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Semi-Restore tutorial: How to wipe your iDevice without doing a full restore (iOS 5.0-6.1.2)


Last month we brought you news that there was a new iOS restore tool in the works called Semi-Restore. Semi-Restore is a next-to last resort for iOS issues. If you've done everything you can think of to fix your sluggish firmware to no avail and you have a device which doesn't have SHSH blobs for a jailbreakable firmware or you simply have a device that cannot be downgraded, Semi-Restore will wipe your iOS installation clean without actually doing a full restore.

Semi-Restore is available now as a Windows and OSX GUI tool, there is a Linux version in development and …

iPhone 5 ScreenExtender tweak forces all apps to use full screen


With the iPhone 5 having a larger screen size than it's predecessors, there are still plenty of apps out there which have not been updated to accomodate the larger size of the screen. A new iPhone 5 ScreenExtender tweak has been released to solve just that issue. All you have to do is download the free app from Cydia and it will force any of your older apps to fill the screen, even if they were not natively designed to do so. Once your device has rebooted, simply go into the Settings app and scroll down to ScreenExtender. Enable it …

Will Sunday be funday for the iOS 6.1 jailbreak?


This Sunday, is the highly anticipated Super Bowl between the 49ers and Ravens, but for those of you iOS device users, you might be happy to hear that the release of the jailbreak for iOS 6.1, the new iOS firmware released earlier today, may also be released on Sunday as well. In the past, the jailbreak developers have had a tradition of releasing jailbreaks on Sunday and it appears as though the new jailbreak may follow the same day of release. In a recent tweet, MuscleNerd asks what people have planned for Sunday with a mention of the evad3rs dev

DreamJB Confirmed Fake [Unfortunately]


We posted earlier today about a skeptical but possible untethered jailbreak for all iOS 6 iDevices, including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini + others. The DreamJB team have uploaded a youtube video (shown below) which has been confirmed fake by many users within the Jailbreak community including MuscleNerd. The video is one of the most, if not THE most, well done fakes we have ever seen, but even the best fake still has some discrepancies. Now, other than the fact that the DreamJB "developer" has already admitted that this was nothing more than a "social experiment," here are some …

My first thoughts of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 Jailbreak status


Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, these past few months of school have been pretty crazy and I haven't had much free time. However, today I received my iPhone 5 in the mail and just wanted to make a post regarding my thoughts of the device so far. First and foremost, I LOVE the LTE connection. Having only ever used a 2G/3G device personally, it is a breath of fresh air to have such a fast connection on my phone.

Prior to my iPhone 5, I had a 4S on 5.1.1 for jailbreaking, so I …

iPhone 5 Screen Gate – [iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G]


Apple's yearly refresh of iOS products have often come with some issues. Last year arouse issues with Siri and was dubbed 'Siri Gate' by users, before that people were complaining about the iPhone 4 and it's reception issues, dubbing it "'Antenna Gate'. This time around it's 'Screen Gate'.

With the release of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G, users and developers have been cracking down, looking for any problems or hidden features. This time around a game developer (CMA Megacorp) noticed that their was a bug on the iPhone 5. He, along with others have noticed that the screen …

iPhone 5 LifeProof case delayed!


As most of you know, LifeProof cases are your best friend when it comes to making sure your favorite device is not only safe but still like new when you decide to trade it in. Most people have been asking where's the iPhone 5 LifeProof case? Well LifeProof CEO , Gary Rayner explains what's taking so long:

You may be asking, "Why is LifeProof not yet on the market when other protective cases are?" The answer is simple: LifeProof is the only everyday case that’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof − which means we won’t …

Here is what the iPhone 5 could look like


We are less than 24 hours away from WWDC 2012 and as always before a new iPhone is supposed to be releasing, rumors and allegedly leaked photos of parts from the upcoming iPhone 5 have been surfacing all over the internet. We tend to stay away from reporting news like this since a majority of these rumors tend to end up never coming to fruition. However, over the past month in particular, there have been several leaked photos of iPhone 5 parts and schematics that are quite convincing.

Bryce Hammond from Blackpool Creative has drawn up some high quality renderings …

Apple not ready to release A6 processor could the A5X take its place?


For some time now there have been rumors floating around of the Apple A6 processor to be released with the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. Newly revealed information and leaked images now suggest that the A6 Chip is not ready to ship. Could this be due to compatibility issues? Well, I don't know. The newest information available is that there is going to be an Apple A5x Processor.

This is not completely impossible, we see these kinds of incremental hardware updates all the time with apple. When the iPhone 3G was released, soon after, rumors of the iPhone 4 …

Sprint to begin selling iPhone5 in mid-October


For the first few years after the release of the first iPhone, AT&T was the only official carrier in America. Now that Verizon has become the frist CDMA carrier to offer the iPhone, we knew it wouldn't be long until Sprint hopped on the bandwagon. Reliable sources have announced that Sprint will begin carrying the iPhone5 in mid-october.

Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the new version of the Apple iPhone in mid-October, people familiar with the matter said, filling a huge hole in the No. 3 U.S. carrier's lineup and giving Apple Inc. another sales channel for its popular …

iOS 4.3 reveals iPhone 5 will have a Dual-Core A5 processor like the iPad 2


When Apple revealed that iPad 2 will get the new dual-core 1GHz A5 processor, we assumed that it will be coming to iPhone 5 when it is released this summer.

Twitter users @chronic, @FilippoBiga and @naynee75 have discovered references in iOS 4.3 that was released earlier today, which provides more evidence that Apple’s next generation iPhone will get the new dual-core A5 processor.

This was revealed via the following tweets:

chronic: alright, someone take this info down. iPad2,1 (K93AP) = WiFi. iPad2,2 (K94AP) = GSM. iPad2,3 (K95AP) = CDMA. all run on the S5L8940 proc.…

Greenpois0n Delayed To Save SHAtter For Future Devices [updated]

UPDATE: Both Limera1n and Greenpois0n have been released, click here for a full tutorial on how to jailbreak using Limera1n, and here for a full tutorial for Greenpoison.

GreenPois0n took a huge amount of hard work and determination from the Chronic Dev Team. The SHAtter exploit based tool was announced that it was going to be released today, but after the release of George Hotz’ Limera1n (which is based on a new exploit; pwns all iOS 4.1 devices), The Chronic Dev Team had to make a very tough decision.

If the Chronic Dev Team were to …

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