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iPad gets the BBTicket treatment in TinyUmbrella 5.10.14


Yesterday we reported on a new release of TinyUmbrella which implemented BBTicket saving for iPhone's, the BBTicket will most likely be utilized in future downgrading methods so it is reccomended that any users who wish to downgrade in the future use this new version of TinyUmbrella to save not only their SHSH but also their BBTicket.

Today, a new update has been released which extends the BBTicket support to iPads. This will work to save BBTickets for iPad2 and iPad3 on GSM or CDMA. Make sure that you don't have "Request SHSH from Cydia" checked under advanced settings, and also …

TinyUmbrella 5.10.11 released to save your device’s BBTicket


@notcom announced today that he had released an update to TinyUmbrella, the SHSH saving tool used to downgrade various iDevices. The new release includes a feature that will save your BBTicket, a new form of security Apple implemented a while back in order to prevent people from downgrading. It is likely that once there is a method released for downgrading A5+ devices, that you will need your BBTicket in order to downgrade.

The new version, TinyUmbrella 5.10.11 is available now, the BBTicket saving is "silent" so you won't actually see it being saved, but it will automatically …

Confirmed – AT&T now unlocking eligible(off-contract) iPhones


A few days ago, we posted about a rumor that quickly circulated regarding AT&Ts iPhone policies. Until now, there has been no way to get your iPhone officially unlocked if it was tied to a carrier, in the US at least. We can now confirm that the rumor is true. Provided you have an AT&T locked iPhone that is not on contract anymore and is in good standing, you can now call AT&T to have your iPhone officially unlocked for use on any supported GSM carrier. This means that the contract you originally signed to get the phone must have …

AT&T to start unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday April 8th


*UPDATE* This story has been confirmed. You can now dial 611 on your iPhone and have your AT&T iPhone unlocked permanently for free!

Until now, in the US at least, the only way to unlock an iPhone which was not factory unlocked is to use a software unlock(Ultrasn0w) or a hardware unlock(Gevey Ultra SIM) so that you can use your GSM iPhone with any GSM carrier of your choosing.

Engadget has reported that an AT&T spokersperson confirmed a policy change regarding iPhones that is set to start this Sunday, April 8th(Easter). According to an anonymous source, …

Stay away from H1Siri


Ever since the initial release of the iPhone4S there have been dozens(if not hundreds) of people feverishly working on a port to other devices. So far, it has been to no avail. Apple has done a great job locking down the Siri servers to the point where it doesn't look like a port will be possible unless it uses a different server than Apple's. A few hackers have been able to port Siri to older devices and use their own iPhone4S keys to get it to authenticate, but even then, only one device using the same 4S key can access …

TinyUmbrella 4.33.00 released adds support for 4.3.3 and 4.2.8 big changes coming soon!


@notcom the developer of the computer based SHSH saving software has updated TinyUmbrella to 4.33.00 too add support for firmware 4.3.3 and 4.2.8 so this would be a great time for you to back them up 🙂 He has also hinted that there are some major changes that are coming. We're still holding tight for any news regarding his TinyRestore iTunes alternative project 🙂

Tiny Umbrella 4.33.00 - Win
Tiny Umbrella 4.33.00 - OSX

TinyUmbrella now supports 4.3.3 and 4.2.8 (verizon). Sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy. I'm working on some pretty drastic changes for …

iOS 4.3 reveals iPhone 5 will have a Dual-Core A5 processor like the iPad 2


When Apple revealed that iPad 2 will get the new dual-core 1GHz A5 processor, we assumed that it will be coming to iPhone 5 when it is released this summer.

Twitter users @chronic, @FilippoBiga and @naynee75 have discovered references in iOS 4.3 that was released earlier today, which provides more evidence that Apple’s next generation iPhone will get the new dual-core A5 processor.

This was revealed via the following tweets:

chronic: alright, someone take this info down. iPad2,1 (K93AP) = WiFi. iPad2,2 (K94AP) = GSM. iPad2,3 (K95AP) = CDMA. all run on the S5L8940 proc.…

A look into the future of iPad 2 iPhone 5 and Apple TV with 1080p

Engadget has posted a detailed look into the future of Apple devices and the shift to Qualcomm chipsets in their mobile device line. Have a look below:

The new iPad will feature a dual GSM / CDMA chipset produced by Qualcomm and will mark Apple's shift away from Infineon as its chipset maker to Qualcomm for all of its mobile devices. It's not clear if the chipset being used will be based on the company's EV-DO / HSPA Gobi variety or an entirely new design. Presumably, the strength of the new dual-mode chipset is that it will allow both Verizon …

Possible pictures of the Verizon iPhone or iPhone5 housing leaked? With Video

This morning pictures began making their rounds on the various iPhone websites of an iPhone casing that is thought to be the iPhone5 casing. Personally, I don't think Apple will make iPhone5 look so similar to the iPhone4 so I believe that these pictures are more likely pictures of either the Verizon iPhone or a newer model of the iPhone4. There has been speculation that the CDMA version of the iPhone4 will still include a SIM card slot so that the phone can be used on GSM or CDMA, so it is quite possible that this is the housing for …

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