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How to jailbreak iOS6 with Evasi0n 1.0 [Tutorial]


The Evasi0n 1.2 iOS6 jailbreak has now been released! Once again, this jailbreak will work on all iOS6 firmware(6.0-6.1) on all current iDevices. The following tutorial was performed on an iPhone5, but the steps are the same regardless of what device you are using. Follow the steps below for an untethered iOS6 jailbreak.

Evasi0n 1.4 - Win
Evasi0n 1.4 - OSX
Evasion 1.4 - Linux

Step 1: Download the Evasi0n jailbreak tool above for your corresponding OS. Prepare your device by restoring a fresh 6.1 firmware if you haven't already and run a backup of your device. …

Pod2g and Planetbeing make some progress on the iOS6 jailbreak


We don't hear much in the way of jailbreak news these days, but as we pointed out earlier this month, there is definitely still progress going on behind the scenes. Last night, Planetbeing made a vague post about making progress with Pod2g. On what they had made progress on was not initially clear, but we hoped that it was something to do with the upcoming jailbreak.

But then early this morning, Pod2g replied to the tweet confirming that it was, in fact, the jailbreak that they had made progress on. Apparently the duo discovered 2 new vulnerabilities that will …

Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak via FlashArmyKnife


Since acquiring my iPhone5, one of the things I have missed more than anything is being able to tether my cellular connection with other devices for free. With no jailbreak, my only option for tethering is to pay Verizon another $30/month for data that I am already paying for. Lucky for me, a new app has just made it's way through Apple's iTunes approval process.

This new app, FlashArmyKinfe, contains a hidden tethering function that allows you to tether your cell connection to any other ad-hoc capable device for free(aside from the app cost of course). The application does …

iPhone 5 LifeProof case delayed!


As most of you know, LifeProof cases are your best friend when it comes to making sure your favorite device is not only safe but still like new when you decide to trade it in. Most people have been asking where's the iPhone 5 LifeProof case? Well LifeProof CEO , Gary Rayner explains what's taking so long:

You may be asking, "Why is LifeProof not yet on the market when other protective cases are?" The answer is simple: LifeProof is the only everyday case that’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof − which means we won’t …

Apples new CEO Tim Cook kicks off the Lets Talk iPhone event


The time has come, the 'Let's Talk iPhone' event is now officially underway. Of course what would today be without a slew of rumors already flying around the internet. Many sources have already begun reporting that the new iPhone that Apple will unveil today will be the iPhone4s only and many are speculating that we won't see a radical redesign(iPhone5) until next year. Of course this is all hearsay and speculation as of now so there's no reason to get upset quite yet, although it is looking like this will be the case.

So far, the event has been rather, …

Are you ready for the ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ event?


Tomorrow is a day that us iPhone fanatics have been waiting for almost a year now! Tomorrow Apple will be holding their annual iPhone event where they will likely be unveiling the iPhone5 and possibly a less expensive version of the iPhone4 which is rumored to be called the iPhone4s. I don't know about you, but one of the things I am most excited about is being able to visit other iPhone news sites and not have to sift through pages of rumors!

Over the past few months rumors have been popping up all over the place with all sorts …

Sprint to begin selling iPhone5 in mid-October


For the first few years after the release of the first iPhone, AT&T was the only official carrier in America. Now that Verizon has become the frist CDMA carrier to offer the iPhone, we knew it wouldn't be long until Sprint hopped on the bandwagon. Reliable sources have announced that Sprint will begin carrying the iPhone5 in mid-october.

Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the new version of the Apple iPhone in mid-October, people familiar with the matter said, filling a huge hole in the No. 3 U.S. carrier's lineup and giving Apple Inc. another sales channel for its popular …

Secret covered banner at WWDC is causing a stir


Today marks day 1 of WWDC 2011. Apple has already announced that there will be no new hardware announcements today, but that hasn't stopped people from pondering what could be hiding underneath this giant cloth!

Other banners that are hanging around the convention are uncovered and have already been confirmed by multiple attendees such as a banner for OSX Lion, iCloud and iOS5. So what could they possibly be hiding with this banner? Do you think it is something hardware related such as an iPhone4S, iPhone5 or iPhone Nano? Or do you think it is something software/infrastructure related. We will …

iOS 4.3 reveals iPhone 5 will have a Dual-Core A5 processor like the iPad 2


When Apple revealed that iPad 2 will get the new dual-core 1GHz A5 processor, we assumed that it will be coming to iPhone 5 when it is released this summer.

Twitter users @chronic, @FilippoBiga and @naynee75 have discovered references in iOS 4.3 that was released earlier today, which provides more evidence that Apple’s next generation iPhone will get the new dual-core A5 processor.

This was revealed via the following tweets:

chronic: alright, someone take this info down. iPad2,1 (K93AP) = WiFi. iPad2,2 (K94AP) = GSM. iPad2,3 (K95AP) = CDMA. all run on the S5L8940 proc.…

Possible pictures of the Verizon iPhone or iPhone5 housing leaked? With Video

This morning pictures began making their rounds on the various iPhone websites of an iPhone casing that is thought to be the iPhone5 casing. Personally, I don't think Apple will make iPhone5 look so similar to the iPhone4 so I believe that these pictures are more likely pictures of either the Verizon iPhone or a newer model of the iPhone4. There has been speculation that the CDMA version of the iPhone4 will still include a SIM card slot so that the phone can be used on GSM or CDMA, so it is quite possible that this is the housing for …

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