Absinthe is now setting things up fix

Users who have been using our Windows Absinthe jailbreak tutorial have been reporting that when they click the icon they get taken to the page and nothing else happens. For those who are stuck please try our Absinthe VPN fix. This seems to be the same issue Mac users were having yesterday and the VPN fix should do the trick.

If this doesn't work you can always use the Absinthe CLI method, however this is a bit more difficult than the GUI version and requires basic command prompt knowledge.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Network > VPN > ON.

The VPN connection will most likely give an error and your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 should reboot shortly after. Once it’s rebooted, try launching the Absinthe webclip again.

Feel free to give us some feedback, did this work for you?

75 Responses to Absinthe is now setting things up fix

  1. Sdk says:

    don’t work for me !!!

  2. Liebling104 says:

    Doen’t work, no reboot

  3. Sk Matt says:

     Had the same problem. After closing Absinthe and re-running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP 2 it worked.

  4. Jr471998 says:

    use absinthe 2.4

  5. Ali Rauf says:

    had the same problem this is how I fixed it…

    1. Download a fresh download of Absinthe from Greenpois0n
    http://cache.greenpois0n.com/dl/absinthe-win-0.2.zip2. Extract to a folder (for some reason executing the .exe without extracting didn’t work)
    3. Jailbreak as normal
    4. When it tells you “Almost done…”, unlock the screen and go to Setting->Turn VPN ON
    => Note: Don’t go to Absinthe app!!
    5. Phone should restart… wait 30 seconds after its turned on… it will restart again
    6. Now the Absinthe app turns into Cydia… and voila

  6. Oxfire says:

    I had the same problem too, i solve this problem restoring the ipad 2 and select a new ipad config, try it

  7. Iamking02 says:

    after i turn on the VPN it says A configuration error occurred and when i tap OK it did not restart..

  8. Hamody abo adeeb says:

    it dosent work fr me i try the two ways to jailbreak its not working its seems that maybe they have a problem with the server or somthing cuz am sure i did every thing right and it still not repooting after on the vpn

  9. Teddy_pooh_skimask says:

    I did the CLI method it was pretty easy and it worked iPhone 4s 32gb AT&T

  10. kevinnoo says:

    Finally this works for me on iPad 2:

    1) Restore iPhone/iPad (backup data)
    2) Wait iTunes restore… and configure as “New iPad” (DONT RESTORE BACKUP!!)
    3) Open Absinthe in your Mac/Pc and click Jailbreak
    4) When it tells you “Almost done…”, unlock the screen and go to Setting->Turn VPN ON
    5) In my case… I get error “VPN Connection An error ocu…”
    6) Click OK
    7) After 10 seconds iPad restarts
    8) Finally Absinthe icon disappear and now Cydia apears!
    NOTE: In my case I don’t have to open Absinthe on iPad… when I turn on VPN and I got the error, my iPad2 restarts automatically and then Cydia icon appeared!!! Then in iTunes I restored my old backUp with my data 🙂 I hope this works for you.

  11. tommy says:

    did it again jailbreak when finished not open the absinthe  icon, go to vpn will show you error and will  make reeboot .thats work for me.

  12. Fasg says:

    This is not working for me in iPad2, when I try turn on the VPN, the system give me the error but not reboot and nothing pass

  13. Djarapis says:

    Hello i’ve the Real solution for this Problem ! It’s worked on my two Iphone ! 🙂
    First u’ve to delete the absinthe icon on ur iphone ! Then you connect ur iphone to Absinthe and u jailbreak ! Normaly when it will be in the restor’s step ur iphone wont restore ! Its normaly 🙂 deconnect ur iphone and connect it ! Click on jailbreak and a message with “recovery completed etc…” will appear deconnect ur iphone do a reboot ! Then connect ur iphone to absinthe and jailbreak normaly ! When its finish Open the absinthe icon and wait 10-20 sec ur iphone or ipad will reboot with cydia ! 🙂

    • Djarapis says:

      Escuse my bad english im french…. 🙂

      • Samwise59 says:

        Salut Djarapis. J’ai suivi à la lettre ton mode d’emploi et je t’en remercie.
        Malheureusement je galère depuis le début d’après midi sur le blocage ABSINTHE is now setting things up… et rien n’y fait. Je vais tenter un restore total pour voir si j’ai plus de chance mais je ne vois pas ce qui ne va pas. Merci quand même si tu as une idée….

  14. Fasg says:

    It doesn’t work for me, my iPad does’nt restart after get the VPN error… What can I do?

  15. Alpha-Dog says:


    it’s not that easy…the VPN trick doesn’t work…i to had that msg: absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by…and it just stayed there forever…turning VPN doesn’t cause a reboot after the error msg…and when u manually reboot you don’t get the brown cydia logo…doing the jailbreak all over again will just bring you back to the same place.What i did was backup my settings on Itunes…then went to the Iphone settings…general…resetYou need to reset and erase all data on your phone…as if you just bought it out of the box…you set it up as a NEW Device Do Not restore from a previous backup (at least not yet)…once everything is up and running…you now use Absinthe to jail break itYou need a data connection…WiFi or your phone’s provider service…once you see the green Absinthe icon on your phone…click on it…that will cause a reboot…when your phone comes back…the cydia icon appears…click on it to finish the set up process.NOW go to your itunes and resync your phone from a previous backupYour DoneAbsinth works flawlessly only if your setup is brand new…at least i think so…when i first got my 4S i restored from my 3G backup…i think that’s where the problem lies…if the 4S is set up as a brand new device…you won’t have any issues with the jailbreak…if its restored like in my case from the 3G back up…you will get the “Absinthe is now setting things up, please stand by” msg and nothing else happens.Enjoy the FreedomAlpha-Dog

    • Targo says:

      Thanks Alfa-Dog! I can confirm that it does have to do with pre iOS5 back-ups. My iPad 2, 4.3.3. JB was updated to 5.0.1 and previously backed-up. After update, restores from back-up and everything worked fine. Then the everlasting “Absinthe is setting things up” problem.
      Scrapped everything by restoring like new and JB was done in less than 3 mins flawlessly.

      Finally I restored from my back-up in iTunes and everything seems to have worked for now

      Thanks for your help


    • Mir says:

      You’re right on the money. I was stuck at absinthe is now setting up things blah blah and after i turned vpn on and got the error, my ipad would just sit there. i couldn’t JB through the CLI either, because that depends on a restart after the vpn error shows up too. 
      Anyway, after trying everything else, i did a SHIFT+RESTORE through itunes(i’m on windows). i restored my iOS 5.0.1 afresh, because erasing all data and settings through the settings menu on the ipad didnt work (i did it about 5 times). anyway after the fresh restore through itunes, i used the absinthe gui. after it was done, instead of clicking on absinthe, i went to settings and turned vpn on. i got the error but then wonder of wonders, the device rebooted. i am now on a JB ipad2 and running cydia 🙂 
      i know a fresh restore through itunes is not an attractive option, but if all else fails, it might work for some of you; just like it worked for me

      • Pv2406 says:

        Great Mir!
        I was struggling on this since yesterday. Was stuck on the “Absinthe is setting things up…” screen with no reboot. 
        I restored my ipad 2 completely through itunes. Then ran the Absinthe gui and once it was done, instead of clicking on the icon i went to the VPN and started it. Viola! the ipad rebooted and I was greeted with Cydia!
        Thanks Again! 

    • James says:

      Just to confirm – this does work. I had the problem with two iPhone 4s and couldn’t get a reboot after clicking on the Absinthe icon. However, by setting up as a new iPhone (effectively erasing everything on it and starting again) it worked first time. Obviously restoring from backup is time consuming (especially if like me you have a fairly full 64gig model), but if Jailbreaking is important to you, it’s a small price to pay.

      Thanks for the tip Alpha-Dog.

  16. Test says:

    *ATTENTION** for people that are stuck on the “ABSINTHE is now setting
    things up, please stand-by…” Here is my fix DOES NOT require a reset
    to factory, backup, or VPN on/off.

    My solution,

    1. Disable your Passlock
    2. Delete the ABSINTHE icon off your homescreen
    3. Reboot your Iphone 4S
    4. Run the ABSINTHE.exe as ADMINISTRATOR, it will tell you it found a error and will attempt to fix it
    5. Untether your Iphone and then retether 
    6. Rejailbreak
    7. ABSINTHE app should work as it is suppose to and will automatically reboot iphone and the Cydia icon will take its place.
    8. …Cheers!!

    • Targo says:

      This only holds if there is not a rolled-forward back-up from an iOS version older than 5.0. I had a 4.3.3 JB back up and I had to restore as new to then restore back-up. Thanks to Alpha-Dog for the tip

  17. NaVe says:

    Hey guys!

    I´ve tried everything but i found a way how it worked for me:

    1. Jailbreak it as the guides
    2. DO NOT open the Absinthe app.
    3. Go into settings, Netword, VPN,
    4. It reboots and after the Cydia is on the home screen.

    Good luck!

    Regards from Sweden!

    • DZ says:

      I tried a million times and read this and it worked!
      anyone who is getting stuck at the screen that says “absinthe is setting things up” do this it works.


    • Joe says:

      thanks so much man

    • Ultra99 says:

      This totally works, thanks!

    • Ed says:

      Great find, I did it just as you described. Works like a charm.

    • Siri4s75 says:

      I almost gave up out of sheer frustration. I did what the original OP said which seemed to only work for some. It worked for me when I restored my iPad2 to factory settings, used Greenpois0n Absinthe (, did not open the Absinthe app and went to Settings-Network-VPN. Got me all so excited when it rebooted. My iPad2 is now officially jailbroken! My iPhone4S to follow ….

      Thank you Chronic Dev for all your hard work! You’re efforts are much appreciated.

  18. Kris says:

    Hey — looks like we’ve found a fix. For those of you who are having
    problems, here is what you do (credit to anonymous chat dude…):

    Unplug your phone from your computer. Delete the Absinthe icon from your
    home screen on your iPhone. Close out the Absinthe application on your
    computer. Right click on the Absinthe icon on your computer and choose
    “Run as Administrator”. Plug in your iPhone. Click ‘Jailbreak”. It will
    say a previous jailbreak appears to have failed and say it will fix it.
    Once it’s done, unplug the phone and plug it back in. Click Jailbreak
    again. It will rejailbreak the phone. When it tells you, click on the “Absinthe” icon on your iphone. It should say “Absinthe is now setting things up” for about ten seconds before rebooting your device. Cydia will be installed and all is good!

  19. ultra99 says:

    I just tried the VPN trick and it worked for me.
    The first time I turned VPN on it said error, so I turned it on again and midway through it trying to connect, I turned the phone off. Turned the phone back on and Cydia was on my Iphone 4S homescreen!

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  20. Ay says:

    Hi everyone,
    Kept getting the “Absinthe is settings up, please stand by message” on my iPad2. I had to delete and do the JB again but the VPN fix (not the Absinthe icon) worked for me.

    Thanks for help people.

  21. Green Mind says:

    i been trying to jailbreak my ipad2 since day1 on my MacPro but no luck, i tried all workarounds & all failed, then yesterday i installed windows version & worked like charm , thanks all

  22. crazygonuts says:

    I tried every single method and had no luck, however, once I removed my password lock it worked immediately. 

  23. MalaysianBoy says:

    If u guys got stuck up at the “Absinthe is setting things up…” thingy..I recommended u guys to restore ur device to 5.0.1 ipsw..I’ve been stuck there for 3 days and try so many method in the comments including “reset all content & settings” , “VPN” , “CLI jailbreak” but fail..Lastly I restore the firmware with the ipsw and succesfully jailbreak it without any problems.. Hope this will help..
    Thanks to the “Dream Team”!!

  24. Burialmound01 says:

    Hi there you saved the day.  did exactly what you said:

    Don’t go to Absinthe app!!
    5. Phone should restart… wait 30 seconds after its turned on… it will restart again
    6. Now the Absinthe app turns into Cydia.

    It worked like a chram. Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your feedback – that’s great to hear

    • Jp1108 says:

      It still does not work.  I’ve tried everything.  The phone will not restart or reboot it goes to site and asks you to hit button to jail break and you get an error forever and no reboot.

  25. eric says:

    i’ve done this twice now on 2 iphone 4s’s, and it happened to work for me, without having to restore or erase any content

    1. restart computer
    2. restart iphone
    3. clear all applications in multi-task bar
    4. jailbreak using absinthe
    5. after jailbreak, DO NOT OPEN ABSINTHE APP, open SMS first!
    6. iphone restarts
    7. after the respring, open the absinthe app
    8. absinthe goes straight to the green pois0n site and restarts and then cydia appears

    hope it helps

  26. Just AWESOME ! Thank’s Alpha-Dog !!
    After a LOT of hours (all night long), finally Worked (iPad2) !!
    I guess it’s a kind of “bug” happening with some people (like me !)
    The solution for those that “stucked” on that scren “absinthe is now setting things up, please stand-by…” and ALSO doenst work the VPN trick, follow Alpha-Dog tips:
    * RESTORE (manual FIRMWARE restore, not BACKUP restore), to do that, just configure as NEW device, so you’ll be able to Shift+Click on RESTORE option (iTunes)
    * Manual search the Firmware File (download first of course) and RESTORE
    * Configure the initial settings as NEW device, region, language and most important, the DATA Connection (Wireless/Mobile)
    * Run Absinthe (v0.3 or v.02 both works)
    * Plug Device
    * Wait All Process
    * On “Almost Done” (last screen), just Slide (Unlock) Device and Click “Absinthe” App
    Just This !
    BTW, you can now restore your last correct BACKUP at iTunes !

  27. contact says:

    I have 2 iPads (16 GB Wifi) and 64 GB Wifi/3G .. was trying UNSUCESSFULLY like ever since the jailbreak was released, tried everything.  Dont just wipe the iPad/iPhone if you are stuck on the Absinthe is setting things up thing … RESTORE USING THE IPSW and then try again.  If you dont succeed then curse me 🙂

    Enjoy guys.

  28. contact says:

    I have 2 iPads (16 GB Wifi) and 64 GB Wifi/3G .. was trying UNSUCESSFULLY like ever since the jailbreak was released, tried everything.  Dont just wipe the iPad/iPhone if you are stuck on the Absinthe is setting things up thing … RESTORE USING THE IPSW and then try again.  If you dont succeed then curse me 🙂
    Enjoy guys.

  29. Sandusky sucks says:

    I tried all of the things listed here and i’m using version 0.3.  

    I attempted normally to jailbreak it following the instructions.  Then i tried reinstalling Absinthe and jailbreaking again with the VPN idea.  It would not restart.  

    Any other ideas?!?!?!

  30. Brunopassos says:

    Thank´s a lot this tip solved my problem! Congratulations!!

  31. Joeycortes611 says:

    I tried the Absinthe jailbrake but I get stuck at the Almost Done screen on my computer 🙁 when I slide to unlock I dont even get the Absinthe app logo on the iPad to show up :'( can someone help?

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