Apple working on patching SAM unlock method

Well, it has been a few days since the, now infamous, SAM Unlock method was released to the masses. As expected, wasn't going to let this loophole fly for long. According to a Twitter post made my @musclenerd a few minutes ago, it seems as though Apple has already begun closing this loophole. For now, some users are still having success, but over the next few hours(presumably), less and less people will be able to unlock with this method until eventually it will be completely closed. If you have not yet unlocked your phone with this method and saved your unlock ticket, you better act fast.

For those of you who have already activated with this tutorial, as long as you saved your , you're golden. You will be able to use your even once the loophole is completely closed.

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  1. David says:

    The dream is OVER for good, Apple shut down the activation servers so don’t waste your time trying to activate your phone with lastest SAM, because it WON’T work anymore. Hope Dev-teams find a way around it.

    Luckyly those of us that saved the tickets, can still use the unlock.

  2. SoOfxkindOpe says:

    am i suppose to save to my desktop ? or in documents or on the phone with ifile ?

  3. BkPitt says:

    just did it to check if it still works and yes It did  so sam is still able to unlock

  4. Sidney says:

    It wont work when you unlock it via itunes, i think it will still work when you try the other method, where you key in manually the IMSI of the carrier and spoof sam to sim, then attempt activation. Just a thought.

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  6. Qasimlo Irmak says:

    Is there any possibility, to use the sam backup on other devices with the same sim an same provider?

    • JaeM1llz says:

      No, unfortunately the unlock ticket is only for the exact phone and SIM combination you used when you performed the unlock.

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  8. Guest1 says:

    I used SAM yesterday and it is working!

  9. Guest1 says:

    I used SAM yesterday and it is working!

    • JaeM1llz says:

      The only way to use the SAM method now is if you performed the method before Apple patched the loophole and saved your unlock ticket. 

      • Guest1 says:

        Did not have unlock ticket but I was successful at unlocking any way.

        • JaeM1llz says:

          The device is likely factory unlocked in that case, as there is no chance that the SAM unlock method will work since the end of April when Apple closed the ticket signing hole.

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