iOS 5.1 Jailbreak on the horizon?

Well, there has been a lot of questioning whether there will be an iOS 5.1 release anytime soon. The community is becoming more anxious as each new firmware is released. Although there isn't any major upgrade in iOS 5.1 that the user could take advantage of, It would be nice to know that we have the newest firmware for all of our iDevices.

As everyone knows there is a tethered jailbreak available for all non-A5 Devices. The latest news in the jailbreak community is from (Stefan Esser). He has recently revealed to the iPhone Dev Team member, , that he has found a possible that will allow for an jailbreak on iDevices. We know that this is definitely a possibility because i0n1c is the developer that discovered the iOS 4.3 . He has done more than his fair share of iDevice Jailbreaking, and exploitation discoveries, and we appreciate it very much.

There is no released set date, and time for when this release is going to be available. Only time will tell, i0n1c has a tendency to tease the public with his finding's before they are released, but he has always managed to come through for the public. Just don't expect it to be overnight. As more information is discovered I will make sure to post it as soon as possible, with our newly renovated team, we're more available to find and post updates.

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  1. Marlinea9 says:

    hopefully a jailbreak for ios 5.1 iphone4s will be out soon. I miss my jb sooo bad.

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