MyAssistant (formerly MySiri) is now available in the Cydia store

A few days ago we told you about a new app, MySiri, which will bring the most customizations to that we have seen so far. Today, the app has been released under a new name. The app is now called MyAssistant. This app adds a bunch of functionality and to Siri either on a 4S device or another iOS5 device that has and a siri proxy installed.

brings great new features such as controlling system toggles with Siri and making custom commands, but takes the customization to a whole other level with custom responses to various commands.

MyAssistant is available now in the Cydia store for $0.99! Grab it now!

16 Responses to MyAssistant (formerly MySiri) is now available in the Cydia store

  1. rob damiani says:

    doesnt work for me. sigh

  2. Anonymous says:

    I installed Spire+myassistant..n itz not working.. when i try to open spire itz askng me to setup proxy server rather then taking my custom commands..!!
    else how to setup up SPIRE proxy server.?! >_<

    • Anonymous says:

      This doesn’t take away the need for the proxy server. You still need to rent a slot on someone’s server and input their server address in Spire to use Siri or you need to create your own server.

  3. Voyaging says:

    Installed on my 4 s but not working…she just always says “sorry i dont know wht you mean by______”

  4. ili69 says:

    Have anyone tried to reboot the iphone? When I did it after installed MyAssistant, I had to restore the phone because it freezed at the boot logo.

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