Evasi0n Jailbreak, Temporarily Live and Quickly Removed

As you can see from the screenshot below, the temporarily was showing with download links for Linux, OSX and Windows seemingly available. However, the was quickly reverted to it's previous state of 85% and it doesn't seem like any files actually made their way out of the yet. Did someone jump the gun or are they about to release the jailbreak? Stay tuned!

Evasi0n jailbreak 100% and Live (temporarily)

13 Responses to Evasi0n Jailbreak, Temporarily Live and Quickly Removed

  1. Sxmmach says:

    I’ve downloaded the jail break and it works great on my iPhone 5!

  2. dsfd says:

    jajajaja lol

  3. Clasificados Coqui says:

    ClasificadosCoqui.net for download

  4. Enator says:

    It’s fake.. you can easily edit any webpage’s HTML by inspecting the element, and show/edit the details. Example: The filename link image of the download button for windows is images/button_windows_disabled.png, and simply by changing it to images/button_windows.png, boom, it looks like it’s ready, take a screenshot, post it on the web.

  5. anmont says:

    It was up, I downloaded a file called evad3rs tool.exe (along with a few other text files). The last step of the ‘jailbreak” process was a link to paid advertising site that required you to participate in a survey before you could complete. Hopefully that is not the final version. If it is not the final version, likely the site was hacked. However, the tool was smart enough to recognize the phone was in DFU (which seems a bit extravagant for a script kiddie hack)

    • JaeM1llz says:

      You must have downloaded that file from an unofficial website. There were never any files released from the official Evasi0n.com website.

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