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  1. thescragster says:

    Great tutorial Jared – really clear an easy to follow. I’m sure lots of people will find it really useful!

  2. amol golu says:

    thank you million times…it saved my iphone 3g..and gave a new life..great work guys hope you continue your projects for older models also..thanks a lot…

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Glad it worked for you Amol! We will continue supporting older devices as long as our readers keep requesting!

  3. John says:

    Awesome man

  4. Hebergarcia13 says:

    keep getting error 1600 when restoring with cfw… help :/

  5. Jack says:

    i keep getting error 11 :/

  6. Imran says:

    Hey man, great video. Just wondering , after I jailbreak will I lose all my stuff? Songs, videos, etc?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Just by entering DFU mode using this method you will lose everything because you are restoring thd device.

  7. Wakefield1991 says:

    ive been stressing because theres no other decent in depth video ! yours is awesome and im a noob with computers but i followed step by step and ” Error 37″ Popped up ! thankyou dude !!

  8. Andy says:


    I have iPhone 3G, broken power button, just managed to get
    4.2.1 jailbroken with broken power

    button, and downgrade the baseband! (I had 4.0.1 with
    jailbreakme, but I will tell you all how to get 4.2.1 JB)…

    What I did was MAKE SURE iTUNES HAD

    A BACKUP, then shift-restore the ios 3.1.2 firmware to
    downgrade the

    baseband, then use tinyumbrella to kick out of recovery mode
    or errors.

    Then I restored the ENTER_DFU 4.2.1 firmware to get into
    DFU using redsn0w-0-9-14b2 – click extras, even more, then DFU-IPSW.

    Then I used Sn0wbreeze v2.9.6 and made a custom firmware
    (advanced, to NOTupdate the baseband). Next, in Sn0wbreeze, I clicked IREB,
    then NO (notapple 2 tv), and it put my iPhone 3G in Pwned DFU mode. Next I
    opened upiTunes and did the shift-restore to the custom Sn0wbreeze firmware.
    Now I have jailbroken with cydia iPhone 3G 4.2.1 with broken power button. :D

    • Amanda says:

      I think this was after 5 hours googeling my last try,.. I am about to destroy my 3g! It hops automatically in recovery mode, when I connect to USB, I did everything you said, but gets a error 11 and does not go into DFU but back into restore….powerbutton doesnt work & it wont turn on anymore… I tried everything..

  9. Yonatanbenezra says:

    i used this method to get my ipod touch 3 8gb mc model in dfu mode and it worked but then when i try to jailbreak it using greenpoison or redsnow it just says that my device isnt in dfu mode.. please help

    • JaeM1llz says:

      As stated in the tutorial you cannot use traditional jailbreak methods in conjunction with this method. The only thing you can do with this method is force your device into DFU mode so that you can restore a pre-jailbroken firmware.

  10. Rashed Rab says:

    JaeM1llz, one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. I’ve a 1G ipod with 3.1.3 firmware which was jailbroken because my home button stopped working. It was going very well until I decided to download an app that add music toolbar like IOS5. After installing the app, I had to reboot cydia. Since then I’m stuck on the apple logo & my ipod is no longer recognized by itunes, ifunbox or anything. This video looks very helpful that it will allow me to enter DFU mode without working home button, but to restore, I need to be able to see my ipod. Do you know if there is anyway I can see my ipod that is stuck on apple logo in my computer? Do you have any other suggestions?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Hi Rashed, thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, in that situation the only thing you can do is wait for the battery to die and then connect it to your computer and hope that it boots all the way to the springboard, alternatively, if you know how to disassemble the iPod you can do that and disconnect the battery to force it to power down.

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  13. Ram Nalam says:

    It worked well, Thank You !!!

  14. adagunDanger says:

    thanks buddy u solvd my probz aftermore than 12 hours tryin to google a solution. Workd perfectly

  15. lasupreme says:

    Working on vista and got to the step where I copy the apple filein Firmware folder. The program just won’t let me paste the file…please help!

  16. watchthesimpsonsonline says:

    Thank you I installed whited00r and had to change baseband to 6.15 I was after downgrading back to the normal baseband via redsnow but couldn’t get into dfu mode because of a temperamental home button I had read this solution elsewhere but as you pointed out in the vid about compressing the wrong folder that’s where I was going wrong massive thanks you’re a life saver

  17. kristal says:

    it says i cannot restore my phone becuase the firmware is not compatable

  18. paulina says:

    How do I re-do the whole process again starting back at Step 1?? I wanna get out of DFU mode.

  19. steph says:

    I ended up in recovery mode instead of DFU mode. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  20. TheTruthHurts says:

    doesn’t work


  21. Manish says:

    I’m in DFU,but redsn0w or itunes won’t recognise my ipod… I tried on another pc too!! HELLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. alllenoic says:

    wow excellent work u guyz the proceedure workkkkkxxxxxxx :-))))))

  23. Aureas says:

    i got “iphone could not be restored 3194” anyway to fix this?

  24. bill says:

    it says i cannot restore my phone becuase the firmware is not compatable,please help.

  25. halokilla24 says:

    Does any body know how to get out of dfu mode. i try to restore it by downgrading but i always get an error. PLEASE! some help me, i want my phone back. =(

  26. Kari says:

    It just gives me a “3194” error and reverts back to my old version, as if nothing had changed. Any ideas?

  27. jojo says:

    somone hel´p me want to get out of dfu dont works anymore

  28. jojo says:

    iTunes don´t sees my iPod anymore!!!

  29. jojo says:

    and when it sees it it is not possible to restore heeeelp

  30. boots says:

    yicks… i got an error 1614 and now my device won’t even turn on. Itunes, Redsn0w and TinyU all won’t recognize it… no! SOS!

  31. Thadoc says:

    I have the WSOD but can’t go in to DFU mode, as I cant access the passcode when in iTunes is there a way round this please

  32. Beedwar says:

    I’ve done it twice…but my iphone restores like everything is ok….any ideas?

  33. Pedro says:

    Did not work… entered Soft DFU Mode (as stated on redSnow) and does not allow me to go on with redsnow next steps… 🙁 any help?

  34. jwalsh says:

    good job it work but retry it many time ;p

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  36. MvZiC MaN says:

    I just get the 3194 error.. What gives? ive tried this 3 times now.. Any ideas anybody?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      3194 means that you are trying to restore a firmware that is no longer being signed by Apple. You either have to stitch your blobs for that firmware or you have to restore the most current firmware.

      • Titus says:

        Hi, I really like your video. It’s clear and it seems to work for other people. but I’m getting the 3194 error like most of the recent comments have. You say I have to stitch my blobs or have to restore the most current firmware. I don’t understand your first tip, is there an other torturial explaining this problem or could you help me with this please? And your second tip, do I have to download the iOS 6 firmware for my iPod Touch iOS 5.1.1?

        I hope you can help me.

  37. Tom says:

    I get error 11 🙁

  38. itzChris says:

    Will this work if I do this on my custom ipsw and then use iBooty? I need to boot tethered after the jb so that Cydia apps and tweaks will work…

  39. AndreaSF says:

    It told me the firmware is not compatible… how do I fix that?

    • disk0man says:

      There’s no way to fix that. It means you downloaded an IPSW for the wrong iOS device prior to modifying it to force the device into DFU mode.

  40. It just gives me a “3194” error

  41. disk0man says:

    Maybe using applelogo.********.img3 over LLB.*****.RELEASE.img3 in /Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.*****.production isn’t the most reliable way, maybe using iBSS.*****.RELEASE.img3 over iBEC.*****.RELEASE.img3 in /Firmware/dfu is.

  42. hef says:

    I kept getting error 3192 so then I used redsn0w to create the dfu ipsw worked perfectly oh well

  43. SnowyScreen says:

    I did everything exactly like it is in the video, got error 37 and everything, but then something happened and now my phone is stuck in DFU mode, I don’t have a working lock button and when I connect it via USB iTunes says: “An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the iPod, then try again. The required file cannot be found”. Yes I tried reinstalling, restarting…updating, everything, but it wont work. Now I can’t use my iPhone and don’t know what to do, any help is appreciated.

  44. charles says:

    if the power button is broken and its jailbroken and its stuck in erase and reset mode wait till the battery dies then connect to itunes like normal and restore

  45. helper says:

    when your iphone is not detected by itunes you have to wait till
    your iphone dosen’t has any battery anymore then reset over itunes

  46. justin says:

    my ipod isnt turning on and ive got my home button broken. what do i do now?

  47. mindai says:

    thank you bro!

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