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iOS 6.1.1 released for iPhone4S still contains Evasi0n exploit!


Today, Apple pushed out the iOS 6.1.1 update for the iPhone4S only. This update is supposed to fix issues with 3G for certain users. It has been confirmed that the Evasi0n untether exploit still exists in the 6.1.1 firmware for the 4S, but it is unclear whether the final release of 6.1.1 for other devices will be the same case.

PlanetBeing announced that a new version of Evasi0n will be released shortly that can detect 6.1.1 devices so that 4S users can update and jailbreak. Stay tuned to find out if the rest of the devices will be susceptible!…

AnyRing ringtone customization app makes it’s way to the official App Store!


AnyRing, an all time favorite Cydia tweak of mine, has made it's way to the official iTunes App Store. AnyRing allows you to create customized ringtones from your iPod library or even from a YouTube video. If that wasn't enough, there is even a search feature that allows you to search through 4 million free ringtones including the latest Billboard hits!

Since I have an iPhone5 now, I was quite pleased to wake up this morning to an e-mail from @hAcx announcing the iTunes version of AnyRing. Of course, there are a few features that had to be removed …

Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak via FlashArmyKnife


Since acquiring my iPhone5, one of the things I have missed more than anything is being able to tether my cellular connection with other devices for free. With no jailbreak, my only option for tethering is to pay Verizon another $30/month for data that I am already paying for. Lucky for me, a new app has just made it's way through Apple's iTunes approval process.

This new app, FlashArmyKinfe, contains a hidden tethering function that allows you to tether your cell connection to any other ad-hoc capable device for free(aside from the app cost of course). The application does …

Google Maps for iOS6 now available in iTunes store


It seems as though ever since Apple ditched Google Maps for their own version of GPS mapping, rumors have been flying about Google releasing a standalone app in the iTunes App Store. I had been using iOS 5.1.1 up until recently, when I swapped my 4S for an iPhone 5 so I hadn't yet experienced Apple maps(sans some experimentation in the early beta versions). I have to say that I haven't really experienced any major issues with Apple maps in the few days I have been using it, however there have been loads of people loathing over the application on …

AppleNBerry now offering permanent IMEI unlock for AT&T locked iPhones


Often times, we refer our readers to AppleNBerry, the official reseller of the Gevey hardware unlock for certain iPhone4/4S firmware and baseband combinations. Unfortunately, the Gevey unlock is not compatible with all basebands so some users are still stuck with a locked device. Earlier this week, AppleNBerry began offering a new IMEI unlocking service which will permanently, and officially unlock your device without needing to jailbreak. Unfortunately, this is not an inexpensive solution. An IMEI unlock is going to set you back $150, but if you have an AT&T locked phone, with a baseband which is not unlockable, it may …

iOS 5.1.1 update released to fix AirPlay and Network bugs


Today Apple released a minor incremental update to the iOS firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which fixes some bugs with networking and AirPlay as well as a few other things. As always, if you are waiting for the release of an untethered jailbreak, please do not update unless you have your SHSH blobs and are on an A4 device or lower. For those on A5+ devices on 5.1, you will want to wait until @pod2g has cleared the update before upgrading your own device since there is always the chance that they patched one or more of …

[iTunes Tips] Deleting iTunes Songs from Your Computer/Library

iTunes Logo / Icon

Often I find i'm listen to a playlist (or my library on shuffle) and come across a song I can't stand - whether the song reminds me of a bad memory, it's a old slow song, or I just generally don't like it. For what ever the reason, it shouldn't be in my playlist let alone in my library.

For example, I recently was organizing and running the sound equipment for a friends wedding. The quickest and easiest way for me to setup dinner and dance music during the practice was to play it through an iTunes playlist. The music …

Chronic Dev Team admits to Apple patching a few critical exploits and releases C-Dev Crash Reporter beta


Just now, the Chronic Dev Team has admitted to what many of us had been speculating, Apple managed to patch a few of the critical exploits that they announced they had discovered at JailbreakCon 2011. Many people have been wondering what has been taking so long for the iOS5 jailbreak and now it is clear why.

On the plus side, as we announced just a bit ago, they have come up with a way for average jailbreakers and regular iPhone users to help them discover exploits for future jailbreaks. The way that Apple finds these exploits is by crash …

Soon you will be able to help developers find future jailbreak exploits!


An interesting bit of information has begun to make it's rounds on twitter tonight. As the whole jailbreak community patiently awaits the release of an iOS5 untethered jailbreak for all devices, an interesting new tool is coming to fruition that will allow everyday average jailbreakers to help developers find exploits for use in future jailbreaks.

With what little information we have now, it appears as though this will be done by installing an application on your computer that will tie into iTunes and collect data from your device. This data will contain crash reports from your phone that will allow …

Kevin’s BREAK’EM Insanely Addictive Game (Free this Friday!)


Kevin's BREAK'EM, from Re-Create Entertainment is an amazingly fun and addictive tilt game. The app usually sells for a reasonable $0.99 in the iTunes App Store, but this Friday, November 4th, the game will be available for free!

Meet Kevin, the nutty new character in town. When the humans are gone it's time to have fun! Come play with him and burn off some steam in this innovative fast paced tilt to win gameplay. With High Definition Graphics and slick tilt based controls, Kevin’s BREAK’EM can be one of you next addictive pocket friends.


Simply tilt to control …

How to fix error 3002 upgrading to iOS5 (Mac/Windows)


UPDATE: As I'm sure you can tell, the Apple servers are having some major issues right now because of the amount of traffic they are receiving. If you can't upgrade or restore and you have tried the fix below, just keep trying, you will ge through eventually.

A few of our readers have been reporting receiving an unknown error(3002) when trying to update to iOS5. This appears to indicate that you are blocking Apple's verification servers in your hosts file much like the 1015 errors we have seen in the past. There is a very simple fix for this.


iOS5 and iCloud available now


Apple has now pushed the iOS5 update to the public. You can now update your iOS firmware via iTunes. Jailbreakers should hold off until the dev-team releases an update to their tools and those who require an unlock should wait until PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze are updated to allow baseband preservation while updating.

Also, iOS5 public release appears to be identical to the GM release that was seeded to developers a few days ago. This means that the latest Redsn0w can already perform a tethered jailbreak by pointing it at the GM firmware. An Redsn0w 0.9.9b5 should be released some time …

Activator updated to support iOS5 specific actions


In anticipation of tomorrow's iOS5 launch, many 3rd party and iTunes app developers alike have been preparing their applications for iOS5 compatibility. Some developers have even begun adding new functionality for iOS5 specific features. When the Activator application was updated I figured that Ryan Petrich was simply updating the package to be compatible with iOS5, but upon closer inspection it is apparent that he has added a few new actions; "Activate Notification Center" and "Compose Tweet." These two features are iOS5 specific and let you change how the notification center is activated and allows you to compose a tweet …

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