04.11.08 to be unlocked by React0r SIM Interposer package?

Today, we were informed by one of our readers, rollno, that a new Cydia package is being worked on called React0r which will allow Gevey users to the on their iPhone4. Before I go any further, I just want to say that this is being developed by an unknown hacker in the scene so we cannot say for sure that this is legitimate. That being said, he is not accepting donations so there really isn't much of a reason for him to lie about it.

@hamzah_akram the developer of this new React0r package has explained that basically this package will allow the Gevey interposer to work on the most current iPhone4 baseband, 04.11.08. This means that this unlock will still be a hardware unlock(you will still need a Gevey ). English is not 's first language so it is a bit difficult to understand exactly how it works right now, but from the details he's released so far, it seems as though the React0r unlock will simply add Gevey support for the 04.11.08 baseband.

There has been no ETA set yet and he has stated that the code is very complex so it still could be a while before it's released, but at least we finally have word on an 04.11.08 baseband unlock.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops!

31 Responses to 04.11.08 to be unlocked by React0r SIM Interposer package?

  1. afehst says:

    will this also work for 03.10.01

    • nossa says:

      ur baseband can already be unlocked, just use gevey sim ultra or there might be an ultrasnow (software) unlock available

      • JaeM1llz says:

        03.10.01 can only be unlocked with Gevey. The only iPhone4 baseband that is unlockable via software is 01.59.00.

        • jacobz says:


          Gevey and Gevey Ultra differs only in tethering mode..Both uses same exploits in iOS..

          Gevey Ultra works in all ip4 basebands upto #4.10.01..

          All baseband upgrades are actually meant for a trap for unlocking..not only #4.11.08 but the difficult one…Better I would say atleast for those who are locked with #4.11.08 should stay away from iOS 5.1 update..

          @hamzah_akram is using a kind of sim-interposer like #GEVEY, also I guess he is waiting to see what #GEVEY team is going to release soon on late Jan or Feb…

          Expect something cool from either of them.. : )

  2. Amit Ptel says:


    How to React0r install ,

    Urgent Give me Solution

  3. GoBrooklyn817 says:

    there is already an unlock for 3.10.01…its called Gevey Sim! lol

  4. chelu007 says:

    wich gevey will use after instal react0r,?

  5. viperist300 says:

    i am running 3.10.01 BB using a Gevey ultra sim!!! ok so it works just to let you know!!!

  6. NizaR says:

    Ios 5.0.x with baseband 04.11.08 is trap for unlocker. Hope react0r will release soon to get my iphone 4 working again.

  7. chelu007 says:

    i can’t wait i have two month without my iphone. my mistake was apgrading to ios 5.0.1 without prezerving the bb.

    • Msrk says:

      lucky you i updated my iphone to ios 5 back in october never got around to downgrading before the 1st of november so ive been waiting 3 months for iphone 4 to get going again, im not going to give up now after all this wait, i just wish there was a cheap way to make your locked iphone a factory unlocked iphone. 🙁

  8. Adam says:

    Wait does this mean this will only work with the Gevey Sim with baseband 4.11.08?

  9. Chelu007 says:

    Gevey pro will work? Ho can tell me!

  10. Chelu007 says:

    Thank you for your answer!

  11. Chelu007 says:

    Thank you for your answer

  12. Chelu007 says:

    Thank you

  13. iPhoneless says:

    really banking on this to work. Hate .04.11.08 with a passion.

  14. Rafaelpdantas1 says:

    sabe quando alguém vai lançar o desbloqueio de baseband 4.11.08 na versão 5.0.1?

  15. Jhonfrank says:

    Please Post Has Soon Has Possible All R stucked in 4.11.8 Baseband !!!!

  16. Otabek Majidov says:

    please… i need a guide for fixing bb 04.11.08 thx…

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no way to “fix” the 04.11.08 baseband, once you’ve upgraded you are stuck there. If you need to unlock you will have to wait for a solution for the 04.11.08 baseband or sell your phone and get one that is unlockable.

  17. Blendigjoshi says:

    how to unlock my baseband 04.11.08 on iphone 4

  18. Blendigjoshi says:

    i down’t have gevey sim or AT&T sim

  19. Timmah says:

    As expected this was fake and never came out – there’s hope that a new Gevey is being talked about – here is the youtube link to the updated situation: 

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