How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]

We all know the is a great feature on the iPhone that adds security for users, but what happens when you forget your ? Generally, the only way to recover the phone is to restore through iTunes but in doing so, you lose all the data (some of which may be very important) on the phone. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to both the screen and and how to recover your passcode. If you have the error below: iPhone is disabled try again in 5 minutes, please proceed below to bypass this restriction.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is intended only for legal owners of the device who have lost their passcode, it is not intended to be used for unauthorized access of lost/stolen devices.

Note: You must have iTunes, .NET Framework and Java installed for the program to run, if you don't have these installed, download them from here, here and here. Also, both of these recovery methods require the Limera1n bootrom exploit developed by GeoHot. Because of this, it can only be used on A4 bootrom and lower devices. This will not work on iPhone4S, iPad2, iPad3 or any future devices unless a new bootrom exploit is discovered.

How to Bypass Disabled Screen

Step 1. Download Gecko Tool Kit from our link here

Step 2. Unzip the application and open it, plug your iPhone into the computer

Step 3. Click the 'Bypass iPhone Disabled Screen' tab along the top of the application

Step 4. Select your device type (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and click bypass, click ok to the popup window

Step 5. Put the device into DFU mode. (Video tutorial on how to do this can be found here)

Step 6. The computer will go through a bunch of processes, once it has finished it will come up with some green text saying 'Success'. When this is complete, click the close button in the window at the top right hand corner.

Step 7. The computer will again go through some more processes. If it asks you if you want to store the key in cache, type 'n' and press enter

Step 8. Great, if all was completed successfully, your device will restart and the disabled screen will have gone away.


How to Recover Passcode

Step 1. Open (which you downloaded from the link above)

Step 2. Select the 'Read Lockscreen Passcode' tab

Step 3. Select your device and click 'Boot'

Step 4. Select the iOS 5.0.1 IPSW file it asks for - download from here

Step 5. The program will open Redsn0w, once this window has opened, click 'Jailbreak'

Step 6. You will need to enter DFU mode, either follow the on screen instructions or follow our video tutorial here

Step 7. Redsn0w will go through a bunch of processes, once it has completed, click the cancel button

Step 8. Click Launch on the open Gecko Toolkit window

Step 9. Wait patiently while the program decrypts your . When it is complete the will appear somewhere in the window (normally up slightly from the bottom of the page).

Step 10. Enter this passcode into your device to unlock it

There we go - you will now have successfully bypassed the disabled screen and uncovered your passcode. Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments sections below - did it work for you?

258 Responses to How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]

  1. Greg Scream says:

    When I download the ISPW file it is a zip file.  When I unzip it, I don’t see a ispw file anywhere. where is it?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      The file you downloaded is an IPSW file. If you used Internet Explorer to download it, your computer may be treating it as a zip file but you’re not suppost to extract anything. Make sure the “hide extension for known file types” folder option is disabled and rename the file from .zip to .ipsw

      • Sprice26 says:

        I tried the above method with a 4S. Didn’t work. Do you know if the method supports 4S??

        • JaeM1llz says:

          Unfortunately it does not, the method requires a bootrom exploit called limera1n which does not exist on devices with the A5 or A5X processor.

          • sinner says:

            i simply reinstalled java7u9 x86 over top of existing and that did it. 🙂

          • Blonde moment says:

            Wait what? can you explain how you cracked the iphone 4s? I stupidly put a passcode on last night and can’t get back in today (yes, extremely bloody stupid)

  2. Delst says:

    Just tried on on a iPhone 3GS and I could confirm it works! Thanks for posting

  3. Goblin says:

    Worked on a jailbroken iPhone 4, Thanks !

  4. nasir says:

    my phone will restart after compleating all process but it will stuck on boot logo under apple boot logo there is restore bar it stucks there. now what should i do.

  5. tim says:

    hi this worked fine on 3gs but wont pass limera 1n on ipod touch 4 any ideas please!

  6. Kevin Handy says:

    The disabled bypass worked great on an iphone 4 cdma, but what about the security lock crack? All I see is iphone 4 gsm. I don’t care if it screws up the radios because the phone is cancelled, I just need the data out of it.

  7. dasik says:

    This thread is great. I hope i can get it to work, but i keep getting stuck on step 5/6. Here is what im getting from a Java window.

    INIT FAILED (mux thread)!Possible causes: iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed. Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  8. manju says:

    if my phone is disable for much time due to unknown mistake what could i do?waiting for so long time???

  9. guest says:

    INIT FAILED (mux thread)!

    Possible causes:
    iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.
    Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!

    note: itunes is up to date!

  10. bash says:

    Do you have it for Mac OS?

  11. Ivan Oso says:

    i have a disabled phone but its not letting me go into dfu mode i turn it on connect it to the computer but it wont do it

  12. becky says:

    disabled iphone 3gs. using gecko and always says couldn’t bind to port 2202, help.

  13. need help.. i got an ipod4G jailbroken and im trying this Gecko Iphone Toolkit Bypass Disabled Screen but all i see after im done on STEP 4 then after putting the device in DFU mode is this:

    SSH ramdisk maker & loader, version 25-01-2012 git rev-03
    Made possible thanks to Camilo Rodrigues (@Allpluscomputer)
    Including xpwn source code by the Dev Team and planetbeing
    Including syringe source code by Chronic-Dev and posixninja
    syringe exploits by pod2g, geohot & posixninja
    Special thanks to iH8sn0w
    Report bugs to msft.guy (@msft_guy)

    Extracted resource to C:UserscancerAppDataLocalTempssh_rdnativejsyringeapi.dll
    Extracted resource to C:UserscancerAppDataLocalTempssh_rdnativemux_redux.dll
    Error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:UserscancerAppDataLocalTempssh_rdnativejsyringeapi.dll: Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
    java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native Method)
    java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary1(Unknown Source)
    java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(Unknown Source)
    java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
    java.lang.Runtime.load0(Unknown Source)
    java.lang.System.load(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue.access$000(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue$ Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue$ Source) Method)$1.doIntersectionPrivilege(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source)
    java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(Unknown Source) Source)
    FATAL: Cannot load native libraries; make sure you’re using 32-bit JRE if on Windows!

    INIT FAILED (Jsyringe)!

    can anyone help me?? i have a lot of important notes on my ipod..

  14. ghostanime2001 says:

    they guys who are having the port 2202 error or something you need to uninstall everything related to Oracle (in other words JAVA!!!) uninstall everything ! then re-install 32-bit (x86) version of Java. Then gecko will work.

  15. louie says:

    my phone is stuck on the loading bar and wont move! please help!

  16. KatC says:

    Where do you get a 32-bit (x86) version of java that is not Oracle?

  17. Sekia says:

    Does it work for iphone 2g?

  18. jenefer says:

    is there any way this will work on a ipad 3 even though it says no?

  19. gigiNicole says:

    Im getting the same failure message that itunes may not be updated. So I updated my version and I am still receiving the same message. What else could I try to get passed this??
    I have been waiting over a year for someone to figure out a way to get my data from my disabled phone I was so happy to have came across this and it seems there is always a barrior 🙁
    help is greatly appreciated!!!

    • gigiNicole says:

      never mind – i figured my way past that.. now im stuck at the read lockscreen passcode step. the ios5.0.1 file i downloaded is not matching up with the one prompted from the program…. 3.5 hrs into this..super frustraded! -_-

  20. Nick says:

    Worked perfectly on my iPhone 3GS once I re-installed the 32-bit (x86) version of Java.
    Thanks so much.

  21. Amazed says:

    Worked amazing after changing from Java 7 Update 9 to Java 7 NO UPDATES. Thanks so much!

  22. chance says:

    I keep getting stuck on the rebooting stage for the passcode recovery. How can i fix this problem. I have a i phone 4

  23. Steve says:

    The phone said it had a error with loading the software and i diddnt see that and i waited 30 min before i unpluged it because it was doing anything now my computer cant connect to it. How do i get the ios software back on it so i can get the password?

  24. Vicky DS says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ve bought an iPod touch and (I’m really dumb) I’ve locked it! So, thanks for the help 🙂

  25. sako says:

    thank you so much for tutorial it work for ios 6 toooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  26. AirT0n says:

    Does it work for iphone 3GS with iOs 6 ?

  27. bruSentra says:

    where to reg at Oracle n where to donload java 9

  28. ivana says:

    which is the next step? I get this mesage “Success!

    Connect to localhost on port 2022 with your favorite SSH client!

    login: root

    password: alpine.


  29. kylemc50 says:

    does this work for iphone 4 ios6

  30. mell094 says:

    can somebody please help me. The iphone is on the looking for 4 digits passcode. Looks like the final step where it trys to get the passcode with different series. How long is this part suppose to take?

  31. mell094 says:

    is it trying a new passcode as the words “applekeystore: sending lock change” glitchafter every 2 seconds or so? any comments plz? the program isnt frozen or anything. Its still responsive.

  32. Sterling Menke says:

    Does this work on ipodtouch 2g?
    It is not one of the options under the drop down to select device..

  33. kj2015 says:

    after selecting ipsw file, dialog box comes up stating: unexpected parameter ‘and’, any help is greatly appreciated.

  34. Hi There I am unable to extract the gecko files on my mac? can someone please tell me how I open the folder? Cheers

  35. eat2828 says:

    Does this work for an iPhone 4, iOS 6.01, NOT jailbroken?

    I’m asking this because I my iPhone was stolen (Passcode protected) and it was exactly as I mentioned above.

    I am afraid that the thief can bypasses the passcode and got my personal e-mails and information.

    Thanks guys!

    • Big papa1000 says:

      Are you a teacher?

      • Unknown says:

        It does work i just tried it on a iphone 4 ios 5.0.1

        • Unknown says:

          iPhone 4 ios 6.0.1*

        • Rebeka says:

          how did you do this ??? i’ve been trying but i couldnt do because the redsnow isnt for my ios ( 6.0) and my iphone stay stuck on dfu mode… but i know how to get out of dfu mode,but i really need to have the passowrd that i forgot :/ please help me

          • Erin Ashley says:

            I am having the same issue with my 3gs! I am stuck on DFU mode and I don’t know how to get out of this. Gecko iPhone ToolKit is should “cracking code” but is blank. Please advise!

    • :((( says:

      Hi,can you help me? I was doing the recover passcode stuff ,aaand I accidentally aborted the operation,and it is now stuck on those collumns,which say:AppleKeyStore: Sending Lock Change. What should I do ? Help me pls…

  36. gya says:

    can someone tell me from where i can download Java 7 NO UPDATES? i dont find it! can help me with a link! thank you so much!

  37. i did it. thank you so much! i thought i’ve lost all my contacts and pictures. thank you for your help!

  38. CamNeedsHelp says:

    when using gecko iphone tool kit its works but
    then when i click on boot and choose firmware after it always say
    unexpected parameter ‘and’ , how do you fix this

  39. Guest says:

    What do i do if it is stuck on “Downloading kernelcache.release.n92”

  40. Guti 12 says:

    i have uninstall and reinstall everything related to java and still don’t work, I need help please! I’ve probably installed the wrong version of java, can somebody tell where can I find or what does it have to say for it to be the right version? I’ve been without using my phone for 4 days now

  41. affaq says:

    realy great work to remove passcode

  42. George says:

    Hi there. Bypassing the passcode worked. By the way, only with Java 7 – no updates.
    I am now trying to recover my password, but after I load the file, I get an unexpected parameter ‘and’ and it stops, Pls help!!!

  43. michael says:

    Do you have any updates on ipad 3? I need to bypass and ipad3 disabled screen to retrieve my pictures.

  44. kortwen says:

    does this work if i have gevey card? please answer quick i need help

  45. LacyChris says:

    how long is it supposed to take for the ramdisk loaded stage?
    Waited probably twenty minutes already

  46. Cindy says:

    Yes! I managed to unlock the password. Thank you a million. I’m so happy!!!!!!

  47. precious says:

    usually how long does step 6 take? I’ve been waiting for hours and no success message. the screen where ‘n’ should be entered appeared for a second and then immediately disappeared. what am i supposed to do? pls help

  48. precious says:

    unexpected parameter ‘and’
    what should i do? please help… pleaseeee…

  49. precious says:

    redsnow shows error when opened through gecko toolkit. but i am able to open it separately from the extracted files. shall i proceed and open manually from the extracted files and jailbreak? will it still save my data from getting erased? someone pls help me urgently.

  50. precious says:

    it has been more than 20 minutes since the password code is being read. should i wait or redo launching?

  51. JL says:

    does the password recovery work for complex passcodes?

    • Sensei W says:

      I have the same exact problem….. were you able to get a work around?

      • JL says:

        sorry i couldn’t find any…had to restore it and lost everything except the contacts because all the other stuff needs the passcode to sync to itunes. Hopefully you had sync it before you were locked out…good luck!

  52. JL says:

    Does it work for complex passcodes?

  53. precious says:

    it is a simple number number pass code and it is still being read for hours. can someone pls tell me what i should do? please!

  54. qman123456789 says:

    is there a way to get the “read lockscreen password” for iphone 3g?

  55. […] times Here's a link to help you out. How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [i… Of course only use this if you are the original owner. If you want to just restore your iPhone […]

  56. Daren Humphries says:

    For those who are having trouble, here are a few things that helped me. First make sure that your iTunes is above version 9. Here’s the link for the updated iTunes:

    Next be sure that you have .NET Framework installed. Here’s the link for that:

    Both of these are fairly easy to accomplish, but what alot of people seem to be having trouble with is java.

    Check what java you have by going to start/control panel/uninstall a program

    Scroll down until you see Java.
    I had several versions installed. Go ahead and uninstall every version you have and then go here and download the 32 bit offline version for Windows:

    Once that installs, you should be good to go! 🙂

  57. Mike says:

    I’m having trouble with disabling my 3GS, when I’m in the proccess of having it on
    DFU mode, it says it disconnects and sends exploit… what’s happening?

  58. Stevan says:

    what does it mean Complex passcode used?

    • Daren Humphries says:

      I believe that means that it was unable to crack the passcode because it was too long or had a complex combination of letters and numbers.

  59. Muheer says:


  60. Muheer says:

    doesit work for iphone 3gs please telllllll me pleese

  61. Lola says:

    Hello. Thank you so much, Bypassing the passcode worked successfully,
    and I was so delight to reach such progress, However I am now trying to recover
    my password, but after I load the file, I get an unexpected parameter ‘and’ and
    it stops, Pls help… I have being waiting for six months to reactivate my
    iphone 3GS without losing the data !!!

  62. MERO_KSA says:

    Thank you very much

    it really worked with my Iphone after trying lots of ways

    this one is the best

    Thanks again

  63. Joelee says:

    Does it work for iphone4 IOS5.11 ?

  64. Shane says:

    Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
    That’s the error I’m getting, can anyone help me out?

  65. Shane says:

    Help!!!! Getting the following error.
    Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
    Also: Norton keeps blcoking the cloud 7 process…. this stuff is outside my technical ability, some help would be apreciated!

  66. Shane says:

    Getting this error: Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
    Can anyone provide Any help?

  67. kirikaze says:

    for the getting passcode process, i entered DFU mode before i clicked boot and now i cant move forward can someone help?

  68. kenthios says:

    on my ipod it keeps saying BSD root md0 major 2 minor 0 after the jailbreak for getting passcode and does not seem to be progressing with the cracking lock code. please help!

  69. f says:

    init failed
    jssyringe help!!!1

  70. popop says:

    thank you for this 😀

  71. TechNoob says:

    Windows 7 (not XP!), “Open as administrator”, don’t fret when Gecko is labeled as “Not Responding”. Worked for me on a 3GS. Thank you so much to the developers!

  72. blahjh says:

    What if it says;

    DFU device ‘UNSUPPORTED’ connected
    Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED

    It’s stuck in recovery mode. Help.

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  74. iffstarz says:

    Thanks a bazillion. Youre instructions worked an absolute treat on my iphone 3gs with ios 6.0.1. It’s important to really patient on step 9 (took me 35 min) and ensure you are in DFU mode before attempting to recover the passcode (you’ll know as you will see the pineapple replacing the traditional apple symbol)

  75. jenny says:

    wow! i tried this and what a big help! thank you so much for sharing this….

  76. Someone says:

    Does this work on a iPhone 4GS Model A1387, because it says something like “Ignoring UNSUPPORTED device”, help?…

    • JaeM1llz says:

      No, it will not work on an iPhone4S. This only works with devices that are susceptible to the limera1n bootrom exploit.

      • icey says:

        Do you know if the new exploits in the evasi0n jailbreak, will make it possible for this application to be updated to work with the iphone 4s?

  77. happydad says:

    THANK YOU…You saved my daughters phone. Her friend changed the pw and then forgot it.
    Although, it is a iPhone4 CDMA, the Bypass “iphone disabled” didn’t work until I selected GSM. Regardless, much data, apps and pictures saved.

  78. wolo says:

    that black screen is still on my iphone, how do I get it off?

  79. Brian Mccane says:


  80. yooj says:

    I finally got this working – FYI – cannot run on a 64 bit WIN7 OS machine. Need to set this up on a 32BIT OS.
    Can anyone help – I got through to the point where the RAMDISK was loaded but now on the IPHONE 3GS – it only shows the apple logo and the loading bar but nothing seems to be happening. Have I done something wrong?

  81. jpowell says:

    Worked great on my kids 3GS iOS 6.0.1 non-jailbroken. Wish the ‘read passcode’ option worked on the old 3G I have laying around though.

  82. JJ says:

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4, and I forgot the passcode for it, its now saying iphone is disabled connect to itunes. I have 2 years worth of photos and data on my phone and really don’t want to lose it, I feel heartbroken. Will this way save all my data without losing it at all? Please reply back. Thank you.

    • lol says:

      He says its not for iphone 4’s in the tutorial. I have an ipad 2 with 2 years of school work on it and I forgot the password, so im kinda in the same boat here….

  83. Julie says:

    I have got to step 4 on the how to recover the password but the IPSW file is not in the folder. What am i doing wrong please?

  84. gogo says:

    Hi there i’m trying to recover passcode and after step 8 a message “AppleBCMWLANCore::handleIOKitBusyWatchdogTimeout():Error,no succesful firmware download after 60000 ms!!Giving up…”‘appears.Please help!!! It’s my wife’s 3GS iphone and she’s forgotten passcode.I think the firmware on this phone is from november 2009-probably 3.0 or 3.1.If someone can help-please write me

  85. John Moen says:

    Does this work if your device is already Jailbroken. Thanks for any help.

  86. Aboud Amassi says:

    ramdisk load started. it’s been a while could it be stuck? how to solve it?

    • Paul D says:

      I had this problem. I had to reboot the PC. (I had installed all the apps for this and moved right in to trying the exploit without rebooting.)

  87. ruiz says:

    Does this work on iphone 3G .bypass worked but i stucked on raed lock screen password… i dont know what ios is my iphone i tried several from site u gave to us…and none of them worked…saying “parametr ‘and’ ” problem …please help me

  88. leon1917 says:

    I have followed the instructions and the program has returned a passcode to me, but I can’t turn off the phone to boot back into iOS. The screen has the text from the operation still up. What do I do now? I suppose I could just wait for it to die. It has a full charge right now, any help in the mean time would be greatly appreciated!

  89. Blair says:

    thank you for making the information so easy to use, everything worked like a charm and now i’m up and running again without losing any info.

  90. user says:

    seems no crack for iphone 5 yet

  91. firefalcon51 says:

    When i click bypass it opens up windrar with a whole bunch of files instead of going through with the processes

  92. Skye says:

    Does it work on iphone 5?

  93. JustInuYasha says:

    This is confirmed working on an iTouch 4G on 6.0.1

  94. Blero Kazanova says:

    You f***ing retardet 😀 still working here iphone 4 ios 6.1 i was disabled then i crack passcode work work thanks you 2/4/2013

  95. kish says:

    does this work with 4s?

  96. deedee says:

    this is the best program ever it took several trys but it worked, my screen was disable and it said plug in to Itunes, because i forgot my password, but once i remember i didnt have the option of re-entering the password again, so with this program i was able to get that option again, i put the correct password and it worked… it was great, i counldnt belive it it save me all my contact and photos. the most important thing is to get your phone in DCF mode in order to work and keep trying untill it said sucessful and your phone reboots. (iphone 3g white)

  97. Adel says:

    I did all the steps to unlock my 3GS iphone, but when I click “launch” on
    the Gecko Toolkit window, I get a massage saying “complex passcode used !”
    What should I do now, please help me I don’t want to lose my kids photos.
    Thank you

  98. jeremiah says:

    GOD Bless U…..

  99. John says:

    as soon as I put my iphone 4s in DFU mode, the little java screen pops up and tells me that that device is not supported
    can someone help?

  100. hihihihihihihihihih says:


  101. mudsea nkovu says:

    after redsn0w_win_0.9.10b3 has finished the phone reboots and propts for a passcode, is it then that i click launch on Gecko, if so my Gecko displays an error. how do i move on?. do i have to go thru the same process or i can lauch on Gecko any time, and in which mode does the launch work with gecko?

  102. hh says:

    MobileDevice event: MuxConnect, 0, 0

    MobileDevice event: MuxDisconnect, 0, 0 what is mean this? shoud i do all steps again?

  103. mudsea nkovu says:

    after redsn0w_win_0.9.10b3 has finished the phone reboots and propts for
    a passcode, is it then that i click launch on Gecko, if so my Gecko
    displays an error. how do i move on?. do i have to go thru the same
    process or i can lauch on Gecko any time, and in which mode does the
    launch work with gecko?

  104. mudsea nkovu says:

    after redsn0w_win_0.9.10b3 has finished the phone reboots and propts for
    a passcode, is it then that i click launch on Gecko, if so my Gecko
    displays an error. how do i move on?. do i have to go thru the same
    process or i can lauch on Gecko any time, and in which mode does the
    launch work with gecko?

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  106. directioner says:

    thank you so much it just worked yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  107. Ashy says:

    I am stuck on the “Exploiting with limera1n” message. It has been like 30 minutes! Is that normal? I followed all the above mentioned steps and even removed the updated version of JAVA that I had and installed the Java 7 (no updates) version, however, I am still stuck on the “Exploiting with limera1n” message! Please HELP!

  108. Michael says:

    Preparing to load the ramdisk..
    Ramdisk load started!
    MobileDevice event: DfuDisconnect, 1227, 12223100
    MobileDevice event: RecoveryConnect, 1281, 12803100
    MobileDevice event: RecoveryDisconnect, 1281, 12803100
    Almost there..

    This is where everytjhing stops when i try to bypass the disable message on my 2g iphone. can anyone help?

  109. ClostButNoCigar says:

    Process went through fine, although when reboot finishes. Still on the lock screen prompting for password. Help please? I have a 3gs that hasnt been used in a whilllllle with a password that I can’t manage to remember.

    • CigarIsLit says:

      Nevermind. I assume that the first method is only to attempt password again. If i’ve forgotten I suppose I need to go with the second. Wasn’t thinking obviously.

      • JaeM1llz says:

        Yep, just use the second part of the tutorial to reveal your passcode, the first part is just to re-enable the device.

        • GotALight? says:

          Error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up…

          that’s what is at the bottom of my screen now, been there for about 5 minutes. am I being impatient or did something go wrong?

          • JaeM1llz says:

            Did you specify the 5.0.1 firmware IPSW and are you running Redsnow as administrator?

          • GotALight? says:

            I just downloaded the IPSW file that was suggested. And I assume that I am, should I right click and run as admin? Also, is it safe to reboot iphone while its in this state?

          • GotALight? says:

            BTW redsnow had finished, I hit the launch button and it started running through processes on the phone when the error occurred.

          • =) says:

            click on the Launch Button at Gecko

  110. ps says:

    i have an iphone4s but forgot the passcode for it, is there any way i can bypass the passcode with out doing the restore, i dont want to lose any of my data and stuff thats already on the phone, any one!!??????? HELP ME, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  111. Burn says:

    hi, got prob to recover passcode. at step: Select the iOS 5.0.1 IPSW file it asks for – show error “Unable to recognize specfied IPSW:” Some 1 pls help me. FYI im using 3gs

    • elhool says:

      good morning Burn , i’ve the same problem as you , Unable to recognize specfied IPSW” did you get any solution for this ?

  112. elhool says:

    i’ve a problem “show error “Unable to recognize specfied IPSW and how can i run redsnow as administrator?

  113. sofya says:

    does it still work when the screen says “iphone is disabled connect to itunes”?

  114. Sa Harkey says:

    What isf the i phone is disabled and says connect to i tun

  115. Slim says:

    Works okay.., after getting the password how do i go back to the screen where i can input the password

  116. Slim says:

    how can i input my password if my iphone shows IPHONE IS DISABLED

  117. jeriel says:

    im stuck on step 5 does it really so long to wait for the step 6 to appear?

  118. jeriel says:

    on step 5 does it really so long to wait for the step 6 to appear?

  119. msftman says:

    my iphone was stuck permenantly with the iphone is disabled because of entering the passcode incorrectly too man times.

    thanks to the above guide ”
    How to Bypass Disabled Screen
    ” i successfully re-enabled my phone. thanks to all who contributed to that.

  120. chris says:

    step 7 – no display message appears y/n plink.exe just has a white line flashing with no change 🙁 help please

  121. Jaz says:

    I’ve been holding onto my Ipod Touch 2nd gen for years in hopes of finding something that would let me keep access to my old music…YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!

    After working out a few kinks…the download from oracle needed to be in 32bit for a windows comp. & following the directions to a tee. {dont connect the device already in dfu mode, do it as prompted} my phone restarted with no problem.

    I can’t comment on the password recovery b/c I knew mine


  122. sal says:

    If i do this process will my ipad will be jailbroken??
    I just want to be syill under aplle warranty

  123. Erin Ashley says:

    I’m trying to recover my passcode and I just put it into DFU mode. Looks like there is an error and my phone won’t turn back on! PLEASE HELP!

  124. Robo says:

    This works and is effin’ awesome. If you get the 2022 error (I did) uninstall java and reinstall an earlier version (make sure its 32-bit and it worked when I used a version 6). If you think it has stopped working during the password recovery, all you need to do is wait (step 9) it took about 30-45 mins for it to finish for me.
    Good work mates!

  125. mike says:

    i have iphone 3 amd devise is disabled after unseccesful tries of passcode. need to recover data, any help?

  126. Clark says:

    Alright, I’m worried this won’t work. I set my password earlier today and I can’t remember what I set it as. I have an iPhone 4, don’t want to loose contacts, apps, photos, or any of that…and I seriously can’t remember what the password was. Does this work? Any errors? Does it jail break it? Please answer, getting desperate. Also, any other things I need to download for this to work? Oh and my Laptop is a Windows 7 I believe.

  127. patrick says:

    phone keeps getting in “waiting for reboot” mode, i have the latest iphone software available, does that have anythin to do with it? if now how can i get it off of the waiting for reboot mode

  128. marcos says:

    in my phone it says fatal error

  129. Issy says:

    how can i do this on a mac? it wont let me download the .NET framework because its microsoft? PLEASE HELP!

  130. angel125 says:

    i have dis software… gecko iphone toolkit and tryin to get passcode of my ipod4g but it doesnt detect it in dmu mode.. sez “device not detected & u misunderstood the instructions ,go to google n ..” wot to do??? help..

  131. Ramkumar says:

    I tried to unlock the passcode for iphone 4… but it says unexpected error after dfu mode.. HELP

  132. Ash says:

    Does this work for worded passcodes

  133. applefanboy says:

    -_- my ipod is stuck with the apple logo and loading bar underneath it

  134. dfg says:

    How long does the redsnow procces takes… its been a while, should i cancel_

  135. Triskropf97 says:

    ok so it worked to my 4g ipod but it seemed it changed the password (complex) cuz for the love of me i cant get the password right and i aint forgetting either.. and the password thing doesnt work cuz its complex but does this tool change the password??

  136. Vivian says:

    I have an Iphone 4 CDMA. The bypass disable screen works perfectly, but not to recover passcode… my device is not on the list of Read Lockscreen Passcode. Is there a new release for iphone 4 CDMA?

  137. Mayur says:

    Hey guys. I am desperate for getting a copy of a text off my 3G
    iphone but when I follow the instructions it does some processing and
    then it halts and says ” Ignoring same device iPhone 3G” What can I do?
    Please help. I beg for your help. Thank You guys.

  138. jb86 says:

    I keep getting parameter error ‘and’ after boot and opening ipsw. Any advice ?

  139. MalcolmA says:

    Worked for me on Windows 7 – 64 bit system to recover 3GS code with unknown iOS version.

  140. Karina says:

    Iphone 4, no idea what IOS. Success!

    Here is the way to do it:
    1. Download Itunes (good link on this page)
    2. Download .Net Framework (good link on this page)
    3. Download Java Version 6, update 31, Run-time Environment, 32 Bit – file name: build 1.6.0_31-b05 – located in the Java Archive under file name: jre-6u31-windows-i586.
    4. The DFU instructions on this site are not great. Follow the following DFU instructional video:
    5. As well – follow all the instructions on from the video till the end.

    Gecko + video from yotube worked like a charm. I thought I had lost all the 7,000+ photos from my vacation after my phone was charged by a non Apple charger and locked itself. Gecko and video saved me. THANK YOU!

  141. CW says:

    does it work with iphone 4s cause I need to find out the passcode or restore cause iTunes doesn’t work I get error 21, 1611, or 3149

  142. ch says:

    does it work for iphone 4s factory unlocked but disabled by mistake ……now I remember my iphone 4s passcode but phone is disabled for many minutes and I want to retrieve files from my iphone 4s factory unlocked

  143. NeedHelp says:

    Will this work if my iPhone is permanently disabled? it does not allow me the option of retry in 5 minutes?

  144. Dat Le says:

    For those encountered the “unexpected parameter” error, try this. This actually helped me solve the problems. Hope this help guys !!!

    1. Download Gecko iPhone Toolkit and install it.

    2. Download the newest version of Redn0w place it on c:A folder

    3. Download the iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw for 3GS or
    iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw for iPhone 4 and place them in c:A

    4. Go to C:UsersYOUR_USERNAMEAppDataLocalTempramdisks and from
    there copy the 2 files 3gsramdisk.dmg and i4ramdisk.dmg to c:A

    5. Connect you iPhone, open Gecko iPhone Toolkit, select your model and
    press the Boot button. It will give you the unexpected parameter i

    6. Then press the Start button, and open command prompt by typing CMD

    7. Navigate to c:A

    8. In command prompt write the following:

    For iPhone 3gs:

    Redsn0w -i c:AiPhone2,1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw -r c:A3gsramdisk.dmg

    For iPhone 4:

    Redsn0w -i c:AiPhone3,1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw -r c:Ai4ramdisk.dmg

    6. If you did everything right you should be able to read a big OK on you screen.

    7. Press the Launch button (you should be able to see on your phone
    screen AppleKeyStore:sending) and wait for around 20min, you should be
    able to see your code.

  145. mon888 says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  146. Jamal says:

    Will this still work with the cdma verison ?Because when i was going to try it i only saw iphone 4 gsm version only.

  147. Sisi says:

    Error, no successful firmware download after 60000 ms!! Giving up… It’s been 40mins now and that’s the last line on my iPad. What should I do?????? Help!

  148. danny says:

    ipad 3 on 6.01 can you bypass passcode on geeko

  149. LC TR says:

    When I run the “By Pass” on my IPOD 4G, it starts and runs great. Then I get to the “Almost Done..”, then displays “Mobile Device Event: Recovery/Connect” then takes about 15 mins. Then displays “Mobile Device Event: Recovery/Disconnect” on the computer screen. The IPOD is displaying “ITunes” connection with a USB picture. It has been cycling through this same loop “Almost Done…” about 8 times… What should I do ???

  150. Hu says:

    Does this work with 5th generation iPod and iOS 7?

  151. Hu says:

    Does it work with the generation 5 iPod touch and iOS 7?

  152. Brent says:

    My phone does not allow mounting of the drives therefore this does not work. I cant ssh either. fails to mount the internal storage. I have run into this on two phones lately. This one is a iphone 4 with 6.1.3. I get “trying to mount data partition failed to load keybag” and a little higher up I get “Error 16 Opening dev/md0” and down from that I have “FAIL: could not get appleeffaceablestorage service” No matter how I try or what utility I try I cant mount the internal storage on this phone. It is disabled from too many tries and I do not want to lose everything in it with a restore. I can SSH to it but I cant mount the drives so its useless that way. Any help would be appreciated.

  153. Karina says:

    Hello. I’ve used the Gecko Tool kit before with Net Framework and Java Version 6, update 31, Run-time Environment, 32 Bit and it worked beautifully. I unlocked my Iphone 4 GSM quickly and got all my photos back. Now I am upgrading to the Iphone 5S and wanted to get all my apps from the Iphone 4, unfortunately it locked itself again (damn generic chargers and expensive apple prices!!). Anyway, using the same framework – it isn’t working for me. I saw someone said to download Java 7, no updates – I did. I keep getting the same response from the tool kit: “DFU device ‘UNSUPPORTED’ connected Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED.” What does it mean? And what do I do to fix it? Thank you ahead of time!

  154. Jenna says:

    How long does this take?!

  155. user says:

    I have iphone 4S, I typed wrong password, its now saying iphone is disabled connect to itunes, please reply me whether the Gecko Toolkit will help to help to solve this. I dont to want to loose any data. Thank you

  156. Shotta says:

    My iPhone is blocked, will this delete all my music, pictures ect if i put it in to DFU mode?

  157. paige100 says:

    Any update as to whether or not this works now with the 4S? I don’t know what iOS I have, but it hasn’t been updated in well over a year. Probably closer to 18 months.

  158. kj says:

    My phone is disabled for 23,188,102 mintues…..Anyone know what I can do please…??

  159. whoami says:

    does this work on the iphone 2G? appears to not???

  160. Edward says:


  161. […] PDF File Name: How to unlock your disabled iphone and recover your Source: » DOWNLOAD « […]

  162. […] How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your … – How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]… […]

  163. akhil says:

    Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED on ssh in dfu mode

  164. […] How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your … – We all know the passcode is a great feature on the iPhone that adds security for users, but what happens when you forget your passcode? Generally, the only way to …… […]

  165. WW says:

    Does this work with Iphone6?

  166. Edward says:

    does this work on iPhone 2g? if no, does ANYONE know any way of helping me please??

  167. Alzatay says:

    Mine says INIT FAILED (mux thread)! because itunes 9 or newer is NOT installed, but it is. Any suggestions?

  168. […] How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your … – We all know the passcode is a great feature on the iPhone that adds security for users, but what happens when you forget your passcode? Generally, the only way to …… […]

  169. […] How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your … – How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]… […]

  170. […] How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your … – How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]… […]

  171. Awaj shan says:

    how to download the java file for connecting device into DFU mode

  172. Ali says:

    Hi, when is Gecko iphone Toolkit is gonna be compatible with the latest ios?

  173. […] How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your … – How to Unlock Your Disabled iPhone and Recover Your Passcode [Disabled iPhone, Passcode Recovery] [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]… […]

  174. Lisa Alvarez says:


  175. Snow says:

    My iPad Air is currently disabled and I haven’t been able to back up to iCloud in a few months because I never have enough space, so I’m trying to avoid restoring so I can save the data that is so precious to me. However, I have full intention to back up my data to an external hard drive if this works and I get through this nightmare.

    I have two computers available, one of which has Windows XP and the other being a Macbook Air. Both have iTunes but I sync to the Macbook. My question is, will the process of bypassing disabled work for iOS 8 (I think it’s 8, I haven’t updated in a while), and will it work on Windows XP or a Macbook?

    Please, please, PLEASE HELP!!

  176. Janine says:

    Mine says exploit failed after first stage help please????

  177. Jay R says:

    help plz… my gecko keeps opening up a window for ssh from the internet

  178. icantseemtofindmolly says:

    Any updates on it working for an iphone 4s GSM?

  179. sebastian says:

    i need some help i got my password already but its in disabled mood and i cant get it out

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