The iPhone5 has already been jailbroken by chpwn!

Well, this morning the new Apple went on sale and not even 24 hours later, @chpwn has already managed to his! Of course A4 and lower devices can already on iOS6, but A5 and A5X devices such as the iPhone4S, iPad3 and now iPhone5 are not susceptible to the limera1n exploit which allows for the tethered iOS6 . This means that has found a new exploit, likely in the iOS6 firmware, which has enabled him to jailbreak the iPhone5.

This is great news and very unexpected, it can take weeks or even months after a new iPhone release before it is . Of course, the jailbreak will not be released any time soon as development of the end-user tools has not even begun, but this is very promising, especially coming from someone as well-known and respected as chpwn.

Here is what looks like running on the iPhone5's larger screen:

Stay tuned for more!

  • Keith

    man why is it taking forever for a jailbreak to come out for the 4s on ios 6

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