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Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak via FlashArmyKnife


Since acquiring my iPhone5, one of the things I have missed more than anything is being able to tether my cellular connection with other devices for free. With no jailbreak, my only option for tethering is to pay Verizon another $30/month for data that I am already paying for. Lucky for me, a new app has just made it's way through Apple's iTunes approval process.

This new app, FlashArmyKinfe, contains a hidden tethering function that allows you to tether your cell connection to any other ad-hoc capable device for free(aside from the app cost of course). The application does …

Secret covered banner at WWDC is causing a stir


Today marks day 1 of WWDC 2011. Apple has already announced that there will be no new hardware announcements today, but that hasn't stopped people from pondering what could be hiding underneath this giant cloth!

Other banners that are hanging around the convention are uncovered and have already been confirmed by multiple attendees such as a banner for OSX Lion, iCloud and iOS5. So what could they possibly be hiding with this banner? Do you think it is something hardware related such as an iPhone4S, iPhone5 or iPhone Nano? Or do you think it is something software/infrastructure related. We will …

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