NowNow uses activator gestures to invoke Google Now – Siri alternative

A friend of mine jailbroke his 4 for the first time yesterday. Being the curious person he is, he started watching YouTube videos about jailbreak tweaks to see what he wanted to install. Not surprisingly, he came across a video detailing a port. He asked me if it would work, and having heard plenty of horror stories about instability and security issues, I advised him to steer clear of any ports. Instead, I started looking for Siri alternatives for him and came across . is a very simple jailbreak tweak that lets you assign an Activator function to invoke , Google's answer to Siri.


Granted, you aren't going to get the same sort of personal interaction with Google Now that you get with Siri, but I have found that it is better at detecting what you are saying and it works great if you need a quick answer to a question, directions, unit conversion, sports scores, etc. Upon initial launch, it will take a second or two before it comes up, but if you leave it running in the background, it will come up pretty quickly.

NowNow is a free jailbreak tweak available in the default repos. You must firs have the Google Search app installed through the App Store. After installing the app and tweak, there will be a NowNow section in your Settings app, simply go there and choose an activation method and give it a go!

How do you think Google Now compares to Siri? Let us know below!

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  1. Argelius says:

    I recently dabbled with Android before returning to my iPhone. I found Google Now to be MUCH more accurate and useful than Siri. I just wish the NowNow “hack” would enable the full Google Now Experience (with Google’s “cards”, access to calendar, etc). Wish we could get this on the iPhone. Regardless, I like what NowNow does and have used Activator to reassign it to the long-press of the home button.

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