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AppleNBerry now offering permanent IMEI unlock for AT&T locked iPhones


Often times, we refer our readers to AppleNBerry, the official reseller of the Gevey hardware unlock for certain iPhone4/4S firmware and baseband combinations. Unfortunately, the Gevey unlock is not compatible with all basebands so some users are still stuck with a locked device. Earlier this week, AppleNBerry began offering a new IMEI unlocking service which will permanently, and officially unlock your device without needing to jailbreak. Unfortunately, this is not an inexpensive solution. An IMEI unlock is going to set you back $150, but if you have an AT&T locked phone, with a baseband which is not unlockable, it may …

Confirmed – AT&T now unlocking eligible(off-contract) iPhones


A few days ago, we posted about a rumor that quickly circulated regarding AT&Ts iPhone policies. Until now, there has been no way to get your iPhone officially unlocked if it was tied to a carrier, in the US at least. We can now confirm that the rumor is true. Provided you have an AT&T locked iPhone that is not on contract anymore and is in good standing, you can now call AT&T to have your iPhone officially unlocked for use on any supported GSM carrier. This means that the contract you originally signed to get the phone must have …

iPhone4 Unlock Solution SIM Interposer 112 Emergency Gevey Hack


A new hack has been developed that will allow some people to unlock the iPhone4 even on the current baseband. This hack is expensive and legally questionable so make sure to read the summary at the end of the article before you decide to proceed with this hack. If you are desperate, this may be a viable option for you, but we recommended to just wait until the NCK iPhone hack is released by the Dev team.

Why 112?

112 had a long history as an emergency number for practical reasons; back then when the GSM standard was being drafted …

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