AT&T to start unlocking off-contract iPhones this Sunday April 8th

*UPDATE* This story has been confirmed. You can now dial 611 on your and have your AT&T iPhone unlocked permanently for free!

Until now, in the US at least, the only way to an iPhone which was not factory unlocked is to use a software (Ultrasn0w) or a hardware unlock(Gevey Ultra SIM) so that you can use your iPhone with any of your choosing.

Engadget has reported that an spokersperson confirmed a policy change regarding iPhones that is set to start this Sunday, April 8th(Easter). According to an anonymous source, this change in policy will be that will begin offering to unlock iPhones which are not under for use on other GSM service providers.

This is great news for AT&T customers who have an iPhone out of contract and would like to switch to a different provider. So far, it seems as though AT&T will be the only company unlocking off-contract iPhones, but we can hope that the other major providers will begin to follow suit, especially Sprint and Verizon who carry the iPhone4S which is a world phone and can be used on both CDMA and GSM networks.

  • KcajBR

    great, but does anyone one knows how much that would cost?

    • JaeM1llz

      It will most likely be free

    • JaeM1llz

      There is no charge for the unlock process. Just call AT&T(611) and ask them to unlock your device. They will take your IMEI number and send you the unlock instructions within a few days.

      • Ansel96

        yes and then run and get a pre paid account!! All the unlimited 3g ya want for 50 bucks a month w/ a slice of 4g = T Mobile :) can wait til they merge and get it over with ;)

  • f96lrs

    they would’t mine

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  • Sleeps41

    the unlock is free, the customer service rep was very nice and tried to run my IMEI, but she said as of right now, they only have the authorizations for the 2g version. She mentioned that it will be up to Apple when then release the unlocks for the 3g version and to try again later, but as of right now only 2g phones. 

    • Sleeps41

      Received an update from another thread, and someone reported being able to get a iphone 4 unlocked, so as of now, looks like luck of the draw. I shall try again tomorrow and keep everyone posted.

  • Mtcp00

    AT&T said they will send me an instruction on April 16. That is really weird.

  • Ansel577

    WAIT! on this, I called AT&T gave them my IMEI number, they responded by email and told me to restore the phone, and it would be unlocked becuase i qualify, but it appears that my phone was previously Jbroken so it bricked :( So if you buy a phone NOT from a store new in the box(eBay, Craigs list etc.) theres a good chance you might just have a previously Jbroken iphone…….All in effort to get Garageband :( = iOS 5 needed, unlock from AT&T within iOS update!

    • JaeM1llz

      There is no way to brick an iPhone, certainly not by restoring a previously jailbroken one.

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