Evasi0n new iOS 6.x jailbreak website now live!

In anticipation for the upcoming iOS 6.x , the evad3rs dev team has launched the official website for their new tool, dubbed the Evasi0n jailbreak. The upcoming jailbreak has been confirmed to work on ALL current devices running any iOS 6 firmware(6.0-6.1). The tool will work on Windows, Mac or Linux initially.


The evasi0n website also shows that there will be a private beta tester phase as well. It has been widely rumored, due to some Tweets, that the jailbreak will be released this Sunday, but unless the beta stage is initiated within the next few days, that may not be the case.

Either way, it is great to know that they are far enough along that they are ready to launch their website. This weekend should be a good one!

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