Updated SAM 0.1.16-1 Unlock tutorial easier than ever

APRIL 27th 2012 - The has been patched. I attempted the unlock on two phones I unlocked just yesterday with no issues and today they will not activate. If you saved your unlock ticket, you are safe.

@sbingner has updated the SAM package to make the SAM unlock even easier. We have had several reports of successful unlocks on our previous SAM unlock tutorial, but we also had an equal amount of people who could just not get it to work. Hopefully the updated version of SAM will help you finally get your device unlocked!

The best part about the updated SAM package is that you no longer need iTunes and most importantly, you don't need to worry about your country/carrier and SIM IDs anymore(which seemed to be the biggest issue for people using the initial tutorial).

Step 1: Install Sam 's SAM package from Cydia. You can get it from Sam's repo which is http://repo.bingner.com make sure to use the newest version(0.1.16.-1 at the time this tutorial was created).

Step 2: Deactivate your phone(Using SAM) and insert your unofficial SIM card that you wish to unlock to.

Step 3: Open SAM and change method to "Auto Detect" and then go to the "" tab and choose the utility "Attempt Activation."

Step 4: That's all there is to it, your device should respring and your should have signal on your unofficial SIM. Pretty simple huh?

Just like the initial tutorial there are known issues with this new method. If you complete the steps above and you receive an error(specifically You must select the original carrier SIMID of your ), attempt the following to fix the issue:

Step 1: Remove the SIM card from your phone.

Step 1: Download, install and open iFile and navigate to /var/root/Library. Tap edit in the upper right-hand corner and select the Lockdown folder. Tap the zip button to backup all the files in your lockdown folder and then delete the lockdown folder(make sure the backup is still in tact).

Step 3: In iFile again, navigate to /User/Library/Preferences and search for SAM(at the top) and delete the com.bingner.sam.plist file.

Step 4: Power off your phone and then turn it back on.

Step 5: Insert your unofficial SIM card.

Step 6: Open SAMprefs go to Utilities and tap Attempt Activation. You will receive a dialogue stating that it may take a while. After your phone resprings, you should have signal on your unofficial carrier.

As always, please report below if you have tested this method and whether it worked or not as well as information about your device and carrier. Thanks!


173 Responses to Updated SAM 0.1.16-1 Unlock tutorial easier than ever

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  2. Mbonkowski says:

    push still doesn’t work

    • Nutsy says:

      I unlocked my 4.3.5 baseband 4.10.01… and saved my ticket using redsnow..
      question now is: Is it safe to update to 5.1??? please reply… 

      • JaeM1llz says:

        It’s fine to update if you want, but 5.1 is a tethered jailbreak and you will have to repeat this process once you update to unlock again.

        • Nikhil Baveja says:

          no you dont have to repeat it..i am running Iphone 4 with 5.1 and the only problem with 5.1 is that jailbreak is tethered but unlock is untethered meaning you dont have to open the sam again to unlock once you reboot

          • JaeM1llz says:

            I didn’t say reboot, I said update. Any time you update or restore your firmware you will either have to repeat this process or you will have to use a saved unlock ticket.

  3. Sharingbr says:

    sucessfull unlock of baseband 4.10.01….2.10.04….4.11

  4. SoOfxkindOpe says:

    my push is working i did alternate way though i deactivated with redsn0w then attempted im using a iphone 4 att locked with a tmobile sim only problem ive been having lately is signal fades it goes searching then i air plane mode and it comes right back but those are probly bugs that will get fixed in some time but im glad it all works

  5. Gilbertrdz82003 says:

    iphone 3g, version 5.0.1, bb 05.16.05, att locked phone, now works for movistar (mexico)

    • Gilbertrdz82003 says:

      forgot to say that it works! and thanx to everyone that helped

      • JaeM1llz says:

        Gilbert congrats! I don’t know how long I saw you in the chat, but it was a long time haha, glad you finally got it sorted out!

        • Gilbertrdz82003 says:

          thnx! ill still be in the chat for now :S i have 2 iphone 3g to unlock and it worked on the other one, the one i was asking about i still have issues, will continue to try, and thnx once again

  6. M3 says:

    Worked like a charm in less than 5 minutes start to finish!  AT&T iPhone4 5.01 04.08.11 to T-Mobile.  Thank you.

  7. ricardinhobr says:

    Still getting unknown error number 126 in Iphone 4S bb.14 (Sprint Carrier)
    Any idea ?

  8. sekirus says:

    with 18-digit ICCID doesn’t work((((

  9. Mbonkowski says:

    I did restore, and did jailbreak with deactivation enabled, but it still doesn’t work.

  10. Jake says:

    Tried this method a couple of times, same reaction as the old method….goes fine, unlocks, but still “No Service”.

    iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, bb 4.12.01

    Original Carrier – AT&T (US)
    Desired Carrier – ChinaMobile

  11. Thekingbhatti says:

    i tried many times but didnt work iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 bb 4.11.08 original lock to japan carrier ntt docomo 

  12. i m try it and its work but i wana sell my phone so any idea for finally unlock? coz coustmer want use different Sim without harnessing  

    • JaeM1llz says:

      You will have to have the person that buys your phone either perform this unlock method or you will have to do it for them with their SIM

  13. Koushalvikas says:


  14. KP-AL says:

    If it fails also  with deleting files, you must  repeat the “Attempt Deactivation” by choosing by bundle name and select the first SIMID. For me worked choosing AT&T and first SIMID.

  15. Raiskell says:

    at last.. it works 🙂

  16. Guilherme says:

    still the push problem! tried all tutorials i found but none works.

  17. Techniq82 says:

    ive tryed quite a few times i am using simple mobile tho….
    iphone 4,   bb 4.11.08.  ios 5.0.1…
    i also deleted lockdown and sam plist backedup tho.
    does it just not work with simplemobile a tmobile suscid yet??

  18. Odalisdelacruz says:

    hi hi i have an iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 and it activates as wildcardactivated and when i turn it off it says that the sim is not supported, please help!!

  19. William Rogan says:

    I get the SIMID error on ATT iPhone 4.  Tried the workaround with deleting files/restarting iPhone, but no love.  I try to activate again and still get the SIMID error.  I even tried the bundle option as KP-AL suggested.

    Any ideas?

  20. Gabba says:

    Easier than ever!!!!! Worked like a charm! Thanks

  21. Odalisdelacruz says:

    hi hi i have an iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08 locked to ATT and I got it to work yesterday but today I am using a different sim and it does not work with itunes, it activates as
    wildcardactivated and when i turn it off it says that the sim is not
    supported, please help!! 

  22. Huyhoangton says:

    hey guy!!!!!!!! do ya know how to fix signal bar from iphone 4  ios5.1 bb 04.12.01    …please tell me …i got only 1 bar….i try go to ultrasn0w  fix it but won’t work…..

  23. Cassidee_flip says:

    dont work

  24. juanjose says:

    i have an iphone dont know where its from so i dont have the original sim , the only way i can pas trough the initial configuration is using hactivate from snowbreeze, so when in sam i am always activated(where should say unactivated) so i use revert lockdown and then attemp activation and keep getting the same error abou needing mi original simid y have restored my iphone more than 7 times already please help

  25. David says:

    The dream is OVER for good, Apple shut down the activation servers so don’t waste your time trying to activate your phone with lastest SAM, because it WON’T work anymore. Hope Dev-teams find a way around it.

    Luckyly those of us that saved the tickets, can still use the unlock.

  26. robertinho says:

    crap! I’m late, I couldn’t unlock.

  27. Chandan_tr says:

    same error….”you must….simid”…vodfone -india…chandan_tr@yahoo.co.in

  28. I tried everything nothing worked for baseband 4.12.10, I don’t know the locked carrier and even i tried http://www.imei.info with no luck..

    I tried the auto detect never worked, I tried the iFile never worked.

    I got error unable to open data_ark

  29. iphone says:

     i unlocked SAM b4 2 days but something goes wrong tomorrow and the phone was locked again and what i did:
    1.restored 04.11.08 5.0.1 (with signed bloobs “ifaith”)
    2.Jailbreaked again
    3. installed SAM
    4.tryed all SAM methonds step
    -tryed to delete lockdown and com.bingner.sam.plist file
    and there is “”unable to open data_ark””
    5.reboted and tryed again “attepmt activation”

    and still cant finish unlocking i get this message always “Activation reports Error; Activationinfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.”

    so what next??

    should i try to up to 5.1 ad than to try???

  30. Guest0884 says:

    SAM Notifications Activation rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone

  31. iPhone 4 5.1 Sam problem says:

    I have the same problem on my iPhone 4 5.1 say select original simid and unable to open data_ark help please I reboot it to n nothing happen the same error

  32. js says:

    still does not work..

  33. Bonilla says:


  34. Cmijangos says:

    Hi Guys!

    Mine was just working well after using the old SAM version, today I updated it and wanted to get my Whatapp push notifications and by mistake I installed Pushutils.  BIG MISTAKE.  It rebooted my iphone 4 and the was locked again.  Now I am trying to use the new SAM version just the way the explain it and nothing happens.  It say that I have to select the original carrier SIMID.  

    What Do I Do, is was unlocked yesterday and nothing today!!!!

  35. Cmijangos says:

    Hi Guys!

    Mine was just working well after using the old SAM version, today I updated it and wanted to get my Whatapp push notifications and by mistake I installed Pushutils.  BIG MISTAKE.  It rebooted my iphone 4 and the was locked again.  Now I am trying to use the new SAM version just the way the explain it and nothing happens.  It say that I have to select the original carrier SIMID.  

    What Do I Do, is was unlocked yesterday and nothing today!!!!

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Apple patched the SAM unlock method yesterday, unless you saved your working unlock ticket, there’s nothing you can do now.

      • Cmijangos says:

        Thanks Friend!  I have been the whole day strolling around and nothing on the web.  You are completely right.  I really hope SAM will work again.  

  36. Rocrfella says:

    my 3gs respring after activation but im stuck with 1 bar signal and no carrier name. after a while it says no service.

  37. Princedunet says:

    i got the signal bar, but no name of the operator, and i cant make calls but i can get Access to the sim card thraugh the settings (phone number , sim card services ..)

    • Koolbikee says:

      mine too,… help needed 

      •  I found a fix 😀 … well, it worked for me, anyways 😀 … when it’s done respringing after (so called) activating, enter Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Wait for reboot, and if it works … then go to Settings (again) > Carrier, and select your network carrier. Cya’ 😀

    • Denim says:

      Dear princedunet, have you find any solution for this problem? I have the same problem

  38. Mo2009al says:

    did not work..

  39. tifacciochiudereilsito says:

    mocc a chella cess e mammt!

  40. ACCIRT says:


  41. AND_RS_34 says:

    it restart the springboard then search signal and say no service and if I shutdown before it say ”no services” and boot it again it say ”invalid sim”, why???

  42. Dbss0089 says:

    it didn’t work it is showing me no service and I just gave up 4$ Dollars for nothing thanks alot

    • JaeM1llz says:

      The unlock was patched by Apple yesterday, it no longer works. Also, this was a free unlock method, if you paid for it, it is nobody’s fault but your own.

  43. Cmijangos says:

    I dont get this!

    Why Ultrasnow works for those using old BB?  Apple doesnt care for this activations?  Why they care these new basebands?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Ultrasn0w is a completely different kind of unlock, SAM used a loophole on Apple’s side to trick the activation servers which is easily patchable. Ultrasn0w can only be patched by updating the baseband, so as long as you stay on a baseband that was susceptible to Ultrasn0w, it can never be patched by Apple.

      • Deltec Enterprises says:

        Does anyone know when Ultrasn0w will be available for iPhone 4S running 2.0.12? Thanks.

        • JaeM1llz says:

          It won’t be. The 4S basebands are not compatible with Ultrasn0w, the only way to unlock is with a Gevey Ultra S

  44. Nathan Charles says:

    Tried it a couple times….didn’t work for me. Here’s my build info…
    IPhone 4 GSM, version 5.1 (9B176) firmware 4.12.01 trying to use TMobile US instead of ATT US

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Hi Nathan, Apple patched the SAM unlock method a few days ago, there is no way to unlock using this method anymore, sorry.

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  46. Bbelal610 says:

    hi all,
    i’ve unlocked my iPhone befor 2 weeks but yesterday when i tried to enter the SIM application and request the SIM card application menu i lost the carrier signal for my phone.
    i made a backup for the lockdown file from redsnow .
    i followed all the steps but with no luck.
    i have iphone 4 5.0.1 with baseband 4.11.8

    please help me to restore the unlocked phone.

  47. Tabish 113080600 says:

    activation done on “auto detect” but still there is no service on left corner…what next

  48. Nchreyes says:

    Hi I try t but no sucess my original carrier is at&t and I am trying Mllicom Central America 

  49. ricardinhobr says:

    Game over…. 🙁       

  50. joe says:

    whenever i try revert lockdownd to stock, it says stockification error. i am on ios 5.1.1 and i saved my activation ticket but it won’t revert to lockdownd to stock. can someone please help me??

  51. “Searching…”, after deletion

  52. Ash Ha says:

    i did all that and my phone respring it search  for the network and then it said no service i need some suggestions?

  53. Sidhuparimi says:

    Can I unlock bb 4.12.01

  54. help!!!! says:

    i have one signal bar and no carrier name. help. the short codes work like #686# to see my number but im not able to make calls. also i can receive messages but cant send

  55. Hey i have i phone 4s with firmware 5.1(9B176) how to jailbreak it. i saw no such firmware in iclarifieds.com

  56. 1hagenees says:

    Nothing worked tried every method and keep getting no signal and the message that the simcard is vot valid. Have used it fine for a few months on my 3gs, everything worked, could call, text, internet and all. after Itunes showed message that my sim was not recognized, I jailbroke the phone again with redsn0w and Samprefs. It will not reactivate, whatever I try. Been trying for 3 days now. F*ck that Iphone 3gs!
    At this ,moment its again on “no service”. Really tried every trick I could find with redsn0w and sam. went through youtube films for several hours. Pffff.

    • JaeM1llz says:

      This unlock method has been patched since April, if your device was manufactured before the 35th week of 2011 you can install the iPad baseband in order to unlock with Ultrasn0w.

      • 1hagenees says:

        Have tried this. Ipad baseband and unlocking with ultrasn0w. No go. phone is from 19th week 2010.Tried my sim in other phones, works fine! Just “no signal” all the time. Tried for 4 (!) days now, all the tricks in- and outside the book. Keeps getting “no signal”. I have a nice iphonepod now. But if I wanted music, I would have turned on the radio. Just can’t understand why this “no signal” stays. Even tried the antenna in a radio shop from the phone, it’s on! Tried different simcards. “no signal”

  57. 1hagenees says:

    Have a 3GS Iphone. Jailbroken with Redsn0w, latest version 0.9.14.b.1 Got a no signal message and I-tunes telling me the simcard was not supported.From there on I have seen youtube magic solutions that did not work, tried for three days whatever I could find on solutions, tips, tricks and such. Nothing worked so far. I am on 5.1.1. software. Ipad Baseband. Have tried downgrading, that on itself went fine but still no signal and my dutch T-Mobile very valid simcard is still not supported. (It works on every other phone I have in the house.) It has worked perfectly untill last Friday 22 june 2012. When I connected to Itunes (Yes, latest version) it gave the simcard “message of death” and from that moment on I have a nice looking Iphone that I can still use as surrogate Ipod. I can not access it through Itunes or any other program. Ran out of resources now. Anyone got a solution that works?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      This unlock method has been patched since April, if your device was manufactured before the 35th week of 2011 you can install the iPad baseband in order to unlock with Ultrasn0w.

      • 1hagenees says:

        Have done that. I’m on the IPad baseband. And my phone is from 2010 as the serial starts with 85019. I used  Ultras0w 0.9.14.b.1 for unlock and Samprefs. All latest versions. Phone will not activate anymore now. And finds no carrier signal.

  58. Ddh says:

    If I use DiskAid app for iphone can I manually install SAM … if so, what’s the path?

  59. PK says:

    Yea…I did try all the tutorial and your guidance, but my unofficial tmobile still indicate as no service. I did it on ifile too, so please help, I need more assistance to make this work. Thank you so much!

    • JaeM1llz says:

      The SAM unlock method has been patched for quite some time now as indicated at the top of the tutorial.

  60. Jdgriffiths608 says:

    Hi i tried this and after downloading and installing iFile i followed the instrctions i inserted my new SIM it did not recognise it.  It would not let me activate my phone due to invalid SIM

  61. MASSAM says:

    Maybe they should change the method name to RETARD

  62. Ss says:

     I vw tried for 4.12.01 non worked. I followed all tutorial to the letter but still didint work

    • JaeM1llz says:

      This method of unlocking has been patched for months now. There is currently no way to unlock the 04.12.01 baseband.

  63. Gym1champ says:

    Hi, im kinda new to unlocking phones…
    I have three iPhone 3gs running on ios5 (unlocked on t-mobile) mine s the ONLY one that has problems with find my iPhone, iMessage, air printing, and push notifications (from third party apps).

    I realize that this fix is patched… which sucks
    could someone please just tell me 1. why is only my phone doing this (i think i MAY know but I’m not sure… if someone would respond, i can go into detail) and 2. is there any other way for me to ATTEMPT to fix this….
    Thanks so much!
    and if it’s easier to talk via email instead of in this public chatroom… i’m down w/ that

  64. Sandamodar says:

    how can delete com.bingner.sam.plist
    there is no delete key

  65. G3n3s1s_h1mur4 says:

    tried it but it didnt work…

  66. Ascavini says:

    Activation report error: Activation rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone – iphone 3gs

  67. DerekLuk says:

    it didn’t work on mine, my iphone4s is bought from china telecom, and it just won’t activate

  68. danny says:

    yup 04.12.01 att is not working with switzerland gsm card..invalid sim card

  69. Cicciotwins says:

    It didn’t work! i have an iphone4S locked Verizon with IOS 5.1.1 firmware 2.0.12  .
    After i failed to unlock , i tried downloading from cydia IFile and followed the instructions, but again it didn’t work.

  70. Jackie says:

    Sam Notification
    activation reports error:
    activation info rejected. you must select the original carrier simid of your phone. 

  71. Niggaplease says:

    i followed the steps, but instead of saying unvalid sim(T mobile) it says no service, does this mean the unlock didnt work or the sim is messed up.

  72. IT NEVER WORKED FOR ME ON MY IPHONE 3GS 5.1.1 ON CARRIER 12 ,( still seaching for more than  30 mINUTES ) gHANA ON SPACEFON (mtn)……ANY OTHER TRICKS,…. THANKS

  73. Rocwals says:

    Help.. Samprefs doesn’t install on my phone, during installation i keep getting red writtings

  74. Nittybeat04 says:

    i cant seem to deactivate my phone whether i pull the SIM card out before or after.  I tried both the tips it didnt deactive therefore i dont have the “attempt activation” option only ” restore activation”

  75. Anthony Lopez says:

    this didnt work
    tells me to select original carrier SIMID of my phone
    how do i find that

  76. Nachiket says:

    did not work for my iphone. my version is 4.11.08 os 5.0.1

    • JaeM1llz says:

      This method of unlocking has been patched for quite some time now. There is currently no way to unlock the 04.11.08 baseband.

  77. Superstardjrodeazy says:

    does this work for simple mobile?? i got 4 bars but no carrier name, cant make calls i have iphone 4s 5.1.1

  78. lcom says:

    Has anyone used this method using simple mobile sim. This can’t work even with ifile. I have iPhone 4 5.1.1

  79. sawa says:

    i try it on my 4gs OS 5.1.1 i got the carrier name but no signal ?????????

  80. Woody says:

    Don’t work still

  81. Mounkevv says:

    This just worked for me, I am running 5.1.1, bb 4.12.01. Followed the known issues steps. After step 6 it wouldn’t respring, came up with carrier error.
    STEP 7 manually change the carrier to the one the phone is locked to.
    STEP 8 attempt activation. It should respring.
    STEP 9 once the phone is back on and searching for a carrier go back into SAM and disable SAM, phone should now be unlocked.

  82. Nathan says:

    hello can i unlock my iphone 3gs 5.1.1 bb 05.16.05 without using wifi or downgrade it to bb 6.15.00? :O

  83. keeg says:

    how do you manually cahnge the carrier to the one phone is locked to …on my iphone under about it says carrier and opposite that Not available what should i do

  84. John says:

    It worked for me as well…

  85. Beginner says:

    I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.5 and BB 4.10.01 and carrier used to say SFR 10.0 (SFR is a French carrier). I restored my iPhone 4 to factory settings and it shows a single signal bar for a few minutes then the carrier setting option becomes visible and “searching…” appears on the signal strength indication area. The carrier no longer says SFR 10.0 but just When I turn the airplane mode ON and then OFF the message “invalid SIM” is displayed. When I turn the phone OFF and power ON again the same thing repeats. Is there any way to make this phone accept any carrier

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Create a prejailbroken 5.1.1 firmware with the latest version of sn0wbreeze from http://ih8sn0w.com be sure to use expert mode and check the “activate” box under general settings. Once you have restored the prejailbroken firmware download Ultrasn0w from Cydia and you will get service.

      It is EXTREMELY important that you only restore a custom firmware. If you restore a factory 5.1.1 firmware you will update your baseband and it will no longer be unlockable.

      • Beginner says:

        Thanks, but I don’t understand prejailbroken 5.1.1 firmware. Do you mean 5.1.1 ios? Will this unlock the phone?

        • JaeM1llz says:

          I mean a custom firmware you create with Sn0wbreeze, and no it will not unlock the phone, only Ultrasn0w will unlock the phone. There are plenty of tutorials online for Sn0wbreeze

          • beginner says:

            Thank you for again. I restored the phone to factory settings while it was on iOS 4.3.5 deleting every thing. But after reset the “slide to emergency” screen came up asking me to connect to itunes and activate. I did connect but the message “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported” will be displayed. I guess I can hactivate now right? I have downloaded sn0wbreeze, where can I get iOS 5.1.1 so that I can prejailbreak using sn0wbreeze?

  86. No Service 🙁
    i’ve tried all these steps…
    iPhone 3gs version 5.1.1(9B206) Modem Firmware 05.16.05
    need assistance

  87. zipika says:

    for this method i need original sim card and iOS 5 on my iphone?

  88. Datifu says:

    This didn’t work for my iphone sprint 4s 🙁 i didn’t want to do gevey or R-sim III so i tried this and it didn’t work

    • JaeM1llz says:

      As the top of the tutorial states, this method has been patched for nearly 5 months now. The only way to unlock a 4S is with a SIM interposer.

  89. Lacey Barnett says:

    I followed all the steps with no success. Can anyone help?

  90. iserle says:

    i also followed these instructions but no luck … i have a att iPhone version 4.0(8b117) baseband 05.16.07.. is there a way for me to unlock for a tmobile sim card … ??? (PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE THE ONLY PHONE I HAVE RIGHT NOW)!!

  91. Draco says:

    It didnt work
    Verson 6.0.1
    Modem 05.16.07

    from Iusacell México to Telcel Mexico

  92. babs says:

    i did this on my iphone 4s ios 6.1 even when the error happened and didnt work. what do i do?

  93. Jonathan says:

    I have a iPhone 5 and I am trying to use it with straight talk an it keeps saying “we’re sorry but the phone has new. Blocked from the network”. What can I do about that? Will this software work? Please contact me at jptwenty3@yahoo.com

  94. Ramesh says:

    I am not getting attempt activation button itself, but when i press restore Activation it tries restore and fails.
    but the network area always in searching mode it never stops searching for hours together.

  95. celso says:

    I need help. I seek all procedures but my iphone don’t attach to the network TIM Brasil. All parameters show me tim as a provider. The telephone show in “About” all parameters about TIM but the phone is unactiveted. I have signal but don’t attach to TIM network. I can’t make calls. Anybody can help me ?

  96. daniel says:

    can somebody help me i have iphone 4s ios 6.1 firmware 3.4.01,i
    jailbrake the phone using evasi0n with succsess after i use sam to
    unlock my phone message from sam your phone is currently factory
    activated i can see phone details in itunes i have full bars,but when i
    go to general/about network not available and cant make calls…

  97. Dan adrian Rus says:

    Hi, I installed cidya the iPhone 4, I followed every step in detail, in the end I did not recognize any sim, even one that worked before, after all I gave a reboot to factory settings, now it can not start, will not restore, no upgrades, no nothing, I need help who can help me , write me on my mail with an idea or whatever rus.dan.adrian@gmail.com

  98. Taylor M says:

    does not work. I have the iphone 4s 6.1.2 firmware. and i have Ifile, Cydia, AND SAM prefs. wtf….

  99. Sosa says:

    No it didnt work for me

  100. CBLEOPARD says:

    i have iphone 4s Verizon and made sams procedure, i made with Verizons sim card and choosed bundles way.After that now shows full signal bar and no carrier name, and the phone is not working, but in the settings > about the carrier is correct (no verizons)…. any help tnks

  101. CBLEOPARD says:

    Now i just did this ifile procedure and didnt work in my case, still have FULL SIGNAL BARS AND NO CARRIER NAME… will apreciate if anyone could help tnks

  102. Romer says:

    Activation report error: Activation rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone – iphone 4

  103. Muneeb says:

    Fail To Unlock IPhone 4 (GSM) IOS 4.3.4 BB 4.10.01


    my phone no activation

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