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Top Jailbreak Tweaks for Your New Jailbroken iPhone or iPad!

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Great, so you've just jailbroken your new iPhone or iPad with the new Evasi0n jailbreak, what next? We've put together a list of some fantastic tweaks and apps for you to try out. Check out the packages below and let us know what you like!

Auxo - $1.99 BigBoss Repo: Great multitasking for iPhone

Auxo is a beautiful new way of visualizing apps that are currently being held in the multitasking switcher tray. The old standard app icons are replaced with gorgeous card-based representations of the backgrounded apps, with the app icon thrown in for good measure. Rather than …

Jailbreak Apple TV 2G on iOS 6.x Now with Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8

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For all of those hardcore Apple TV fans (including myself!) will be pleased to hear, Sn0wbreeze, the Windows based jailbreak tool has also been updated to include an untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV 2G.

Most of the software like XBMC, aTV Flash (black), Plex, etc. is not yet compatible with Apple TV 5.1 – 5.2 and the device constantly crashes when attempting to install additional software from nitoTV, so things are not ideal at this stage! Hopefully the programs developers will soon provide and update for their software to provide compatibility for the lastest software.

If you are …

How to Jailbreak iPad Mini on iOS 6.1 using Evasi0n [Tutorial]


The Evasi0n 1.2 iOS6 jailbreak has now been released! Once again, this jailbreak will work on all iOS 6 firmware (6.0-6.1) on all current iDevices. The following tutorial was performed on an iPad Mini, but the steps are the same regardless of what device you are using. Follow the steps below for an untethered iOS6 jailbreak.

Evasi0n 1.4 - Win
Evasi0n 1.4 - OSX
Evasion 1.4 - Linux

Step 1: Download the Evasi0n jailbreak tool above for your corresponding OS. Prepare your device by restoring a fresh 6.1 firmware if you haven't already and run a backup …

DreamJB Confirmed Fake [Unfortunately]


We posted earlier today about a skeptical but possible untethered jailbreak for all iOS 6 iDevices, including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini + others. The DreamJB team have uploaded a youtube video (shown below) which has been confirmed fake by many users within the Jailbreak community including MuscleNerd. The video is one of the most, if not THE most, well done fakes we have ever seen, but even the best fake still has some discrepancies. Now, other than the fact that the DreamJB "developer" has already admitted that this was nothing more than a "social experiment," here are some …

How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]


We all know the passcode is a great feature on the iPhone that adds security for users, but what happens when you forget your passcode? Generally, the only way to recover the phone is to restore through iTunes but in doing so, you lose all the data (some of which may be very important) on the phone. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to both bypass the iPhone Disabled screen and and how to recover your passcode. If you have the error below: iPhone is disabled try again in 5 minutes, please proceed below to bypass …

iOS 6 to be Announced at WWDC 2012


We mentioned earlier that WWDC 2012 is all but hours away. News is coming left right and center about what could and 'will' be released at Apple's big event, more on that later. Current news at the moment is that banners have been spotted going up at the venue in San Francisco announcing iOS 6.  It's being labeled as "the world's most advanced mobile operating system" and comes along with a new fingerprint-styled icon.

Take a look at the images snapped by viewers below:

So what do you think? Looking forward to WWDC 2012, iOS 6 and all the other …

Meet the iOS Jailbreak Dream Team, the Hackers Behind Absinthe


pod2g, p0sixninja, planetbeing, pimskeks. If you’re into jailbreaking, you’ve likely heard or seen these names before, but do you know who’s hiding behind these Twitter handles?

Thanks to JailbreakCon’s Craig Fox, we get to see what the guys who brought us the Absinthe untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 look like. It's great after following the hackers for so long to be able to put a face to the name. From left to right, we have pimskeks, planetbeing, pod2g, and p0sixninja (who’s looking very sad on this picture).


[Poll] Does the Home screen need updating in iOS 6?


Should Apple change the Home Screen in iOS 6?

    Yes. Give us something new. Yes. Let us have widgets Somewhat. At least a visual refresh. No. Too many people rely on it. No. It's not broken, don't fix it.

View Results

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There have been some interesting articles floating around the web at the moment about the need for Apple to revamp the iOS homescreen in their next major update.

There are both some major positives as well as major drawbacks of changing the so well known homescreen. Hundreds of millions of users already know how to use the …

[iTunes Tips] Deleting iTunes Songs from Your Computer/Library

iTunes Logo / Icon

Often I find i'm listen to a playlist (or my library on shuffle) and come across a song I can't stand - whether the song reminds me of a bad memory, it's a old slow song, or I just generally don't like it. For what ever the reason, it shouldn't be in my playlist let alone in my library.

For example, I recently was organizing and running the sound equipment for a friends wedding. The quickest and easiest way for me to setup dinner and dance music during the practice was to play it through an iTunes playlist. The music …

Status update on the iOS 5.1 jailbreak


There have been a lot of questions from viewers since our recent post about the upcoming iOS 5 jailbreak so we thought it would be useful to help clear the air with some more info released today from pod2g.

The good news is that they have managed to bypass the ASLR (Address Space layout randomization) already. The complicated security measure could’ve taken much longer. The bad news is that a public jailbreak still seems to be a ways out…

“ETA for 5.1 JB : no clue! We’re going to set pieces of the puzzle together this week. We could have …

Apple Closes iOS 5.0.1 Signing Window


Yesterday Apple hosted a media event where they announced the 'New iPad', an updated version of the Apple TV as well as iOS 5.1.

With the release of iOS 5.1, Apple has now closed the signing window for iOS 5.0.1. SHSH files are required for all (non-A5) devices who are wanting to downgrade to an older firmware. For more information on SHSH files and how to save them, click here.

Currently the latest version of Redsn0w is able to provide a tethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 for all (again, non-A5) devices.

So unfortunately, for those users looking to upgrade …

iPhoneBlogr Looking For More Writers! [Join the iPhoneBlogr Team]


Around two years ago, Jared (JaeM1llz) and I (thescragster) launched iPhoneBlogr. After over 500 posts, 1.5 million views and hundreds of jailbreak tool updates, iPhoneBlogr is as strong as it's ever been. Now, we are looking for some more writers to join our team.

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate iDevice users who have strong writing skills to help write news, app reviews and lots more. Previous writing experience isn't required but you do need iDevice/iOS experience. You must be passionate and know your stuff. You must have a sound grasp of written English, for example knowing the difference …

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