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Semi-Restore tutorial: How to wipe your iDevice without doing a full restore (iOS 5.0-6.1.2)


Last month we brought you news that there was a new iOS restore tool in the works called Semi-Restore. Semi-Restore is a next-to last resort for iOS issues. If you've done everything you can think of to fix your sluggish firmware to no avail and you have a device which doesn't have SHSH blobs for a jailbreakable firmware or you simply have a device that cannot be downgraded, Semi-Restore will wipe your iOS installation clean without actually doing a full restore.

Semi-Restore is available now as a Windows and OSX GUI tool, there is a Linux version in development and …

DreamJB Confirmed Fake [Unfortunately]


We posted earlier today about a skeptical but possible untethered jailbreak for all iOS 6 iDevices, including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini + others. The DreamJB team have uploaded a youtube video (shown below) which has been confirmed fake by many users within the Jailbreak community including MuscleNerd. The video is one of the most, if not THE most, well done fakes we have ever seen, but even the best fake still has some discrepancies. Now, other than the fact that the DreamJB "developer" has already admitted that this was nothing more than a "social experiment," here are some …

iOS Application Camera Roll and Contact List Access


In the past weeks, Apple has been taking heat, from various online sources, after it was revealed that the Path application available in the iTunes store was able to collect the contents of your entire address book. Since then, Path CEO, Dave Morin, has issued an official apology and stated that they have deleted any contact list information that they had from their servers.

But then, just a few days ago, it was revealed by The New York Times, that iOS app developers can also access the contents of your device's camera roll. At this point in time, there …

How to install the official Facebook application on your iPad using FaceForward [Tutorial]


Earlier today we posted a method that allowed jailbroken iPad users to install the official application which was stashed in the recent Facebook for iPhone update that was released. The FullForce Facebook method released by @rpetrich was quickly blocked by Apple. But a new method from @chpwn has once again enabled users to use the unreleased official Facebook application on their iPads..

Step 1:  Install the official Facebook application from the app store onto your jailbroken iPad or iPad2.

Step 2: Open Cydia and install "FaceForward" it is located in the "Tweaks" folder of the "Sections" …

Install the leaked Facebook app for iPad using FullForce [Tutorial]


*UPDATE* The FullForce method below has been blocked by FaceBook. @chpwn has released the FaceForward Facebook method which once again allows users to use the unreleased official Facebook application on therir jailbroken iPads.

In the recent Facebook application update released for iPhone/iPod Touch earlier this week, the Facebook app for iPad was stashed. It is still not available for the public to install, but a method for jailbroken iPads has been discovered. Apple has reportedly patched this workaround, but some users have still been reporting to me that it's working so I decided to write up a tutorial. Since …

iUsers Brings Multiple User Accounts to Jailbroken iPads


*UPDATE* I contacted Pedro via Twitter and asked him if he planned on porting the tweak to iPhone/iPT and he replied that he will probably be releasing an update next week, stay tuned!

One nice feature about most operating systems is the ability to create multiple user accounts so that you can customize multiple desktops that are specific to each individual user and also to restrict certain settings to administrators only. Unfortunately, iOS is lacking this feature, until now! A developer by the name of Pedro Franceschi has created a new Cydia tweak called iUsers which allows you to create …

iPhone Dev-Team releases unlock for iPhone 3G and 3Gs

The iPhone Dev-Team has released the iOS 4.2.1 unlock for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Please read their announcement very carefully...

Today we’re pleased to announce our free carrier unlock for iPhone3G/3GS owners with a baseband later than 05.13.04. The unlock for that baseband exploited the AT+XAPP command, thanks to a crash initially discovered by @sherif_hashim (@Oranav also found this crash). So what hole are we exploiting today, since Apple closed that AT+XAPP hole? Well, we’re exploiting the exact same hole!

It turns out that the very first iPad firmware 3.2.2 has baseband version 06.15.00 still vulnerable to …

iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV 2G Now Available!

Apple has just released the very final version of iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad and iPod touches. This version of iOS brings a number of new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users including: Multitasking, Folders and Game Center for iPad, AirPrint, AirPlay, and other system wide changes and improvements.

This is VERY importent - If you want to keep your jailbreak and unlock, DO NOT UPDATE to this latest firmware now until and unless official new jailbreak and unlock tools are available for download. The unlock should be made available within the next …

Official Announcement From iPhone Dev Team Regarding iOS 4.2.1 – What does this mean for me and my device?

With Turkey Day a few days off, today Apple publicly released FW version 4.2.1.  As always, ultrasn0w unlockers please stay far far away from this official firmware (and all official firmware).  Wait for the ability to create custom 4.2.1. IPSWs that don’t update your baseband!  If you’re not an unlocker, read on!

The best news of all is for owners of iPhone3G, older iPhone3GS, and non-MC iPod touch 2G.  Due to a combination of our original pwnage2 exploit, the arm7_go exploit, 24kpwn, and limera1n, your device is “just as jailbreakable as ever.”  You reap the full benefit of an untethered …

OpeniBoot to enable Android installation on iPhone4 and iPad Coming Soon!

The guys who brought us Bootlace, a piece of software which allows the installation of Android on iPhone 2g and 3g right from the devices themselves, have now announced that OpeniBoot, an open source implementation of the Apple bootloader, will bring support to iPhone4 and iPad. Below are pictures of OpeniBoot running on the iPad and iPhone4.

Below you can see a video of OpeniBoot running on an iPad:

Skyfire 2.0 brings Flash support to iDevices via HTML5 transcoding

Skyfire has submitted a mobile browser to Apple's App Store capable of playing Flash video while adhering to all Apple's guidelines regarding HTML5 open-video standards on Apple devices, according to a press release published today.

Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone follows on the heels of Skyfire's recent launch on Android, which has now become one of the most popular third-party browsers on Google's mobile platform, with nearly a million downloads in its first three months.

What's in Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone:
● Flash Video –The "Video" icon enables users to play millions of Flash videos around the web that otherwise do …

iOS 4.2 Jailbreak via Sn0wbreeze to come out on or near release date

@iH8sn0w has released screenshots showing that he was successfully able to jailbreak iPad iOS 4.2 beta 3 with Sn0wBreeze.

Those who don’t know, Sn0wbreeze allows users to create custom iOS 4.x firmware so that they can update and jailbreak their iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 4.x. Sn0wbreeze allows users to preserve the baseband so that it does not get updated while updating your iPhone with the custom iOS 4.x firmware. This is important for iPhone unlockers as 05.14 baseband that comes bundled with iOS 4.x cannot been unlocked.

Sn0wbreeze works on same exploit that was discovered by GeoHot, …

App Review – CineXPlayer

SPECIAL: $2.00 off October 23rd and 24th ONLY! Get it NOW for $0.99! Don't let this deal pass you by.

I have been looking for a decent media player for my iPhone for a while now. I take a lot of flights and don't like lugging around my heavy laptop with me everywhere so portability is a must. CineXPlayer is an application that can be found in the iTunes app store. This app will play all your XviD encoded videos which is just great! As we speak I am watching last weeks new Simpsons episode on my iPhone …

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