Soon you will be able to help developers find future jailbreak exploits!

An interesting bit of information has begun to make it's rounds on twitter tonight. As the whole jailbreak community patiently awaits the release of an iOS5 untethered jailbreak for all devices, an interesting new tool is coming to fruition that will allow everyday average jailbreakers to help find exploits for use in future jailbreaks.

With what little information we have now, it appears as though this will be done by installing an application on your that will tie into and collect data from your device. This data will contain crash reports from your phone that will allow the developers to locate exploits, which can be used to jailbreak, more easily. At this time, it appears as though the data collected will only be going to the Chronic , but it makes sense that other dev teams would develop a similar method now that the idea is out there.

It has been speculated by @MarkGurman and @MuscleNerd that Apple would have a pretty easy time blocking this sort of application by encrypting the crash reports, but MuscleNerd has stated that this could be undone providing they didn't use FairPlay for the encryption.

Stay tuned as more information on this developing story comes out!

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