AppleNBerry has been selling Loktar_Sun’s free SAM unlock method for $50

Remember when we told you that there was a hardware method for unlocking iPhone4 on 5.1? Well it turns out that the for iPhone4 on 5.1 was actually reliant on the Loktar_Sun SAM method. That's right, has been charging $50 for a piece of hardware that utilized the same exact process that was released by Loktar_Sun for free.

Now usually at iPhoneBlogr, we are quick to recommend AppleNBerry as the official reseller for Gevey SIMs. However, this is just despicable on their part. Fortunately they have stated that they will be refunding anyone who pruchased the SIM interposer before it sold out, but that does not excuse them from charging for it in the first place(grossly overcharging at that). Clearly had the loophole not been closed, they were planning on continuing to cash in on this free process.

AppleNBerry described the situation in a recent blog post where they apologized for the inconvenience, but not once did they apologize for scamming their customers into paying $50 for an unlock that was already available for free. One thing's for sure, we will not be recommending them to our readers anymore. This may have been business suicide for them.

Unfortunately, the GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 will no longer unlock the iPhone 4. The unlocking mechanism used in this model was based on Loktar Sun's discovery of an Apple server logic error that took advantage of an ICCID bug to unlock the iPhone modem firmware. On April 27, Apple fixed this bug.

Apple N Berry, LLC is accepting returns for all GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 purchased on our website. Customers who haven't received their shipment yet will automatically receive a full via their payment method chosen during checkout. Paypaly usually returns funds to user accounts within 10 days after we issue refunds.

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  1. […] ***April 28th 2012*** It has been revealed the the Gevey Ultra for iPhone4 on 5.1 was actually using the Loktar_Sun SAM unlock. AppleNBerry has recalled these SIMs and will be providing a full refund for anyone who purchased one. Read more on the ApplenBerry SAM unlock scandal. […]

  2. alex says:

    oh wow that is crazy!!

  3. Z-Man says:

    Why they do like this? Once said the loophole was closed, but actually they try to make money… I would better use original factory unlock rather than paying 50$ without any insurance.

  4. […] en el momento que restauren o actualicen el firmware, no podrán volver a desbloquearlos.Vía | iPhoneBlogrArtículos relacionados:Nueva Gevey Ultra 5.1 SIM Interposer para el iPhone 4 GSMCómo desbloquear […]

  5. SAM says:

    What should I do If my carrier is not in the SAM activation list? Can I use just manual activation with my unique IMSI number?

    • thescragster says:

      The loophole has now been closed. Unless you saved your unlock ticket previously, you can not longer unlock your phone using the SAM method. Thanks

  6. not already available for iphone 4 – 5.1 – 04.12.01  if somebody know how to unlock it tell me please, i pay for that 😀

  7. lito says:

    i unlock my iphone4 to sam unlock solution, Can this be forever unlock and it is true that you cannot use another sim but the one that was used when i unlock?

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  9. Louis says:

    how do I download SAM

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