Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 downgrade from 06.15.00 to 05.13.04 baseband on iPhone 3G/3Gs

Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 features a baseband option for /3Gs users who are on the iPad baseband. This baseband notoriously causes loss of GPS functionality, so users will now be able to downgrade to , another Ultrasn0w compatible baseband, so that they can unlock and have GPS.

Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 - OSX | Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 - WIN | Current iOS FIrmware - GetiOS

Step 1: Download and the current firmware version you are running from the links above.

Step 2: Open Redsn0w and go to Extras>Select IPSW and choose the firmware file you downloaded in step 1. 3Gs users with the new bootrom can allow Redsn0w to fetch the firmware files but it is recommended that they perform the first 2 steps as well.

Step 3: Turn your device completely off. Hold the power button until the "slide to power off" switch comes up and shut it down. It is very important that your device is turned off when you initiate the process to avoid issues.

Step 4: Go back to the main screen of Redsn0w and choose the Jailbreak option. When you get to the options screen check the "Downgrade from iPad baseband" option. If you are jailbroken already, be sure to uncheck the "Install Cydia" option. If you are not already jailbroken, you can leave that box checked. Click next and enter into DFU mode per the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Redsn0w will take over from here, you will see the normal Pwnapple screen, please note that once you get to the "Flashing Baseband" step, it will take a very long time to complete(3-8 minutes). You also will not receive any on-screen feedback during this process, do not interrupt the process just let it finish.

Step 6: Once the process has completed you will now be on the 05.13.04 baseband and you will be able to unlock with Ultrasn0w and have GPS capabilities.

For those on an uncompatible baseband other than 06.15.00

If you are on a different iPhone 3G/3Gs baseband that is not compatible with Ultrasn0w, you will first have to install the iPad baseband with Redsn0w and then proceed to downgrade to 05.13.04. Please note that users whose devices were manufactured after the 34th week of 2011 MUST NOT install the iPad Baseband. Doing so will brick your cellular radio and you will not be able to use it as a phone any longer. You can tell when your phone was manufactured by looking at the serial. The 3rd, 4th and 5th digits are the date. The 3rd digit is the year and the 4th and 5th are the week. "135" would be the 35th week of 2011, so anything on or after that serial cannot use the 06.15.00 baseband.

  • Shax_friends

    Regarding the serial number definition 3rd and 4th digits do not always define week. There are some difference between older and newer models. Look for more information 

    • Shax_friends

       This is really good news. Thank you that you immediate corrected it on the text

    • JaeM1llz

      The method of determining manufacture date listed in this tutorial applies to all 3G/3Gs devices. The format only changed for some 4/4S devices which this tutorial does not apply to since the iPad baseband can only be installed on 3G/3Gs devices.

  • TravisBickle

    Hi, I have done the whole process correctly but it did not change the baseband…can’t figure out why…

    • Shax_friends

       The same happened to my device. When I updated to ipad baseband everything went smoothly, but I downgraded it nothing changed but cellar stopped working and only “searching”

      • TravisBickle

        and BTW I can’t re-do the whole thing because Redsnow says the device is “already jailbroken with rocky racoon…

        • Shax_friends

           In that case you have to restore custom IPSW  with iTunes and re-do it. Anyway, it is not changing baseband. This is a big problem!!!

          • TravisBickle

            the thing that worries me the most is ultrasnow and ultransnow fixer do not seem to work anymore…I sincerely hope we did not brick the bb…

          • thescragster

            Try opening Redsn0w and putting your device into DFU mode, this will force Redsn0w to a different exploit to jailbreak. Let us know how you get on.

      • Alin Paun

         Hello Shax,

        The same thing happened to me. To fix this problem, i made a clean restore from apple, and afterwards i re-jailbreaked the device with redsnow. A crucial step is to check the “Install iPad baseband” box. Install the latest version of ultrasnow and it will work.Kinda upset that the downgrade didn’t worked for me :(


        • Shax_friends

           Thanks Alin,

          Now I am restoring my device to custom IPSW. And maybe try once to downgrade it.

        • Tinh Lac

          i tried it but still could not get unlock :(

      • thescragster

        Under Settings, General, About, what does it say your baseband currently is?

        • Shax_friends

           When I updated ipad BB where thing was OK. Even service was ON. But when I jailbroke and downgraded from ipad BB it did not change BB, plus there is “no service”

          • thescragster

            You can also try re-installing Ultrasn0w/Mobile Substrate as this is a solution to some of the problems

    • thescragster

      It is possible that the process does not work on the first time due to a false positive. Give it a try again and see if it works this time. Let us know how you get on

      • TravisBickle

        Nope, I tried it twice, everything runs correctly but  when it restarts I still have my ipad BB and no service. I tried to reinstall ultrasnow twice and it still search for signal. BTW I have a 3GS on 5.1.1 (previously JB), new bootrom. 

  • The_god222

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    • JaeM1llz

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  • The_god222

    It works I tried it all respect for hard work, thank you for everything

    • thescragster

      Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear it worked for you.

      • Allan 1moon

        hey  i have an iPhone 3GS running 6.15.00 and serial starts wid **1392**** can i go head n downgrade?

        • Bonecatcher90


    • Allan 1moon

      hey guys i have an iPhone 3GS running 6.15.00 and serial starts wid **1392**** can i go head n downgrade?

      • Bandit

        no! you’ll fry the radio and brick your phone, **133****** and lower, they used a different NOR chip that year and week your phone was made!
        The third digit is the year it was made, **1******** = 2011 and ***39****** = the 39th week of that production year. your phone is **139****** wich means your phone was made the 39th week of 2011 and they used a different chip. Sorry! I know you asked this 3 months ago, But i hope it helps anyone who might see this Good Luck!, and Be Careful!

  • Matthew Vernon

    When ever i try this on a 4.2.1 3g it just loads a black screen and then nothing 

    • Wayner20

      I’m having same problem and have been for some time. I haven’t received any info to help out. If you figure it out please reply. Thanks a bunch

  • Shax_friends

    After restoring my iphone is not activating. What maybe wrong? Help

    • TravisBickle

      You probably need to JB and install cydia through redsn0w!

  • Chico_405

    thank you so much ,it works for me!!!!

    • JaeM1llz

      Glad it worked, thanks for reporting back!

    • ll

      was it still jailbroken and unlocked after it worked?

  • Dallashala

    After downgrading the baseband will you be able to update with stock IOS?

    • Allan 1moon


  • Ryan Vun

    i lost my signal and my bb cannot be downgrade also..sad

    • Fepasma

      I had the same problem and I reinstalled the 6.15.00 baseband using redsn0w (even if it had not downgraded), reinstalled both mobileSubstrate and ultrasn0w and I have my network back. I hope it works for you

      • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

        i have done this also but i did have to install a custom firmware with itunes before my signal came back

  • Allan 1moon

    I have BB 6.15.00 and serial number 139″ can I downgrade my baseband??

    • JaeM1llz

      Unfortunately by installing the iPad baseband you have permanently bricked your device, this downgrade will not work on devices manufactured after the 34th week of 2011.

  • Matthew Vernon

    i have done this to the instructions to the letter on 2 iphone 3g with ipad baseband and all i get is the phone going to reboot and then a black screen then nothing just stays like that and i mean its being hours

    • Allan 1moon

      Try Hard reset!!

      • Matthew Vernon

        i have tired all sorts then once the black screen kicks in i have to rebreak it from older software just to get a working phone diff usb diff comps and everything is the same just a black screen 

  • ll

    do i need original carrier sim after update and reboot?

    • JaeM1llz

      No, you can use Redsn0w to jailbreak which bypasses activation

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  • firepol

    I have a 3gs, week 44, already jailbroken, with ipad baseband, and unlocked. At the question I answer “old model”. I wanted to downgrade. I followed the guide. At step4, after entering DFU, instead of seeing the “Flashing Baseband” logo, I get this error: “the connected device doesn’t support untethered options”.

    Update: I answered “new model” when selecting the ipsw. I tried to jailbreak as explained in step4 and it seems to work right now. So in my case, week 44 is the new model.

  • Shax_friends

    Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I am on ios 5.0.1, 3GS with old bootrom, 3 digits of serial number – **935****. Yesterday, I updated my baseband from 05.16.02 to 06.15.00 (service was ON, GPS worked but not fully), then tried to downgrade but unsuccessful, tried different variants, no way. The process goes smoothly but no result.   Anyway, I am glad it worked most of you.

    • Jessjadeisace

      i made this mistake and now i get no sim inserted,no signal or gps this shit has screwed my phone right up

  • marcos

    I followed all the right steps many times to downgrade and still can’t downgrade. It shows baseband 06.15.00

    I tried with the 4.1_8B117_Restore and 4.2.1_8C148_Restore ,,,

    what i’m missing?


  • Moviechoir

    it works like a charm. unfortunately GPS location is notaccurate. plz help

    • JaeM1llz

      Try resetting phone settings

  • Seanmorrogh

    G3, OS 4.2.1   – I never get “flashing baseband” , just get a blank slightly glowing screen.

    I have waited up to 15minutes, tried several times, on different computers. Still at 6.15

    Any advice?

    • Paulo Freitas

      It has happen the same to me.
      I tried more than 10 times… Just the black sreen and no pinneapple…

      • Edward Kimolo

         i also tried like a hundred times..but i finally solved it… downgrade your ios 4.2.1 to 4.1,,,, its better to use a custom firmware..then do the proccess will work like a charm…the only issue is that my gps ain’t that accurate

  • ian

    i have a problem i’m trying to downgrade but when i press the jailbreak option it states that rocky racoon was already used as jailbreak so i cannot downgrade the bb to 05.13 i already restore my phone and uninstall the rocky racoon. please help.

    • JaeM1llz

      Turn off the device before hitting “Jailbreak.”

  • Hert Niks

    I have serial 135 and I’m on 6.15.00 but cant downgrade… :S

    • JaeM1llz

      Unfortunately by updating to the iPad baseband you have permanently bricked your cell radio. The iPad baseband is not supposed to be installed on devices manufactured on or after the 35th week of 2011.

  • Chris Keegan

    I have an iphone 3GS, IOS 5.1.1, Firmware 05.16.05. The serial number has “016” in it which I guess means it was made in week 16 of 2010.  I already used Redsn0w 0.9.12b2 to jailbreak it untethered and indeed it is jailbroken sucessfully (untethered even though I have the new bootrom in my device)

    Am I right in thinking that 05.16.05 is an unlockable firmware under all circumstances?

    Can I downgrade directly to 05.13.04 from the current 05.16.05, or do I have to upgrade to 06.15.00 and then downgrade to 05.13.04 (I think I will not brick the iphone by going to 06.15.00 because it is built before week 35 2011)

    I can see where I can download the latest Redsn0w from, but where do I get the firmware images from? If I gotta to to 06.15 first and then down again, where do I get these 2 images from?

    Also, before I do this, has anyone successfully unlocked a 05.16.05 firmware – I have tried the Ultrans0w 5.1.1fixer followed by the Ultrasn0w through cydia, but it just spends its life searching for a cell signal

    Any help gratefully received – I’m new to all this


    • JaeM1llz

      05.16.05 is not compatible with Ultrasn0w, that’s why you aren’t getting signal. If you want to unlock you will first have to install the iPad baseband and then you can downgrade to 05.13.04 if you want your GPS to work. You can download the firmware file from the link right next to the redsn0w links. You only need one firmware file.

      • Chris Keegan

        Thanks for the info so far and sorry to bother you again
        I clicked on the link to the right of the Redsn0w downloads (the link called Current iOS FIrmware – GetiOS) on this page and it took me to a website called where I filled in that I have an iphone 3gs running IOS 5.1.1.
        I was then presented the oppotunity to download a zip file called “iPhone2,1_5.1.1_9b206-restore” from a site called “” (I have a feeling that this is the firmware that shows up in iTunes when I connect my device)
        When I unzip it I get some folders within folders and so on but I cannot see any files from the zipfile ro any of the folders it creates that end “.ipsw” like I was expecting to see in your screenshots.
        Please can you tell me what I have done wrong and how I get the “.ipsw” files.
        You mentioned in your reply that I only needed one image file – I am guessing it is the 05.13.04 image because I can downgrade directly to that from 05.16.05. Is that correct. Or do I need to go to 06.15.00 first and then down to 05.13.04
        Many thanks once again for your help

      • another fcuked iphone

        dont do it i did this and my phone now has no gps,signal and a usless ipad baseband this wont downgrade it

        • JaeM1llz

          As long as your device was manufactured before the 35th week of 2011 it works fine.

          • Jessjadeisace

            no it dont mine is week 30 of 2009 it is now completely useless,no signal,no sim,no gps,ipad baseband that wont downgrade,there was no problems with it apart from it was locked to o2,it had great signal but i wanted to use a tesco sim so i did what was advised here put ipad baseband and thats it fcuked iphone

          • JaeM1llz

            So just reinstall the iPad baseband, simple.

          • Jessjadeisace

            tried that and still says no sim so far tried reinstalling stock and custom firmware,reinstalling ipad baseband,downgradeing the baseband 3 times one after the other,ultrasnow countless times

          • Jessjadeisace

            i did not wantthe shite ipad baseband but this said the only way to downgrade was to install then downgrade what a load of shite

          • JaeM1llz

            Yes, that is the only way to downgrade and without the 06.15.00 baseband you couldn’t have unlocked anyway.

          • Jessjadeisace

            thanks for stateing the bleeding obvious,i know without installing the ipad baseband i could not have unlocked,but i could have sold it and bought another  allready on tesco,after reading this it gave hope that i could have done it without going through the hassle of selling my phone to buy another as my phone is mint now it is fcuked it will noe see the sim or give ma a signal ,i have tried everything IT DOE’S NOT WORK i have looked at a few sites and 90% of people find it doe’s not work

          • JaeM1llz

            The reason the success rate is so low on the websites you are looking at, is because people don’t generally post comments when they are successful, the people who post comments are the ones who run into issues. I have successfully installed and downgraded the iPad baseband on three 3G iPhones and one 3Gs, so it definitely does work.

      • Jessjadeisace

        i have just read that a update is coming out on thursday which will hopefully fix it i have tried and tried ,upgrade down grade,custom firmware,5.1,5.1.1,,ultrasnow,mobile substrate etc etc but still no service ,if i switch to airport mode and back the carrier settings come on saying i am on o2 but still no signal,

        • Fepasma

          Try reflashing the ipad BB 6.15.00 using redsn0w even if the downgrade did not work. I had the same problem and I did that eventually, + reinstalled ultrasn0w & mobile substrate and I eventually got my service back – I hope it works for you…

  • Admin Eskipusku

    I just downgraded from 06.15.00 to 05.13.04 successfully. My device is  unlocked with Ultrasnow, however, I still have GPS connection problem. Any help is appreciated.

  • pi55ed off now

    dont work all i wanted was a phone that would work with tesco sim i now have no signal,a,ipad baseband and no gps,i should have stayed on 5.16.05, insteed of putting the ipad baseband on thinking this would downgrade it and mine is a 3gs old bootrom

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  • Lilblueblazer02

    after downgrade to 5.13.04 GPS still not working on iphone 3g 4.2.1 anybody know of a fix??

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    any chance of the 0.9.14b2 yet pleaaaaaase

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    thursday has now come and gone still no 0.9.14b2 seems the whole internet has gone quiet on this topic

    • JaeM1llz

      MuscleNerd said that he would be receiving a device to test on by Thursday, he did not say he would be releasing it on Thursday. Please be patient, it will be out soon.

      • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

        this very web site said it was being released this thursday

        • JaeM1llz

          Release dates are always tentative and subject to delay, MuscleNerd is still waiting for the device, if he does not receive it soon he has a backup plan. For instant updates follow him on Twittter @MuscleNerd:twitter 

          • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

            please just release the back up plan i have 4 phones waiting to be downgraded i do respect the guy for all he is doing

  • Chris Keegan

    I wonder if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong. I’m quite new to IOS. Where do you get the .IPSW files from? I clicked on the link on this page about getting the latest files (the Get IOS link), I entered my phone and IOS version, it downloaded a zipfile. When I unzipped it I got some files on my PC – some with a .DFU extension, some with a .IMG3 extension, but absolutely nothing that ends with .IPSW. The instructions here definately show step 2 opening a .IPSW file but where do I get it from.

    Also on this, are the basebands included in the IPSW file. So for example I have IOS 5.1.1 – will all the basebands that are compatible with this (i.e. the 05.13.04 baseband) be included in the IPSW file. How do I choose the baseband I want – I don;t want it to install 06.15 for example. Are there some extran propmts from those screenshots shown here that when you click on “downgrade baseband” you get to choose the baseband you want to install??

    Many thanks for the help

  • sixsedred

    same here. downgrade doesn’t work and lost signal too.. had to reinstall ipad baseband (even if it’s already shown) then reinstall mobile substrate and ultrasnow just to get signal back..

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    now saturday and still no 0.9.14b2 please is there any more info on this

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    seem to have gone quiet on the 0.9.14b2 downgrade,for those of us that took the advise and installed the bloody ipad baseband in order to downgrade only to find that 0.9.14b1 did not work we are very much looking forward to it is there any news on when it will be released ,there is nothing on twitter or facebook

    • JaeM1llz

      Hi Sarah, unfortunately the latest update was that MuscleNerd’s delivery of the iPhone he was going to test on was delayed. You do have service, even though you are on the iPad baseband, correct? Hopefully MuscleNerd will get the delivery tomorrow and it will be a quick fix and he can release it before the holiday.

      • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

        thank you very much for the update,yes i got service back just reinstalled ipad baseband and custom firmware i just relie on my gps and tomtom

  • Karadzsi

    Ihave iPhone 3G 8gb  4.2.1, i hawe done ewerything:
    install ipad baseband, and downgrade but its not working.. but its a normal 3G..
    Sorry for the bad english..

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    still no news on twitter or facebook as to the release of 0.9.14b2 or musclenerds back up plan

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    0.9.14b2 out now and works 100% i have restored 4 iphones all first time without and problems ,gps back on all and working a great big thanks to musclenerd for all his hard work,if it works for you please post so everyone can see

    • Chris Keegan

      Great – glad to see it works for you.

      I asked this question on the general forum but got no answers and I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to help me out.

      I’m quite new to IOS. Where do you get the .IPSW files from? I clicked on the link on this page about getting the latest files (the Get IOS link), I entered my phone and IOS version, it downloaded a zipfile. When I unzipped it I got some files on my PC – some with a .DFU extension, some with a .IMG3 extension, but absolutely nothing that ends with .IPSW. The instructions here definately show step 2 opening a .IPSW file but where do I get it from.
      Also on this, are the basebands included in the IPSW file. So for example I have IOS 5.1.1 – will all the basebands that are compatible with this (i.e. the 05.13.04 baseband) be included in the IPSW file. How do I choose the baseband I want – I don;t want it to install 06.15 for example. Are there some extran propmts from those screenshots shown here that when you click on “downgrade baseband” you get to choose the baseband you want to install??
      Many thanks for the help

      • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

        go to where you downloaded the file,left click and scroll down to rename,delete the zip only and rename ipsw hit enter ,pop up box will say file may be come unstable if file name is changed, change anywhere you will now have a ipsw file not a zip this is if you have a windows pc not a mac,itunes will not install a ipad baseband to preserve the 05.13.04 baseband open redsnow choose custom ipsw choose the ipsw you want let it do its thing ,when finished open itunes shift and restore and choose your custom ipsw for eg 5.1.1 and let it restore this will preserve your baseband otherwise itunes will update the baseband,most firmware downloads are downloaded as zip files they just need renaming

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    thankyouu very much 
    JaeM1llz it works yay and its unlocked :D

    • Param Bhatter

      after you factory restored with a fresh ipsw did your phone remove the unlock and the jailbreak

  • Asees Singh

    05.13.04 can be update to new baseband  when i use fresh ipsw to restore via itunes…

    • JaeM1llz

      Yes, if you restore a factory firmware after downgrading your baseband, it will be updated. You will either have to preserve your baseband when restoring or you will have to upgrade to the iPad baseband again and redowngrade after you restore.

      • Param Bhatter

        after you factory restore with a fresh ipsw does your phone remove the unlock and the jailbreak 

  • Vincent

    Hey, I successfully downgraded my baseband on my new bootrom 3GS from 6.15.00 to 5.13.04, but the GPS is still dead. Can anyone help?

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  • KMK

    i downgraded my iPhone 3GS (made at 9th month 27th week) from 06.15.00 to 05.13.04 without any trouble but my phone’s GPS is still not working as if nothing changed. its only giving me the location picked up by tower triangulation and im not getting a pin point accurate location bcos my gps is not picking up the signal..

    My iOS is 5.1.1 and i jailbroke and downgraded it using redsn0w_win_0.9.14b2

    I even tried reseting network settings.

    Please help and Thank you soo much. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and i want this fixed :)

  • Wajahat

    hy it worked…!!! :) :D Btw make sure that you have a fast internet connection with no proxy settings and blocked websites bcoz otherwise you will get the error “Ipad Baseband Failed”. Bcoz i myself wasted 2 days with the faulty internet connection. Btw a big THUMBS UP for Muscle Nerd ……!!! You rock man…!!! ;)

  • Jumoore1

    worked on my jailbroken iphone 3gs. One problem, phone loses charge rapidly and will not charge from car chrger, shows as charging but charge percentage drops, any advice?

  • Neu Matisses

    Hello if I downgrade the bb of my iPhone 3G is possible install firmware 4.2

    • JaeM1llz

      This has nothing to do with upgrading/downgrading firmware. If you have a 3G you should be on 4.2.1 which is the latest firmware for that device and supports an untethered jailbreak. There is no reason to be on any other firmware.

  • Rics_16

    Yes, restored back my iphone 3gs to bb 05.13.04 from 06.15.00

  • alitek12

    I used to have the same error but after i tried over and over again it worked

  • Mircea A

    Hy, I’ve downgraded my baseband to 05.13.04 but the GPS is not working. Can somebody tell me what is rong please? I was really looking forwoard to this but it seems the problem is only half solved

    • Lon3wolf2k

       Same here :-( 3gs, 5.1.1, 05.13.04 but no gps

      • Sakina


  • Grateful :)

    3GS – New BL, 4.1, 05.14.02
    Update to iPad BB
    Tried redsn0w_win_0.9.14b1 to downgrade BB – did not work :(

    redsn0w_win_0.9.14b2 to downgrade BB – it worked :)

    Well done devs!

    • JaeM1llz

      Glad it worked! And ya, b1 had issues on select 3Gs devices but b2 has apparently fixed those issues. Thanks for reporting back!

  • Kshbrandon

    I need help here ! Urgent* after downgrading my baseband to 5.13.04 my push notification is not functioning, any helpful person can help me to solve my situation ? Thx. 

  • Japonte

    My phone s/n is 88211xxxxxxxx. can I upgrade to ipad baseband and downgrade to 05.13.04?

    • JaeM1llz

      That means your phone was manufactured in the 21st week of 2011, so yes, you can install the iPad baseband and then downgrade.

  • Umer Khalid

    how to do this without internet??? this show upgrading to IPAD baseband without internet with APPSERV please can anyone tell me how to do the opposite

  • edgard

    hey i had a buddy of mines do the jailbreak now its on ipad bb and i get no service. its one of the “NEW” iphone 3gs am i out of luck,, i try to downgrade bb but redsn0w closes unexpectedly

    its a iphone 3gs on 5.1.1 6.15.00 bb i cant even get wifi

    • JaeM1llz

      If the device was manufactured on or after the 35th week of 2011, I am afraid you have permanently bricked the cell radio now and there is no way to reverse it.

  • Anne

    Hi what about a 938? do you consider before or after?

    • JaeM1llz

      938 means 38th week of 2009, so you are well before the cutoff and can feel free to upgrade/downgrade to and from the iPad baseband.

  • jake

    my iphone 3gs was unlocked with 6.15.00 i switched to AT&T and now i have 05.13.04 and i am not getting service please help

    • JaeM1llz

      If you’re on AT&T you need to uninstall Ultrasn0w, AT&T is an official carrier so it will not work with Ultrasn0w installed.

  • pete

    Heres what i did and it worked Perfect for me.
    Used the Redsn0w 09.14b2 on 3GS, that was already jailbroke and unlocked on IOS 5.1.1 with the ipad BB 0.6.15 BB.
    What i did was first downgraded from the IOS 5.1.1 to the stock IOS 4.1 which left me with the 0.6.15BB( as BB remains the same) . I then opened Redsnow 09.14b2, selected IPSW 4.1 and hit jailbreak. when the screen came up, i picked downgrade BB only and then allowed the program to reflash to 05.13.04BB. Then i created a custom IOS 5.1.1 ( NO BB) using Redsn0w and loaded that to phone. Once that finished , i opened Absinthe2.04 and jailbroke /installed cydia. Then ran cydia and used Ultrasn0w to unlock.
    the only reason i downgraded first from the IOS 5.1.1 first to the 4.1 is because i read that many people were having problems trying to roll back the 06.15BB when they were on OIS 5.1.1. I did not have any issue rolling the BB back to the 05.13.04 when i used the 4.1.
    hope this helps..

    • JM Chapman

      how did you downgrade to iOS4.1?

  • Eagle boy

    I downgrade my 3GS from iPad baseband and my touch screen goes crazy and the middle part not responding is it a hardware problem or should I change the touch screen?

  • swamiji

    Hi , Just put in the sim card and voila, amazing after 3 days i am on , i have network, cheers , this article above got me out of my misery.

  • Prashanna

    i want to fix wifi issue with iph3g baseband 6.15 version 4.2.1 serial num XX840

  • Sheri

    my iphone 3g is not recognizing the sim. it’s already jailbroken. what to do?

  • dheeraj kaila

    it shows 5.16.5 as earlier no effect

    • JaeM1llz

      You must first install the iPad baseband in order to downgrade.

  • dheeraj kaila

    please help

  • dheeraj kaila

    ultrasnow dosent works

  • dheeraj kaila

    searching network :(

  • Bandit

    ok, my phone was at one time on 06.15.00 and i did the downgrade not knowing the other steps with the ipsw and now my phone is on 05.16.05. now do i have to upgrade to get it to downgrade to the 05.13.04 or just follow the steps in the same way? Or will the ultrasn0w work with the baseband i have now?

  • Animal Lover

    Thanks this really helped the iOS 6 really sucked |:P

  • Mostafa Fahim

    My serial number is xx2180xxxxx can i downgrade? because my phone wont activate,

  • idevicesnews

    hey for the best solution for downgrading visit here

  • Sayed Maseeh

    Dear All,

    I have iPhone 3GS with serial number 85947XXXX, i used this process to downgrade my baseband from 6.15.00 to 5.13, it happened successful but then i lost the network. I removed and re installed Ultrasnow but didn’t work, and then i tried to upgrade back to 6.15.00 but still its not working.

    My iOS is 5.1.1

    Please, guide me to make alive back my iPhone.


  • Gugster

    It worked like a charm (4.2.1 3g bb 06.15.00 -> bb 05.13.04), and it didn’t touch any personal file. Thank you so much!

  • iPhones are a pain

    It’s called there’s consequences to unlocking your phone I got a ligit unlock I paid someone doing it your self is bull and I have iso 4 and stuck w it now my Facebook and games crash some I can’t even used unlocking is crap and it hurts your phone best advise get a new one right from android or apple thats legally unlocked!

  • Aster

    Alo, after several tries to downgrade one 3G it results fine…but now some programs on it doesn´t work I have installed them again but still nothing. Any help ??
    Iphone 3G IOs 4.1 Thanks

    • mike whiff

      had the same problem but i synced with Itunes, making sure you check the sync Apps tab. and they all worked just fine after. My GPS is still not accurate though :(

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  • mohhdee

    I’m having problem restoring my iphone 3Gs to 5.1.1 I’m always stock in error 3194 and right now, my iphone 3Gs is stock in boot screen then turns off and reboot back to boot screen again…
    Plz I need help here is my e-mail:

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  • kim

    My iphone 3gs says it is no service even it is have a sim card inserted , this happen after i upgrade my iphone 3gs ios 4.1 to ios 5.1.1 and jailbreak it using redsnow , some says i have to install ultrasnow but my baseband is not applicable which is 5.16.05 , so i search until i found that i have to install ipad baseband , I have a new bootrom with serial number 87950….. , should i proceed ? i remember that i have the 6.15 baseband in the past but i dont know why it become 5.16.o5

  • Wayner20

    I have 3G 4.2.1 that’s on 6.15 someone tried restoring with iTunes and I fixed with snowbreeze and got network working again. I’ve tried 15-20 times before and after snowbreeze fix to downgrade bb. Everytime I try, redsn0w says done like all is ok but my phone is left with blank screen and gotta do hard reset. What can be done to downgrade BB?

  • John

    in my case, i’ve downgraded my baseband successfuly to 05.13.04 but after that a lot of my apps quit after launching, is there any solution for that? i tried reinstalling appsync but its not recognized by cydia and i also reinstalled those apps thats quitting after launching. is this expected? is there a solution for that?

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