Take more control of Siri with OpenSiri Hands-Free Control and VoiceUtils

Now that iPhone4S users have begun to jailbreak their devices, I am sure the one question on their mind is "what are some great I can use for ?" I just wanted to make a quick post to tell you about my favorite tweaks I have found so far. These tweaks add new features to that would otherwise not be available on a stock iPhone.


OpenSiri is a great new tweak which has just been submitted as a free app to the BigBoss repo. OpenSiri allows you to open native iPhone applications with voice commands. Right now it is limited to only the stock applications but I am sure this will be expanded in the future to open up all sorts of apps. OpenSiri is not yet available in , but it has been submitted so I can assume we will be seeing it shortly!

This is a very simple tweak, yet it is probably my favorite tweak for Siri so far. This little tweak will allow you to call on Siri without ever touching your phone! For some reason, having to double-tap home to invoke Siri just doesn't seem right. Hands-Free Control will run in the background at all times and listen for your command to bring up Siri. By default you just say "Siri" and Siri will pop up, however you can change the command to a few different preset commands if you find yourself using the word "Siri" in your every day conversations :P

This is another simple tweak that provides great functionality for Siri. With VoiceUtils, you can get some SBSettings-like commands to be used with Siri. With VoiceUtils installed you can tell Siri to "respring," "reboot," "power off," and "enter safemode."

After the intial novelty of using Siri wore off a few weeks after getting my iPhone4S, I have found myself using it a lot more often now that I am jailbroken with the Absinthe untethered jailbreak and using all these great new Siri tweaks. Have you found any fun or useful Siri tweaks since jailbreaking? If so, please share them in the comments section!

  • http://www.facebook.com/akaimeridia Theresa Rosette

    Just downloaded this on my iPhone 4S and it makes my phone have no sound
    when enabled. Any ideas? No keyboard clicks, mail sounds, etc. Only
    when I have this installed.

    • Anonymous

      Which one did you download? Did you try rebooting?

    • iBhiviy

      yeah I noticed Hands-free control will do that.  The update fixed that problem but now I noticed a couple other bugs with hands-free control:
      some games lag while hands-free is enabled like Jetpack Joyride.
      Also I lost the option to use airplay and send videos/audio to my apple TV =-(

      I hope there is a fix to these problems soon bc I really find hands-free control a VERY handy tweak!

      • Frgtr8

        same problem here.

  • Pastortommy

    awesome! I jailbroke today and am loving my 4s jailbroken…can’t wait to see what all we end up being able to do with siri.  I’d love to be able to use siri with Motion X GPS drive… “Navigate to _____”  That will rock  :)

    • Anonymous

      Ya, I am excited to see what the devs can come up with! It’s crazy what they have already released with the 4S jailbreak only being a day old :) Be sure to also check out “Siri UI Backgrounds” and “Siri Mic Colors” to customize Siri even more!

  • M81

    Siritoggles from big boss repo is the best one I’ve found so far, you can toggle Bluetooth, wi-fi etc, open stock apps, change brightness, re-spring, re-boot, turn off your phone all with siri and paired with the hands free tweak makes Siri 100 times better than the stock version

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