Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak via FlashArmyKnife

Since acquiring my , one of the things I have missed more than anything is being able to tether my cellular connection with other devices for . With no jailbreak, my only option for is to pay Verizon another $30/month for data that I am already paying for. Lucky for me, a new app has just made it's way through Apple's approval process.

This new app, FlashArmyKinfe, contains a tethering function that allows you to tether your cell connection to any other ad-hoc capable device for free(aside from the app cost of course). The application does cost $1.99, but a low, single payment for unlimited tethering is much better than an overpriced, unjustifiable, tethering package from your cellular carrier. The app does contain some very handy functions aside from tethering, such as a flashlight, currency converter, calculator and easy access to Apple maps and Safari.

FlashArmyKnife - Eric Blase

But let's get on to the good stuff! The tethering feature is very well hidden and actually requires a calculator key press sequence to initiate. First open the application and go to the calculator tab. Once you're in the calculator portion of the app, enter the following numbers and keys in this order(excluding the commas):

1642, M+, C, 1452, M+, C, 1943, M+


If all has gone accordingly, you should now see the word "run" in the calculator display. Once you see "run" you are now actively tethering! Unfortunately this is not as user-friendly as native tethering would be, so we have attached a YouTube video which walks you through setting up the network. Also, like most apps with hidden tethering features that have turned up in the App , this one will probably be removed soon, so get it quick while you still can! Let us know how it goes!

3 Responses to Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak via FlashArmyKnife

  1. Anthony Headland says:

    Does it work with an ipad

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Unfortunately not, this method of tethering uses an ad-hoc network to share the connection, so it’s really only plausible to use on a Mac/PC.

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