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ExtendSiri adds some useful buttons to the Siri interface [Cydia Tweak]


Since the iPhone4S was jailbroken, there has been no shortage of Siri tweaks including SiriSports, MyAssistant and Hands-Free Control among others. Today, I discovered a new Tweak for Siri called ExtendSiri which adds 4 buttons to the Siri interface. The tweak is very simple, all you have to do is install it and the buttons will be added to your interface. The buttons can perform the following operations: Listen, Refresh, Clear and Dismiss. These actions can already be performed by default but this tweak makes it easier and allows you to clear a conversation without closing out of Siri …

Install Native iPhone Clock, Stocks, Weather, Compass, Calculator, And Voice Memos on iPad with Belfry [Cydia Tweak]


If you've ever held up your iPad and thought, somethings missing.. You're right, for some unusual reason Apple decided not to include the native iPhone Clock, Stocks, Weather, Compass, Calculator or Voice Memo applications for the iPad. Well once again, the jailbreak community has come to the rescue.

A new jailbreak tweak named 'Belfry' has been released into the Cydia store on the default BigBoss repo, and some more great news - it's totally free of charge. Belfry installs all of the native iPhone applications that come with the iPhone but not the iPad, these include:

Clock, Stocks, Weather, Compass, …

VLC Player Application finally pulled from the iTunes App Store


The ever popular VLC Player application from the iTunes App Store, which allows users to playback video that is not natively supported by the iPhone, has finally been pulled from the iTunes App Store. Apple had received a formal letter from the developers of VLC(the computer version) about copyright infringements.

The infringement is actually more of just a snag in the way that iTunes operates. iTunes does not allow the installation of an application(free or paid) by a user on more than 5 devices. This goes against the original GNU license VLC's code is based on. According to the developers …

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