Signal Booster is a quick one-touch solution to optimize your iPhone signal

A new app made it's way to the store this week. is a one-touch app that will allow you to optimize your devices signal by resetting the . The caveat is that the app costs $0.99 and all it does is toggle Airplane Mode on and off for you automatically. That being said, Signal Booster is a bit faster than the manual method, so if you have $0.99 to spare, you might be interested in this app.

  • Leonardo-11

    After I used this app my phone stayed on no service and on settings it says not supported. What can I do to fix it. I restored and still the same

    • JaeM1llz

      No clue, all the app does is toggle airplane mode on and off so it should not have caused that problem.

  • Guest

    I’m agree with the last comment, the solution is an antenna outside, Pong Research cases have an antenna inside the case, this antenna reduce cell phone radiation exposition, boost cell phone signal and boost wifi 3G/4G signal. I was skeptical about it, but just saw many reviews that say Pong works fine, Wire mag tested this case on their laboratories and they say that it really works, but that is expensive, I think that 50 sus there is no expensive for boost the signal, better internet connection and cell phone radiation protection. Poppin collar with my Pong case.