AppleNBerry now offering permanent IMEI unlock for AT&T locked iPhones

Often times, we refer our readers to , the official reseller of the Gevey hardware for certain iPhone4/4S firmware and baseband combinations. Unfortunately, the Gevey is not compatible with all basebands so some users are still stuck with a locked device. Earlier this week, began offering a new IMEI unlocking service which will permanently, and officially unlock your device without needing to . Unfortunately, this is not an inexpensive solution. An IMEI unlock is going to set you back $150, but if you have an AT&T locked phone, with a baseband which is not unlockable, it may be your only option to unlock.

Before purchasing this unlock, we must remind you that recently AT&T began unlocking devices themselves for free as long as the device is off contract, not blacklisted and you are the original owner. We would suggest you try to get AT&T to unlock the phone before resorting to AppleNBerry's unlock. Once you submit your IMEI and Serial number, AppleNBerry will e-mail you after the unlock has processed(1-2 business days according to their website). After that, all you need to do is sync with and your phone will be permanently unlocked.

4 Responses to AppleNBerry now offering permanent IMEI unlock for AT&T locked iPhones

  1. Irishunlock says:

    I can unlock for €80 and any model regardless of anything

  2. rzen nepal says:

    What for iphone 4 from softbank japan ios 5.1.1 and firmware 4.12.1

  3. Peter J says:

    how can i know if my phone is locked to AT&T or other company? and how much does it cost ?

  4. FlexMaster23 says:

    Hi please use @LiberateMyi as we are a fast reliable and permanent unlock service iMessage:

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