Safari Download Manager 2.0-3 released for iOS5 support

is an that adds a powerful, highly-configurable manager to the iPhone's web browser. Like never before, you can take control over downloaded types and harness the true power of the network connection on your device. Since the of iOS5, Safari Manager has not been compatible. The recent release of Safari Download Manager 2.0 is now compatible with all iOS5 devices. 

2.x changelog:

  • iOS 5.x support
  • Completely re-written downloading core
  • Completely re-written user interface
  • Tap and hold images and links to get a "Save As" effect
  • Beautiful retina file type icons
  • Resume all downloads
  • Support for more than 10 languages
  • Far more flexible downloader, with support for many more file types

Safari Download Manager is available in the Cydia store for $5, grab it now!