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Safari Download Manager 2.0-3 released for iOS5 support


Safari Download Manager is an extension that adds a powerful, highly-configurable download manager to the iPhone's web browser. Like never before, you can take control over downloaded file types and harness the true power of the network connection on your device. Since the release of iOS5, Safari Download Manager has not been compatible. The recent release of Safari Download Manager 2.0 is now compatible with all iOS5 devices. 

2.x changelog:

    iOS 5.x support Completely re-written downloading core Completely re-written user interface Tap and hold images and links to get a "Save As" effect Beautiful retina file type icons Resume

iFunBox Mac download now available


iFunBox is a popular storage management tool for iDevices. The program gives you USB access to the devices filesystem and if you're jailbroken you will have root access. iFunBox is a great transfer client for if you need to manually install a Cydia package or you just want to copy theme files or some other larger file to your phone and not have to deal with the slow speeds of WiFi-based SSHing.

Best of all iFunBox is free. Also, last night, the developers gave us a little New Year's present with iFunBox for Mac. You can download the Mac

App Review: Celeste [Cydia Store] Bluetooth file transfer app now available in Cydia



Team CocoaNuts, the ones who brought us such 3rd party apps as YourTube, Safari Download Manager and Attachment Saver have now released a new application called Celeste which will allow you to transfer files to or from your phone to any other bluetooth enabled device. If you own YourTube you will be able to sync your videos back to your computer via Bluetooth.

Celeste takes over where iBluenova left off. For those who are new to the scene, iBluenova was an application that had similar functions but it was for iOS 3.x and was never updated to support 4.x. …

Jargon Buster – What Is A SHSH File?

What is a SHSH file? In all newer iDevices, when restoring firmware files through iTunes, iTunes requests a certain file, (a kind of authorization). This allows Apple to deny downgrading to firmware files that they no longer support.

This is bad news for jailbreaking users. If you upgrade to a newer firmware and then find you cannot jailbreak it, you will be stuck, unless you have your SHSH files for the firmware you need to downgrade to.

So basically, in summary, saving SHSH files is an amazing idea! It allows you to downgrade to all previous firmwares provided by Apple.…

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