Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak to be released in a few weeks

Well, it turns out the poll on @pod2g's blog paid off as he has announced that the new he has been working on will be released in the next few weeks instead of waiting for 6 to be released to see if the exploits are still available. There are some oddities in the compatibility of this upcoming jailbreak. Apparently the jailbreak will work on with most devices, however the iPod3G, iPhone3Gs and AppleTV 3 are currently excluded. However, old bootrom 3Gs users will be able to use this jailbreak, it is only the new bootrom 3Gs that is not included for now.

pod2g goes on to answer more frequently asked questions on his blog post:

  • The poll about releasing now or waiting for 6.0 ended with a 64% / 33% to release ASAP. Where is the link ? ETA ? How much % done ? etc.
    As I said earlier in twitter, there's still a lot to do to have a user friendly and well tested tool to install the jailbreak on end users devices. Expect a release in a couple of weeks.
  • Will it be compatible with my <any random iOS device> ?
    It will be compatible with any device running iOS 5.1.1 except iPod 3G, iPhone 3Gs and ATV3 (right now, may change in a near future, nobody knows).
  • Why is it so slow to release now that the iPad 3,1 has been demoed ?
    There are 16 different devices out there to work on and to test. It takes time.
  • May I be a beta tester ?
    No, sorry. Only really trusted people (that can be counted on one hand) could have access to the jailbreak. I don't want any leak to happen.
  • What if I offer you 1,000,000$ ?
    That doesn't change a thing.

So it looks like the new jailbreak is right around the corner and it shouldn't be long now! Stay tuned for more info!

3 Responses to Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak to be released in a few weeks

  1. Ali_amyn says:

     I phone 3GS NoN tethered-jailbreak! with 5.1.1 and unlocked.

  2. Kdub707 says:

    can you please hurry up

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