Dream JB untethered iOS6 jailbreak proof to be released today [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The Dream JB has been confirmed fake. Read more details here.

Well, today is the day we will finally get a better idea of the legitimacy of the Dream JB untethered iOS6 jailbreak which will purportedly work on any device. This includes an iPhone5 jailbreak as well as a jailbreak for the latest iPads. Of course we are quite skeptical over the claims being made by the anonymous developer who says he is not affiliated with any of the current dev teams. However, the lack of any sort of progress on an iOS6 jailbreak is more than enough to make people hopeful.


Today, the developer plans on uploading 2 videos for of their jailbreak which is slated for on 22nd. The first video(which they are currently uploading as I write this) will cover the jailbreak process itself whereas the 2nd video will presumably demonstrate the jailbreak running on a device.

I have a night class tonight so I will most likely be occupied when the videos are finally processed by YouTube, but I will be sure to update the post once I get home and have reviewed the videos.

Crossing my fingers!

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