Evasi0n NetDB Open nodename Internal Server Error and POSIX errors in Cydia

With the recent release of Evasi0n 1.0 for iOS6, literally hundreds of thousands of people are slamming the Cydia servers and repos right now, trying to get all their favorite jailbreak tweaks installed. Unfortunately, all this congestion means that it is going to be more-or-less impossible for anyone to install anything for the next few hours. No matter what you try to install, you will likely be met with a red error in Cydia along the lines of "NetDB: Open nodename nor servname provided, or not known." "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error" or "POSIX: Operation timed out"


Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this but wait. Eventually the traffic will even out and calm down as more people get their devices jailbroken and then Cydia should start running smoothly again. This is an unfortunate downside of every jailbreak due to the demand placed on the servers upon initial release.

61 Responses to Evasi0n NetDB Open nodename Internal Server Error and POSIX errors in Cydia

  1. Doomrevenger:D says:

    This is understanding 🙂

  2. Clay Bradford says:

    Oh, I was flipping out thinking my phone was screwed up. Thanks for this post and letting us know it was the servers.

  3. Elpopas says:

    I cannot login in order to restore my purchases. Is this due to the same problem?

  4. brad says:

    Same here 🙁
    Is there gonna be appsync 6.0+ ?

  5. Bart de Lange says:

    in Holland i cant even open cydia and reload releases XD
    but is understandable cuz everyone was waiting for this

  6. xpnbaby says:

    Thought that both my iphone and ipad were fucked up. lol

  7. shrey says:

    good that u bloggers exist and spread the word. thanks..

  8. __teresam__ says:

    thank u !! thought my phone was messed up!!

  9. phew.. I thought both my ipad mini and iphone 5 was screwed.. hahaha thank you so much for this article !

  10. Jason says:

    Thank you very much! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the most out of my new jailbreak. Now, I know patience will pay off 🙂

  11. The Highpander says:

    Whew. That’s a relief

  12. Jonathan says:

    tought my ipad mini was all fucked up…

  13. Jonathan says:

    great u guys wrote this one… 😀

  14. dgalvan14 says:

    I was starting to get worried! Thanks for the article.. There’s really no one talking about this until now… THANKS

  15. Ethan Carter says:

    yeah i thought my device was messed up

  16. spooky says:

    lol thx for the info bro! should have guessed it 😉

  17. TiMeBoMb says:

    Good to know other are having the same issue! Thanks, for the article!

  18. Boub says:

    Thx for info

  19. ReCat says:

    It seems like cydia now has a notification telling us about this, to inform us on what is going on.

  20. Sid07 says:

    Thanks alot! I was getting worried!

  21. Rebecka says:

    oh good! sitting here for an hour now being pissed off 😛

  22. simply says:

    so simply server is busy cuz everyone get in to cydia?

  23. demens says:

    thanks for this man, as everyone says i was scared i fucked up my device, its a relief another few hours os patience

  24. bob says:

    love it go Evasi0n

  25. EyePad says:

    What about the Appstore? it seems very slow, anyone having same problem?

  26. anthony says:

    Can BBM be found on cydia?

  27. Claire says:

    Thank you! Got slightly worried there.

  28. Jose Privado says:

    I assumed most of you Jailbreakers knew about these failures during every JB Release.

    New things you starters should know.

  29. Awl1987 says:

    What about the ” bad gateway” message….does that have something to do with it too??

  30. Never_Make says:

    iOS itself is shit. What the hell did they think? – OMG WE NEED TO PUT AN UNUSEFULL APP ON THE HOME SCREEN AND CALL IT PASSBOOK!
    What shall we delete?
    -F$@cking Newsstand

    GASH i fucking hate ios… ;_;
    I LUV EVASI0N! <3

    • Rastaman says:

      you hate ios so much, why didnt you get an android?!

    • JaeM1llz says:

      That decision actually makes sense when you think about it. Google is one of Apple’s strongest competitors and YouTube is, of course, owned by Google. They got rid of the YouTube app for the same reason they got rid of Google Maps.

    • Shane Bryson says:

      Just switch to Android. Newsstand gets used every single day on my iPhone, so does Passbook, and stocks. The old YouTube app sucked. Download the new one, way better. You’re an idiot, seriously.

  31. Jkjakob says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up!

  32. Good to know.

    Gives me more time to fuck around modding my PSP. Haha

  33. AM says:

    Anyone having a problem with their phone rebooting or USB problems?

  34. Dave says:

    this is what has been working for me..
    i click install then i count to ten then i hit cancel if nothing on the screen pops us and i quickly click in install and confirm and then count to ten again usually 2 or 3 times it work i promies i have already downloaded mx tube and fake carrier

  35. ModMyiOS says:

    Is anyone having trouble with Siriport

  36. Lorenzo says:

    Will it work by the next 24 hours?

  37. Jsdodgers says:

    Took me about an hour to download SBSettings!

  38. Kyle says:

    Phew… I was scared iPhone 4 was close to death ><

  39. jAiLbReAkeD says:

    Why do american people just dont wait for europeans to finish installing all their sources and tweaks then americans can use them so there will be less traffic…….

  40. trollerd says:

    seriously cant people just wait for me to finish installing all my sources and tweak bitches i hate all of you and also cydia is bad but is it good too !

  41. Stephen Loomas Jester says:

    HEY STOP CLOGIN UP THE Error NetDB:Open nodename nor servname provided or not known SERVER

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