5.1 Untethered Jailbreak still weeks away according to pod2g

Soon after the release of , various developers started posting images of their A5 and A5X devices jailbroken running 5.1. Of course, this doesn't mean much for end-users since the code they use cannot be distributed nor would end-users know where to begin to use it. Since those first few days after it's release, we haven't heard much in the way of news surrounding the upcoming .

Today, @pod2g has released some new info suggesting that we are still weeks away from a public jailbreak. Apparently, the Chronic Dev-Team has bits and pieces of a jailbreak, however, they still lack a few pieces needed. Even with all of the pieces, @pod2g goes on to say that it would still be "weeks" before we saw a public release.

Keep in mind that this update only pertains to A5/A5X devices. It is quite possible that A4 and earlier devices(which already have a tethered 5.1 jailbreak) will be much sooner. So for now, if you have an A5/A5X device and you wish to be jailbroken or you have an A4 or lower device and wish to remain , you should stay on 5.0.1 for now.

Keep in mind that ih8sn0w could be releasing a iOS 5.1 downgrade method any day.