Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 coming soon to fix 06.15.00 downgrade issues for some 3Gs users

Ever since we posted the 06.15.00 iPad baseband downgrade tutorial last week, we have received numerous reports from our readers that the was just not downgrading. The process would go through normally and look like it was working, but in the end the would remain on . Yesterday, @MuscleNerd announced that he has figured out why some devices have been "refusing" the baseband . He says that he will be receiving a device to test it on this Thursday in order to address the issue which is apparently due to variations in the NOR chip.

If you've attempted the baseband downgrade a few times and your baseband has remained on 06.15.00, we would suggest waiting until the new release this Thursday which should fix the issue.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for the update! I have tried downgrading 3 times from 06.15.00 but it has not worked on my 3Gs, I will wait until Thursday for the new release!

  • Jessjadeisace

    that would be nice i have repeatedly tried i have even lost service where before i had excellet service

  • Apatieif

    Same problem on my 3g i tried several times and it didn’t accept the dowgrade will the new version solve the problems on the iphone 3g to?

    • JaeM1llz

      The new update is specifically for 3Gs devices that were not accepting the downgrade, you’ll just have to wait to try it to see if it fixes the issue with your 3G as well.

      • Apatieif

        ooo yaaa i’m praying for that! and a lot more of 3g users

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    roll on thursday although he is getting the phone to try it on this thursday so could be weekend before release,i have tried on 4 iphones 3x 3gs and a 3g and it did not work on any so hopefully this will work,i even followed the advise to install the ipad baseband in order to downgrade and was left with a brick

  • Sarah Roberts Sumsion

    thursday has now come and gone and no 0.9.14b2 still stuck with a phone on a ipad baseband thanks to previous info on downgradeing

  • Apek™

    thanks for the update! i tried several time but still didn’t working to me..hope the new release will fix my 3gs phone back.

  • Dennisinengland

    let’s give the Dev-team some time!
    thanks to them we can jailbreak in the first place.

  • Gio

    My iPhone 3gs worked well on ipad’s baseband but after trying to downgrade it steal have the same baseband and now it’s searching all the time and no service but it worked for my iPhone 3g. So we are waiting for redsnow 0.9.14b2

    • Cyman

       Just re-install iPad BB and will work fine again. When the update comes downgrade than.

  • Pete

    musselnerd has tweeted… He has just got the new phone (3GS) and he should have it sorted in the next few days

    • Irian

      Any day suggesting this week?

  • Andya111

    anyone know if the new redsn0w b2 will activate the GPS, I’ve successfully downgraded to 5.13 from 6.15 but still no GPS. Any ideas

  • Irian

    Are we going to download the b2 this week?


    I’ve manged to downgrade the bassband 6.15.00 on the 3GS 2010 version

  • Jackass42

    Fix has come and it worked great for me but i had to do the downgrade 2 times now my gps is fine only thing that still dosnt work are MMS.

  • Urny Baars

    Hello i’m waiting a couple of months already for downgrading my 3gs baseband, tried several times and no luck, got the new chip i think are tou guys gonna fix it? And no loaner yet???

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