SiriSports a new Cydia tweak is a must for sports enthusiasts!

A few weeks ago we reported a new Siri tweak by jailbreak developer Evan Coleman called SiriNBA which would allow you to check and start times for games. In that article, we mentioned that it probably wouldn't be long before we saw similar tweaks for other professional sports. Now, Evan has brought us a new tweak dubbed "SiriSports." This new tweak includes the SiriNBA functionality, while adding support for MLB and scores and times.

There is no word yet on when support for other leagues(NFL, , etc) will be added, but we can be sure that with the amount of work Evan has been putting into this project, it shouldn't be long.

Also, on his website, Evan suggests that ESPN may even be working with Apple, currently, to bring scores and times to Siri natively. However, this is just speculation and we cannot be sure when or if this will happen. Until then, jailbroken users with Siri enabled devices can enjoy SiriSports for free from the Cydia store.

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  3. keith says:

    we need the nfl now since the season is getting ready to start

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