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How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]


We all know the passcode is a great feature on the iPhone that adds security for users, but what happens when you forget your passcode? Generally, the only way to recover the phone is to restore through iTunes but in doing so, you lose all the data (some of which may be very important) on the phone. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to both bypass the iPhone Disabled screen and and how to recover your passcode. If you have the error below: iPhone is disabled try again in 5 minutes, please proceed below to bypass …

RecognizeMe Upcoming Cydia Tweak to add Facial Recognition Unlock


If you’re pretty fed up with using Apple’s stock ‘Slide to Unlock’ or 4-digit password combinations to gain access to your iPhone and fancy something a little more … Minority Report, take a look at this next one.

It’s a Cydia tweak dubbed ‘RecognizeMe’ and while not yet available, it should be arriving on the store soon. In short, RecognizeMe is biometric facial recognition for your iPhone. No, really. This is no “for entertainment purposes only” gig, it’s the real thing from what we can tell.

RecognizeMe is the first Facial Recognition security for the iPhone. Although not perfect, RecognizeMe …

Passcode Security Hole Found – Save SHSH Files Now!

A a major security flaw in iOS 4.1 has been found, this hole allows you to make phone calls even when phone is locked.

There has been a lot of talk about this new security hole between the dev team members and other members of the community. No doubt Apple will release a firmware update to patch this hole. This means, if you require a jailbreak or unlock, PLEASE save your SHSH files now, and do not update!

The hole which allows you to access your device without entering a passcode is done using the Emergency Call screen. When your …

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