It’s Playing 3.0 to bring great new features including direct subtitle downloads and network streaming

Back in September I reviewed a great media playback application called It's Playing. The developers, Addition, have been working hard over the past few months to bring us version 3.0 of their software and I must say that they have really nailed it this time around.

It's Playing 3.0 brings great new additions to this software. For starters, you can now videos from your home network directly to your device through It's Playing and a Samba network. Now, seeing as how I only have a 16GB , this comes in real handy for me when I'm at home since I don't want to waste valuable space on my device by transferring the media to my through iTunes. However, for those with some space to spare, you will be happy to learn that not only can you stream media from your home network to your device, you can also download the media right to your device for portable use outside of your home network as well! No longer is iTunes the only way to get media to your device for playback!

Another great feature, is the addition of automatic subtitle downloads through With a single tap, you can download for many different movies, in any language, directly within the application.

As if all this wasn't enough, they went on to improve the decoding system and now most of the decoding work is done by the hardware media decoders to give viewers the best possible viewing experience. Both Air-Play and TV-Out are supported in version 3.0 as well, so now you can playback the media from your handheld devices and tablets on the big screen for all your friends to see.

Overall, the new features of completely put the competition to shame. There are so many new features that we can't even list them all here! The people over at Addition have really nailed it this time and you won't need to purchase another media player ever again. has been submitted to the App Store for review and after it has been approved, you will be able to purchase it for $3.99(likely within the next week).

You can purchase the current version of "It's Playing" 2.5.1 for $1.99 by clicking the link below:

It's Playing - Addition, Lda.

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