iOS 5.1 released for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch (Jailbreakers should not update)

Following Apple's event this afternoon, they have released iOS 5.1, the newest iOS firmware for most of the newer iDevices. The new doesn't really bring much in the way of new features, however users will be happy to learn that Siri now supports their language.  is also the which is said to finally fix the 4S battery drain issues for good. The iPad received some new updates as well, including a redesigned camera app and optimized sound for video and audio playback.

For AT&T iPhone 4S users, you will notice after updating that your network indicator now says "4G" when you are using HSPA+ Even though this is not true 4G, the speeds are nearly the same so Apple decided to change the indicator to distinguish between the 3G network and HSPA+.

You can download this update now for supported devices either by OTA directly from your device, or you can install it using the new iTunes 10.6 which has also been released today. Jailbreakers should NOT update to 5.1 as they will lose their jailbreak and there is no telling when a 5.1 jailbreak will be made available.

  • Kayray

    should i update first generation ipad with iOS 5.1?

    • JaeM1llz

      It’s up to you