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Semi-Restore tutorial: How to wipe your iDevice without doing a full restore (iOS 5.0-6.1.2)


Last month we brought you news that there was a new iOS restore tool in the works called Semi-Restore. Semi-Restore is a next-to last resort for iOS issues. If you've done everything you can think of to fix your sluggish firmware to no avail and you have a device which doesn't have SHSH blobs for a jailbreakable firmware or you simply have a device that cannot be downgraded, Semi-Restore will wipe your iOS installation clean without actually doing a full restore.

Semi-Restore is available now as a Windows and OSX GUI tool, there is a Linux version in development and …

DreamJB Confirmed Fake [Unfortunately]


We posted earlier today about a skeptical but possible untethered jailbreak for all iOS 6 iDevices, including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini + others. The DreamJB team have uploaded a youtube video (shown below) which has been confirmed fake by many users within the Jailbreak community including MuscleNerd. The video is one of the most, if not THE most, well done fakes we have ever seen, but even the best fake still has some discrepancies. Now, other than the fact that the DreamJB "developer" has already admitted that this was nothing more than a "social experiment," here are some …

iPhone 5 Screen Gate – [iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G]


Apple's yearly refresh of iOS products have often come with some issues. Last year arouse issues with Siri and was dubbed 'Siri Gate' by users, before that people were complaining about the iPhone 4 and it's reception issues, dubbing it "'Antenna Gate'. This time around it's 'Screen Gate'.

With the release of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G, users and developers have been cracking down, looking for any problems or hidden features. This time around a game developer (CMA Megacorp) noticed that their was a bug on the iPhone 5. He, along with others have noticed that the screen …

FuriousMod iOS5 Fix by mcbaron15 Unlock iPhone4 with Gevey Ultra on 5.0.1


It has come to our attention that the FuriousMod repo is not currently working and also the official FuriousMod package that is available does not work on iOS5. For those with an iPhone4 on 5.0.1 who have a compatible baseband(anything but 04.11.08) you can do a manual installation of the Furious Mod 5.0.1 deb from a MacRumors users, mcbaron15, which will allow you to use a Gevey Ultra on the latest iPhone firmware.

iOS 5.0.1 Furious Mod (by mcbaron15)

The easiest way to install the deb would be to use iFile. Simply transfer the deb file to any …

TinyCFW Alpha Released Build a Custom CFW for iPhone4 and iPad2 Downgrade iPad2 to 4.3.3 with SHSH


*UPDATE* Windows users, if you are having issues check out our TinyCFW fix.

Today, @notcom the creator of the popular iOS SHSH saving tool, TinyUmbrella has released a new application called TinyCFW. This tool is something that he coded for his friend for restoring 4.3.3 on his iPad2. Right now if you try to do this with the tools available you would get stuck in a 1015 loop because iTunes would cause a baseband panic when it tried downgrading your baseband. The nice thing about this tool is that it will allow users to Downgrade

Pod2G Confirms More Device Compatibility for Upcoming iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak


Earlier we posted that Pod2G, member of the Chronic-Dev Team had released a video confirming a new untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0/5.0.1.

Pod2G has obviously working hard to bring the upcoming jailbreak closer to a release. Over the past few days he has been posting on his blog with status updates of the progress he has been making. So far Pod2G has confirmed the follow devices will be included in the untethered jailbreak:

    iPod Touch 3G - iOS 5.0/5.0.1 iPod Touch 4G - iOS 5.0/5.0.1 iPhone 4 - iOS 5.0/5.0.1 iPhone 3GS - iOS 5.0/5.0.1 iPad 1G - iOS

Siri port to iPhone4 and iPhone3Gs update


For those who are following the Siri port progress, it has been a crazy 72 hours. We have seen everything from fake siri "releases" to people claiming they have a port but refuse to release it. One thing is for sure, progress is being made all the time. Over the past few days iBrandon and myself have been lucky enough to work along side the Iris Dev team while they continue to perfect the Siri port to other devices.

At this point, it appears that they have the port fully working besides being able to access the servers, which is …

First glimpse of iPhone 4 running Siri (Video)


Just a second ago, @ih8sn0w creator of Sn0wbreeze retweeted an image from user @stroughtonsmith who has apparently already gotten Siri running on his iPhone 4. Just 2 days after the release of iOS5 it appears as though we are already going to be able to port Siri to other devices. Stay tuned for more as this develops! Here is the image of Siri running on an iPhone 4. I know, it's not much 😛

Of course this is not ready yet, but it is a HUGE step in the right direction. Stay tuned as more information about this …

How to downgrade Verizon iPhone4 from 4.2.9/4.2.10 to 4.2.8 [Tutorial]


Let me begin this tutorial by saying that you MUST have your 4.2.8 SHSH key saved in order to downgrade from 4.2.9 or 4.2.10. This tutorial will not work if you do not have your SHSH key. If you do not know what an SHSH key is then you most likely do not have it saved. You can check out our What is an SHSH file post.

Step 1: Create a custom 4.2.8 firmware file using either our Pwnage Tool 4.2.8(OSX) tutorial or our Sn0wbreeze 2.7.3(Win) tutorial. This is the firmware you will restore in order to …

GEVEY Ultra SIM Allows iPhone4 unlock on any baseband legally without dialing 112


It has been 3 months since we first announced the GEVEY SIM unlock method for iPhone4s running basebands which are not currently unlockable with via software. This method was very expensive when it first surfaced and also was in a gray area in terms of legality since it required the user to dial the 112 emergency number to initiate the unlock. However, a new GEVEY Ultra SIM has been developed which allows you to permanently unlock your iPhone4 on ANY firmware, including iOS5 beta 1, however, Apple has blocked Gevey SIM unlock method in iOS5 beta 2+ It also works …

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 already on it’s way


*UPDATE* Redsn0w 0.9.6rc14 is out now

Soon after the announcement that @i0n1cs untether had been added to redsn0w 0.9.6rc13, we have received word from many users, and now confirmation from @musclenerd that rc13 is NOT working on iPhone4. I have also heard reports that the issue exists on the iPT 4G as well. For now, if you have either of those devices, stay away from rc13. A new patch should be released soon to address the issue although there is no timeframe.

Gevey SIM iPhone4 unlock hack confirmed working 02.10.04 and 03.10.01 unlock


A few days ago we reported on a new SIM Interposer hack for iPhone4. This is an unlock method that is for those who are desperate to unlock their iPhones and it has now been confirmed working.

Gevey recently released a SIM Interposer which can unlock the iPhone up to iOS 4.3 by force activating the baseband using the emergency dialer.

The SIM Interposer works by adding a EEPROM chip to your SIM card just like a TurboSIM. You then call 112, a number that can be called from any GSM phone, free of charge, with or without a …

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