this application before, I was skeptical as to how accurate it would be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is extremely accurate, more-so than other applications I have used, such as Dragon. I spoke 3 paragraphs and there wasn't a single error, even when I was talking fast to try and trip it up. Not only that, but it boasts …

SiriSports a new Cydia tweak is a must for sports enthusiasts!


A few weeks ago we reported a new Siri tweak by jailbreak developer Evan Coleman called SiriNBA which would allow you to check scores and start times for NBA games. In that article, we mentioned that it probably wouldn't be long before we saw similar tweaks for other professional sports. Now, Evan has brought us a new tweak dubbed "SiriSports." This new tweak includes the SiriNBA functionality, while adding support for MLB and NHL scores and times.

There is no word yet on when support for other leagues(NFL, MLS, etc) will be added, but we can be sure …

iOS 5.1 released for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch (Jailbreakers should not update)


Following Apple's iPad event this afternoon, they have released iOS 5.1, the newest iOS firmware for most of the newer iDevices. The new update doesn't really bring much in the way of new features, however Japanese 4S users will be happy to learn that Siri now supports their language. 5.1 is also the update which is said to finally fix the iPhone4S battery drain issues for good. The iPad received some new updates as well, including a redesigned camera app and optimized sound for video and audio playback.

For AT&T iPhone 4S users, you will notice after updating that …

SiriNBA is a free Cydia tweak which provides scores and game times directly through Siri


*UPDATE* SiriNBA has been replaced by SiriSports, by the same developer. SiriSports has scores/game times for NBA, NHL and MLB.

For the months prior to the release of the iPhone4S jailbreak, the majority of my excitement was because of the Siri tweaks which were destined to make their way to Cydia once the jailbreak went public.

A new Cydia tweak, SiriNBA, has been released which piggybacks off of another Siri tweak, AssistantExtensions, to bring you the scores and game times of all your favorite NBA teams! You can ask Siri things like "When is the …

‘Psycho Siri’ Short Film


Take a look at this great short film featuring Siri, it has to be one of the best i've seen to far. It’s very well put together including some great animation. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

[Via TNW]…

MyAssistant (formerly MySiri) is now available in the Cydia store


A few days ago we told you about a new app, MySiri, which will bring the most customizations to Siri that we have seen so far. Today, the app has been released under a new name. The app is now called MyAssistant. This app adds a bunch of functionality and custom commands to Siri either on a 4S device or another iOS5 device that has Spire and a siri proxy installed.

MyAssistant brings great new features such as controlling system toggles with Siri and making custom commands, but takes the customization to a whole other level with custom …

Take more control of Siri with OpenSiri Hands-Free Control and VoiceUtils


Now that iPhone4S users have begun to jailbreak their devices, I am sure the one question on their mind is "what are some great tweaks I can use for Siri?" I just wanted to make a quick post to tell you about my favorite Siri tweaks I have found so far. These tweaks add new features to Siri that would otherwise not be available on a stock iPhone.


OpenSiri is a great new tweak which has just been submitted as a free app to the BigBoss repo. OpenSiri allows you to open native iPhone applications with voice commands. Right …

Spire becomes first free and legal port of Siri to older iDevices


Tonight, well known jailbreak developers @chpwn and @rpetrich have released Spire, the first free and legal port of Siri to older iDevices. Spire is downloaded directly from Apple in a legal manner unlike previous Siri ports. Before I go any further, this port will still require that you have access to an iPhone4S to obtain authorization for the Siri servers.

However, Spire is not a complete solution. Apple still requires authorization to use Siri, so information from an iPhone 4S is still required. To insert this information, Spire allows you to enter your own proxy server address. I’ve …

Siri port to iPhone4 and iPhone3Gs update


For those who are following the Siri port progress, it has been a crazy 72 hours. We have seen everything from fake siri "releases" to people claiming they have a port but refuse to release it. One thing is for sure, progress is being made all the time. Over the past few days iBrandon and myself have been lucky enough to work along side the Iris Dev team while they continue to perfect the Siri port to other devices.

At this point, it appears that they have the port fully working besides being able to access the servers, which is …

iPhone4 Siri port now communicating with Apple servers (Video)


Those of us who have not upgraded to the iPhone4S continue to wait patiently(well most of us) for a port to other devices. Another step forward has been made in recent hours. The initial port of Siri to the iPhone4 that we reported was the UI only, meaning all of the Siri files were ported successfully but Siri lacked the ability to function because Apple servers check to make sure the request is being sent from a 4S.

Luckily for us, this security message has been bypassed by @stroughtonsmith and the iPhone4 Siri port can now communicate with Apple …

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