Cookie allows easy backup and restore of SAM unlock ticket via the Cloud

Now that the SAM method has been patched, it is pertinent that you save your unlock ticket so that if you need to /update or you lose for any other reason, you have a to restore. A new application has been released today by developer @danneez called "." is a great and easy to use tool that allows you to backup your activation ticket to the weiphone server cloud and it also allows you to easily restore that backup automatically from within the app instead of manually overwriting files.

Step 1: Download Cookie from Cydia, it is a free application on the BigBoss repo.

Step 2: Open Cookie and hit the "Backup Activation" button. This will create a backup of your device's unlock ticket and automatically upload it to the weiphone server cloud.

Step 3: If you want to restore an unlock ticket saved with Cookie, simply reopen the application and hit "Restore Activation." That's all there is to it!

7 Responses to Cookie allows easy backup and restore of SAM unlock ticket via the Cloud

  1. Elahood says:

    Great tweak!

  2. SoOfxkindOpe says:

    i used this and now my imessage and facetime dont work anyone got a fix

  3. Sohaib_jnj says:

    can we update to ios 5.0.1 using shss bloobs form ios 4.1?

    and can we use sam ticket saved on ios 5.1 to unlock it on ios 5.0.1?

  4. mmmridul says:

    i unlocked my iphone4 with SAM unlock and its working perfectly. but when i tried to save my activation ticket the cydia does not open. can i reinstall cydia whithout compromising unlock? please help

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