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iPhone 5 Scratch Gate/Scuff Gate


Yesterday, we told you about the iPhone 5 Screen Gate. With the iPhone 5 being the lightest, thinnest, and sleekest smart-phone out there, users have discovered another  issue in Apple's latest device. This time its being called "Scratch Gate." The  iPhone 5 uses an anodized aluminum back plate instead of the Corning glass used in the 4/4S. Aluminum is a soft material to begin with, making it susceptible to wear and tear from daily use. Having it in your pocket with some change or keys might make the back side of your i5 look like it just came out …

iPhone 5 Screen Gate – [iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G]


Apple's yearly refresh of iOS products have often come with some issues. Last year arouse issues with Siri and was dubbed 'Siri Gate' by users, before that people were complaining about the iPhone 4 and it's reception issues, dubbing it "'Antenna Gate'. This time around it's 'Screen Gate'.

With the release of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G, users and developers have been cracking down, looking for any problems or hidden features. This time around a game developer (CMA Megacorp) noticed that their was a bug on the iPhone 5. He, along with others have noticed that the screen …

iPhone 5 LifeProof case delayed!


As most of you know, LifeProof cases are your best friend when it comes to making sure your favorite device is not only safe but still like new when you decide to trade it in. Most people have been asking where's the iPhone 5 LifeProof case? Well LifeProof CEO , Gary Rayner explains what's taking so long:

You may be asking, "Why is LifeProof not yet on the market when other protective cases are?" The answer is simple: LifeProof is the only everyday case that’s water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof − which means we won’t …

New to jailbreaking? Read this!


Welcome new/potential jailbreaker from myself and the iPhoneBlogr team. You probably have a lot of questions that we all had when first jailbreaking. I'll answer the questions that I get a lot from people that ask me to jailbreak their device, are planning on jailbreaking or have already done so. If you have any questions that you think I should add, please send me an email at ( I'll also cover some tweaks/apps that I think you should install first.

1. What dose jailbreaking do?

Jailbreaking in the simplest way lets you install things that you normally can't. For …

iOS 5 Safari exploit allows URL spoofing


Recently, it has been discovered that there is an exploit within Mobile Safari on iDevices running iOS5 which could allow cyber criminals to spoof the URL of a malicious website in the address bar. This means that unknowing users could be the victims of a phishing attack and never even know that their security has been jeopardized. So far it appears that this exploit exists on all iOS5 releases(5.0, 5.0.1 and 5.1) on the iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2 and the New iPad.

Usually these kinds of findings are made by jailbreak developers, however, this time David Vieira-Kurz of Major Security found …

New iPad battery problems?


With the recent release of the New iPad, a few weeks back, iOS gamers, media editors and everyday users have been putting it through the ringer. From the all the hype of the new LTE compatibility, the retina display and all the great new apps, it almost makes your iPad2 seem like a paper weight. But like the iPhone 4S, does the New iPad also have battery issues?

Dr. Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation, has put the device through its paces, testing just about every aspect of its “resolutionary” new Retina display. One thing he found, “batteries do …

iOS Application Camera Roll and Contact List Access


In the past weeks, Apple has been taking heat, from various online sources, after it was revealed that the Path application available in the iTunes store was able to collect the contents of your entire address book. Since then, Path CEO, Dave Morin, has issued an official apology and stated that they have deleted any contact list information that they had from their servers.

But then, just a few days ago, it was revealed by The New York Times, that iOS app developers can also access the contents of your device's camera roll. At this point in time, there …

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