New to jailbreaking? Read this!

Welcome new/potential jailbreaker from myself and the iPhoneBlogr team. You probably have a lot of questions that we all had when first jailbreaking. I'll answer the questions that I get a lot from people that ask me to jailbreak their device, are planning on jailbreaking or have already done so. If you have any questions that you think I should add, please send me an email at ( I'll also cover some / that I think you should install first.

1. What dose jailbreaking do?

Jailbreaking in the simplest way lets you install things that you normally can't. For example tweaks, themes and other cool stuff. Even mods for games from the appstore!

2. Is jailbreaking illegal?

This is a common question. But no it isn’t. There’s a law that actually makes it legal to do so. So don't worry there isn't going to be apple cops at your door when you open .

3. Can it harm my device?

Yes and no. If you don't play around with things you’ll be fine. But if you’re like how I was you'll install a lot of stuff that might not always work right but it's okay if you’re having a respring or reboot loop all you need to do is when your booting up your device hold the volume up button and you’ll be good to go to uninstall whatever made that happen.

4. What if I need my device repaired?

Jailbreaking actually voids your warranty on your iDevice, so if you do need to take the device in for repairs, make sure you remove the jailbreak beforehand. To remove the jailbreak, all you have to do is restore the device with a factory firmware file. Once this has been done, Apple will have no way of knowing that your device was ever modified.

5. There's an update, how can I preserve my jailbreak?

Immediately following the release of a new firmware update, it usually takes a month or two before a new jailbreak is developed for the update. Make sure that, before you update, you save your with tiny umbrella or iSHSHit so you can back to a jailbreakable firmware in the future.

6. Will jailbreaking remove anything I have on my device prior to performing the jailbreak?

The actual act of jailbreaking will not modify any of the content that already exists on your device. The one exception to this, is if you decide to restore a custom firmware in order to jailbreak. When you use a custom firmware to jailbreak, the device is wiped clean so be sure to do a backup with iTunes or iCloud before restoring.

7. How do I unjailbreak my device?

As we mentioned in number 4, to unjailbreak, all you have to do, is restore your device back to stock with a factory iOS firmware, don't forget to backup your device first.

8. How do you know if you can jailbreak your device?

The best way to find out is to use a simple tool by our friend @neluttu called The Jailbreak Wizard. Simply input the information about your device and the wizard will tell you whether you can jailbreak/unlock or not and what tool to use.

9. Can you normally use iTunes with a jailbroken device?

Yes. A jailbroken device works exactly like a stock factory device in regards to iTunes.

10. Do you have to pay for jailbreaking?

This is a HUGE no. Jailbreaking is, always has been and always will be 100% free. You should never pay for a jailbreak or unlock(software) tool. There are many websites out there that claim that they have jailbreaks that don't exist yet, and when you pay them, they will end up sending you the same exact tools that you could have gotten for free. So don't be fooled!

Now on to the good stuff.....

So you've just jailbroken your iPhone, iPod or iPad and you don't know what to do next....

Well here's my  list of jailbreak tweaks that I feel are essential!

I've compiled the following list based on my years of jailbreaking, each item listed below is an app/tweak that I feel is an essential part of the jailbreaking experience. You may or may not find these useful, but it should be a good starting point for you before you venture off into the abyss!

1. Crash reporter (Free)

Ever have one of those days where you go on cydia and a whole bunch of stuff at one time and your device goes into a respring loop? For this tweak you don't have to have any knowledge of jailbreaking. Crash Reporter will go through any crash logs you have and try (as it doesn't work sometimes but 99% of the time it will) to determine what apps/tweaks are causing the crash to happen. It'll give you three possible causes and will also give you the option to send an email with the crash log to the developer. Here's a screenshot of Crash Reporter (note that there’s nothing there since I've just freshly restored and jailbroken my iPhone 4).

2. SBSettings (Free)

Looking for a way to quickly toggle your device's settings or respring/reboot your device? Well look no further. One of the main advantages of jailbreaking is being able to make the iDevice work for YOU. Say hello to SBSettings. As you can see from the screenshots below, this tweak has many system setting toggles(too many to include in the screenshot). The stock toggles are 3G, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Cellular Data (3G), brightness slider, location (GPS), process killer and Wi-Fi. That’s not it either, theirs a lot more features like changing your carrier name and more as seen below. Beyond the toggles/options included with SBSettings there are literally dozens if not hundreds of 3rd party SBSettings toggles you can download from Cydia that allow you to easily control your device.


3. Winterboard (Also free)

Have you seen iDevice's looking all swaged out but never known how they got them to look that way? Chances are, if someone has a completely customized UI on their iDevice, Winterboard was the means they used. The app comes with some stock options, but if you want custom themes you'll have to download those afterwards. There are TONS of themes out there, we suggest browsing the "Themes" category in Cydia or even previewing the themes on ModMyi before searching for them in Cydia.



Below is AAA MET theme which is only one of the many themes on Cydia. Themes rang from complete themes, carrier logos, lock screen, app icons, pretty much anything you can think of. Just do a search and you'll find what you’re looking for.

4. Dreamboard (You guessed it, free.)

Maybe you don't think Winterboard is enough customization for you, well here’s Dreamboard which goes a step further than Winterboard allowing HTML-based widgets and further customization for your iDevice.

Pictured above is a theme that comes with Dreamboard "out of the box." As with most things on cydia, there's a whole bunch more themes that will make your friends and family's jaws drop!

5. iCleaner (Free)

Want to free some space up on your device? Then this free tweak is for you. iCleaner cleans safari (see below), application folder(temp data?), log files, cache, temporary files, apt partial files, cydia sources, unused dependencies and it'll clean by file types to. I ran this on my iPhone4 before restoring and it gave me 50mb back, not a lot of space, but every bit counts 😉

6. OpenBackup (Free)

If you use iCloud or like to do clean restores, then this tweak will be great for you. This app will backup all your tweaks and such to either iCloud or iTunes. And to top it off..... its free!

7. Five Icon Dock (Free)

We all have that one extra app that we want to add to our dock, but are unable to due to the 4 app limit imposed by Apple. Well not anymore. The name of this tweak really says it all, it allows you to put 5 apps in your dock instead of just 4, as you can see from the pic below.

8. iSHSHit (Free)

The name of this tweak is unfortunate, but it’s very useful to save your SHSH on the go. SHSHs are required for downgrading or installing older firmware that is not being signed anymore(as we mentioned earlier). This tweak allows you to save them to the Cydia servers. You can even see what blobs you already have on file.


This is my list so far of the apps you will want to download after jailbreaking, I’ll add more as I find them. If you have any specific requests(questions or useful tweaks) send me an email at each tweak I have listed so far is free in Cydia!


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  1. Guest says:


    Somewhere in the post you have mentioned that “Jailbreaking is, always has been and always will be 100% free. You should never pay for a jailbreak or unlock(software) tool.”

    Now, here is the deal. I have a new locked iPhone 4 (OS ver 5.0.1, firmware 04.11.08), and I do not have the carrier SIM. ‘The phone is jailbroken’ and has Cydia installed. Can you please direct me to a site wherein I can find a guaranteed way of unlocking it. I have visited scores of sites but have been unable to find a sure-shot method of doing so. The last option is paying for getting it unlocked but I want to try everything before I do that! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Michael says:

    If I download game and want to get stuff that I would usually have to pay for, would I have to pay for it even though my iPod is jailbroken

  3. Lizz says:

    My storage says full ! Can i remove say like i tunes if i have pro tube? Or i have photo stream and anther album that the photos down load to.. I mean what is that for? Why do i need 2 of the same pics for? Help ! Im lost ! Lol.

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