pod2g discovered 2 “big” 5.1 vulnerabilities over the weekend

Just a few minutes ago, @pod2g announced on that he has had a very productive weekend. According to the tweet, he managed to discover 2 "big" in iOS . One of them is and the other is . This is great news for those eagerly awaiting the 5.1 untethered jailbreak and A5+ device owners who are on 5.1 and waiting for any sort of jailbreak.

Last week, added a poll on his blog asking the jailbreak community to weigh in on whether he should release the jailbreak as soon as it's ready or if he should wait until iOS6 is released to see if the exploits still exist. Personally, I voted that he should release the jailbreak right away. Reason being that I am an iPhone4S user who is still using 5.0.1 for the jailbreak, but I would really like to update so that I can finally fix the battery issues that have plagued 4S users since it's release. Also, if you remember back to last year, the Chronic-Dev team announced at the first annual JailbreakCon that they had found several exploits in the iOS5 beta which meant that it would be jailbroken soon after public release.

Things did not pan out that way however, between JailbreakCon and the public release of iOS5, Apple managed to independently patch most(if not all) of those exploits they had found. I feel like if pod2g waited until iOS6 the same thing would happen and we would have waited months for something that didn't even matter. The fact that pod2g, i0n1c and other hackers have been very vocal about the exploits they have found leads me to believe that Apple will be putting their team into overdrive trying to find the exploits and will have them patched by the time iOS6 is released publicly.

If you want to voice your opinion, make sure to head over to his blog to vote!

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  1. Davidl919 says:

    I think he should hold on to the Kernel exploit, till at least the ios 6 beta test, and see if it is patched then release accordingly. Releasing the root now wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I0nic’s reason to keep exploits back (not a bad one I.MO) has changed the game a bit.

    • JaeM1llz says:

      I think he already had all the exploits he needed for the 5.1 jailbreak before this weekend anyway, so he shouldn’t even need to use these new vulnerabilities until iOS6 🙂 Thanks for your input!

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