Save SHSH for 5.0.1 with TinyUmbrella 5.01.00 – MuscleNerd begins work on iOS5 downgrading

Today, @notcom has released 5.01.00 which adds tentative iOS 5.0.1 support. Using this new version of you can your SHSH for 5.0.1. Even though you can your SHSH, there is still no way to using your SHSH because of Apple's blob monster.

Even though there is still no working solution for restoring 5.x on iPhone 4S I have released a 5.01.00 so you can at least save 5.0.1 SHSH. I have added tentative support for at least saving 5.0.1 SHSHs for iPhone 4S but as of now we are unable to use them fully. As soon as more information is available I will update.

Tiny Umbrella 5.01.00 - OSX
Tiny Umbrella 5.01.00 - WIN

Also, @MuscleNerd announced earlier today that him and @0naj have begun working on defeating the . Hopefully they will come up with a solution for downgrading devices soon!

  • Ana

    Will people still faith have to unlock BB 04.11.08?

    • JaeM1llz

      There is no way to unlock that baseband right now.

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