Corona 1.0-5 out now to fix iBooks issues

There have been many reported issues with iBooks throughout the entire jailbreaking history of 5.x firmware. Today Corona 1.0-5 was released to solve these issues on the untethered 5.0.1 jailbreak. was released about a half hour ago but Saurik quickly released 1.0-5 to force to reboot your phone after installation since many users did not realize the device needed to be rebooted for the fix to take effect. Another method called iBooksFix2 was released a while back, but many people still reported problems with iBooks. If you are having issues, be sure to go into Cydia and the newest Corona update to fix your iBooks problems.

If iBooks is still not working for you, let us know below and we will try and help you figure it out!

13 Responses to Corona 1.0-5 out now to fix iBooks issues

  1. Jung says:

    which source should i add?

  2. Jung says:

    what do you mean by stock repo…? because i first messed up with my sources 

  3. Steve says:

    For some reason, my email has stopped working since the update, and iBooks is still not working.

  4. Rich Millard says:

    Thank you thank you thank you, I’ve been trying to get iBooks to work for weeks.
    iBooksFix2 did absolutely nothing and installing Corona 5.0.1 Untether straight over the top from Cydia and rebooting the device worked perfectly.
    Just incase, I deleted the iBooks app from the iPad first before installing Corona and then once rebooted – reinstalled iBooks directly from the app store.
    Worked perfectly. Hope this helps anyone having the same problems as I did.

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