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How to Jailbreak iPad Mini on iOS 6.1 using Evasi0n [Tutorial]


The Evasi0n 1.2 iOS6 jailbreak has now been released! Once again, this jailbreak will work on all iOS 6 firmware (6.0-6.1) on all current iDevices. The following tutorial was performed on an iPad Mini, but the steps are the same regardless of what device you are using. Follow the steps below for an untethered iOS6 jailbreak.

Evasi0n 1.4 - Win
Evasi0n 1.4 - OSX
Evasion 1.4 - Linux

Step 1: Download the Evasi0n jailbreak tool above for your corresponding OS. Prepare your device by restoring a fresh 6.1 firmware if you haven't already and run a backup …

[iTunes Tips] Deleting iTunes Songs from Your Computer/Library

iTunes Logo / Icon

Often I find i'm listen to a playlist (or my library on shuffle) and come across a song I can't stand - whether the song reminds me of a bad memory, it's a old slow song, or I just generally don't like it. For what ever the reason, it shouldn't be in my playlist let alone in my library.

For example, I recently was organizing and running the sound equipment for a friends wedding. The quickest and easiest way for me to setup dinner and dance music during the practice was to play it through an iTunes playlist. The music …

New to jailbreaking? Read this!


Welcome new/potential jailbreaker from myself and the iPhoneBlogr team. You probably have a lot of questions that we all had when first jailbreaking. I'll answer the questions that I get a lot from people that ask me to jailbreak their device, are planning on jailbreaking or have already done so. If you have any questions that you think I should add, please send me an email at (covxx@iphoneblogr.com). I'll also cover some tweaks/apps that I think you should install first.

1. What dose jailbreaking do?

Jailbreaking in the simplest way lets you install things that you normally can't. For …

How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” for Absinthe on iPhone 4S and iPad 2


Some users have been reporting an issue when launching the Absinthe app installed on their device saying it returns an

error establishing a database connection

For users having this issue, iOS hacker PlanetBeing (who was involved with creating Absinthe) outlined a simple fix for this problem. Apparently, all you need to do is go to Settings > Network > VPN > ON.

The VPN connection will most likely give an error and your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 should reboot shortly after. Once it’s rebooted, try launching the Absinthe webclip again.

Feel free to give us some feedback, did this …

Mac OS X Lion Announced – Everything You Need To Know


The final version of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has finally been unveiled. Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing took the stage to announce the release month, July, and went over 10 of the operating system’s "250 new features".


Mission Control replaces Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces: Exposé, Dashboard and Spaces were introduced in Mac OS X Panther, Tiger and Leopard, respectively. 6 years later, Apple has felt the need to merge those into a single view: Mission Control, which allows users to visualize all their open windows, full screen applications, widgets and spaces. The new view can …

Untethered iOS 4.3.2 Jailbreak Using the Pwnage Tool 4.3.2 [Video Tutorial]


Below you will find a video tutorial stepping you through how to jailbreak your device on iOS 4.3(the tutorial works for 4.3.1/4.3.2 just use the correct corresponding firmware) using the Pwnage Tool 4.3.2.

The 4.3.2 untether works on all devices that actually support 4.3.2 except for the iPad2:

    iPhone3GS iPhone4 (GSM) iPod touch 3G iPod touch 4G iPad1 AppleTV 2G

Download links:

Pwnage Tool 4.3.2 For Mac

iOS 4.3.2 Firmware file for your device



PwnageTool 4.2 for iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released! [Update While Preserving Baseband]

PwnageTool 4.2

The iPhone Dev Team has just released official version of PwnageTool 4.2 which incorporates the new kernel based exploit of GreenPois0n for creating full untethered iOS 4.2.1 custom firmware files. Almost all iOS devices are supported except for iPod Touch 2G.

List of supported devices by PwnageTool 4.2 includes:

    iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4 Verizon iPod touch 3G iPod touch 4G iPad Apple TV 2G

When to use PwnageTool over GreenPois0n? If your iPhone relies on a carrier unlock, YOU MUST use this version of PwnageTool to create custom 4.2.1 firmware files without the upgraded baseband …

Sn0wbreeze 2.2 Example Shots Shown – Release Coming Soon

Sn0wbreeze 2.2

Screenshots of the upcoming Sn0wbreeze 2.2 for Windows has been teased yet again. There is no ETA given for Sn0wbreeze 2.2 but click here to sign up to our email updates and we will let you know as soon as it has been released!

In case you don’t already know, Sn0wbreeze for Windows is an alternative to PwnageTool for Mac which allows you to create custom firmware files which are jailbroken, untethered, and without the upgraded baseband.

The highlight feature of Sn0wbreeze 2.2 is going to be a new “Baseband Preservation Mode”. This new mode will enable …

GreenPois0n RC5 for Windows To Be Released Soon

iPhone developer and hacker Joshua Hill of the Chronic Dev Team has confirmed that the Windows version of GreenPois0n will be released by the end of this weekend, which effectively means in a day or two most.

@p0sixninja: Site issues should be better soon thanks to @iOPK. Windows version should be out tomorrow or the next day

For those of you who have been living under a rock or something, GreenPois0n RC5 was released yesterday and it brings first full untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak for all iOS devices out-of-the-box without having to have 4.2b3 SHSH blobs saved on Cydia.

Windows …

How to Take Wireless Photos with Your DSLR and iOS Device – Posted via DSLRInspired.com


Previously we posted about converting your iPhone into a DSLR camera, well how about controling your DSLR camera - (via DSLRInspired | DSLR news, reviews and community)?

Whether you're looking to wirelessly upload your photos to your iOS device or want to use it as a remote shutter, here's how to make it happen.

We're going to take a look at two ways to make this happen. The first is with an app called Shutter Snitch, which sends photos wirelessly from your camera to your iOS device, and the second is with an app called DSLR Remote, which lets …

How to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 2G on iOS 3.1.3 (Original iPhone)

This is a simple, clear and easy tutorial on how to both jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 2G on iOS 3.1.3 (the final firmware version for iPhone 2G). This tutorial is the same for both Windows and Mac.

Download Links

Redsn0w 0.9.4 -  Windows
Redsn0w 0.9.4 -  Mac
iOS 3.1.2 for iPhone 2G
iOS 3.1.3 for iPhone 2G
3.9 bootloader
4.6 bootloader

First of all, please make sure that your iPhone is currently on the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware.

Step 1:
Connect your device to the computer via your USB cable and launch the Redsn0w application you have just downloaded.…

Redsn0w 0.9.7b2 Released – Fixes All Native App Crashes

Redsn0w 0.9.7b2 has just been released, with the release of the previous version (earlier today), Redsn0w 0.9.7b1, came an untehtered jailbreak but there were native app crashes also the Task Switcher, iPod and YouTube apps were unusable. With the latest release of Redsn0w 0.9.7b2, all these problems have been fixes. Bluetooth functionality though is still disabled.

This version should fix all the native app crashes (including Task switcher). That’s the only change in from beta1….Bluetooth is still disabled.

The jailbreak procedure is exactly the same. Follow our complete step by step guide posted here to make your iOS 4.2.1 …

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR Camera – iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

Why pair an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4 with a DSLR lens? Why not!

With the release of the iPhone 4, iPhones now have the ability to shoot at 5 megapixels, HD video as well as a LED flash. Combined that together with a DSLR lens, and you’ve got a device that can shoot amazing images/video with SLR lenses, edit them on the fly, and share them on the internet all in one device. This makes for some amazing shots!

See the video below for an example of the type of video you are able to take on …

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