How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” for Absinthe on iPhone 4S and iPad 2

Some users have been reporting an issue when launching the app installed on their device saying it returns an

establishing a database connection

For users having this issue, iOS hacker PlanetBeing (who was involved with creating Absinthe) outlined a simple for this problem. Apparently, all you need to do is go to Settings > Network > VPN > ON.

The VPN connection will most likely give an error and your or should reboot shortly after. Once it’s rebooted, try launching the Absinthe webclip again.

Feel free to give us some feedback, did this work for you?

  • Emman40

    i am getting an error message when I attempt a the VPN connection, but my phone is not rebooting after the error message.  I manually rebooted and attempted to open Absinthe, but it is still not working.  

    • Mazzi

      me too….same problem

      • Speedy

        Me too, Not Working at all

  • Osxecuter

    same issue with mine

    • Sadasd

      the worst jailbreak i have done ever. still no luck even after trying a lot of fixes. I clicked ok but ipad 2 not restarting

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  • Tmwilliams44

    mine is not rebooting

  • Boba

    The same problem here, just error… no rebooting!

  • Khulet12

    Same here no rebooting

  • Muzammil Saleh

    it does not reboot after the error message. Any ideas. please help

  • Hello

    i get the error message and the nothing happens(ipad2)

  • kevinnoo

    Working for me…

    1) Restore iPhone/iPad (backup data)
    2) Wait iTunes restore… and configure as “New iPad” (dont restore backup)
    3) Open Absinthe in your Mac/Pc and click Jailbreak
    4) When it tells you “Almost done…”, unlock the screen and go to Setting->Turn VPN ON
    5) In my case… I get error “VPN Connection An error ocu…”
    6) Click OK
    7) After 10 seconds iPad restarts
    8) Finally Absinthe icon disappear and now Cydia apears!
    NOTE: In my case I don’t have to open Absinthe on iPad… when I turn on VPN and get the error, my iPad restarts automatically and then Cydia icon appear!!! Then in iTunes I restore my old backUp with my data :) I hope this works for you

    • E30power

      Thats working for me :D

    • FGR

      Great response. Worked for me!

    • Ahsan Aftab

      Amazing man, thank you so much! It worked out perfectly, you’re the best!

    • Timspare

      Had the issues mentioned before with being stuck at the Absinthe screen and this fixed it for me too!


  • Gorby

    no reboot

  • Yuhoe

    make sure your passcode lock is off before you start the whole process

  • Rob Thomas™

    hey, at first my iPad 2 wouldnt allow the Cydia icon to replace the Abinthe application and that VPN ‘trick’ didnt work either…. so i deleted the Absinthe icon and re did the jailbreak and now works perfectly = )

  • Rob Thomas™

    PS – only rebooted iPhone 4S NOT my iPad 2 and still works perfectly

  • Nielskool

    oke, first it didn’t work i used the absinth gui(windows), tryed to switch VPN…no reboot.
    then used CLI…. won’t install certificate.
    reboot ipad 2 manually
    retry installing VPN certificate… worked :)
    try next command… saw alot of texting scrolling by :)
    did cinject.exe -w
    try switching VPN on…. error but no restart….:(

    Tryed it a few times, again and again and again until finally it worked. finally I was able to let the Ipad 2 restart after switching the VPN on…so for those who are not able to get a roboot of your ipad… just keep trying…again and again. Make sure you get a reinstall of your certificate atleast once with the CLI.
    try different pauses between switching the VPN on and “cinject.exe -w”

  • Nielskool

    Also when you are not able to reinstall certificate you can try to reset/restore network configurations 

  • Roman

    My Iphone didn’t reboot as well.
    The problem was I used a lock, just clear absinth-app on Iphone, remove the number-lock for a while, and restart your absinth program on computer. Worked for me…

  • Stbrnrd

    when the VPN is turned on, it prompts for a new configuration to be entered, and if that is cancelled…it turns VPN back to off. that in itself makes it an issue.

    • JaeM1llz

      You’re not supposed to keep VPN turned on. You just turn it on and then quickly load Absinthe and then you will get a VPN error and the device will reboot.

  • Salihovic Senad

    My VPN did not work it would not connect. I tried everything and still no work until I did this to fix it.
    I am not sure if it will work for everybody, it worked for me, this is what i did.

    After installing Abstine, I got it on my screen, 
    then i went to to turn on VPN and it did not work.

    I left it alone for 10 min

    then I plugged in my iPhone 4s again, and installed Absinthe again and went through the process again.
    This time it jail broke it and i didn’t even have to turn on the VPN it , just jail broke it.

    i have the iPhone 4s 5.0.1(9A405)    then 1.0.13 with Simple Mobile – Unlocked with Gevey Ultra S Sim